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Chapter 107 - You Don’t Have The Right To Say No (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 107: You Don’t Have The Right To Say No (1)

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    Is this how you make money…

    Those few words weighed on her ears and her heart like a heavy rock. Xu Weilai was stuck in a trance for a second.

    The situation earlier did appear as if they were doing something indescribable!

    However, did he just deem her guilty without asking her anything and giving her a chance to explain herself? Even a criminal was granted an interrogation before he was given the death penalty!

    Right… How could she forget again? He had never trusted her. After she came back from overseas, all the things that happened, all the events that occurred, he had never believed her, not even once!

    In the past, it wasn’t like this. In the past, even if the entire world betrayed her, he would still stand by her side, and it was them against the world together.

    Now, thinking back, she started suspecting if everything that happened in the past were all just a part of her imagination. Maybe those things had never happened before…

    She couldn’t control her tears. They flowed out suddenly. She lowered her eyelids. Fortunately, her entire body was wet so her tears could be disguised under the running water. Gu Yu didn’t see her weak side. As for her, she wouldn’t allow herself to reveal her helpless side to him anymore!

    Xu Weilai gripped the side of the bathtub tightly. She forcefully swallowed a few mouths of saliva to suppress the bitterness that was making its way up her throat. Then, she lifted the corners of her lips and said in an extremely sarcastic tone, “Yes. This is how I earn money. This isn’t the first time you knew about this, right?”

    Gu Yu’s gaze was deep and dark. It was like a sharp blade aiming right at Xu Weilai.

    Xu Weilai raised her head and forced herself to stare into his dark eyes. Her heart was pounding furiously but on the surface, she didn’t allow herself to reveal any signs of fear. She continued smiling as she said, “I have to sleep with someone anyway. Didn’t you sleep with me because of money? Of course, I’m very picky. I have no interest in your type of people anymore. Now, I like muscular and fierce men like Mr. Pang!”

    The moment she finished speaking, a loud bang was heard. Gu Yu had slammed the showerhead in his hand forcefully on the ground. He stretched his hand out and grabbed her chin. The pain caused Xu Weilai to frown deeply. But, she stubbornly pursed her lips so that she wouldn’t cry out in pain.

    “Xu Weilai, repeat what you said!”

    The man’s thin lips were slightly opened. The words seemed to be bursting through the gaps of his teeth one by one. Flames of anger radiated with each word.

    Xu Weilai really hoped that his anger was caused by jealousy. But, she knew clearly that this was just the possessiveness of a man. It had absolutely nothing to do with love.

    No man would allow his woman to turn him into a cuckold, even if he didn’t love the woman!

    Although she knew that she couldn’t gain anything from infuriating him, what right did he have… why was he mocking her and throwing sarcastic remarks at her? She wanted him to have a taste of what it felt like to be mocked!