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Chapter 490 - Power user military commander’s number one agent (Part 22)

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
     Chapter 490: Power user military commander’s number one agent (Part 22)

    “Truly a fool…...”

    “Humph, I’m not a fool!” Luo Qing Chen felt that calling her a foolish Xiao Qing would become a mantra!

    No, definitely not! She had to kill this sentence while it was still in the cradle!

    “Truly a foolish Xiao Qing.” He seemed to have thought of something as his eyes became deep and his voice became cold, “You easily revealed your identity like this, aren’t you afraid?”

    Luo Qing Chen heard this and put her head on her chin as she looked out the window, “You know what kind of person mister X is, he already guessed what I’m thinking. Sooner or later, I would have betrayed the organization.”

    The parents of the previous host were famous virus scientists for the organization, but they couldn’t take being controlled by the organization and burned themselves alive with their research in the lab.

    The previous host had been five at that time.

    “He’s killed too many people, but he’s never used all his strength to kill them.” Du Jiu Sheng knit his brows and said in an unsettled voice, “But if he knew that you are my most important person, he would use every means he has to kill you.”

    This was because he knew that Murong Xu loved to see his look of despair the most.

    To die was a kind of relief, to watch your most important person die was a kind of torture.

    This was why he didn’t want her to go to the virus testing site with him.

    He would be distracted…..

    Once a person was tied down, their heart wouldn’t be as decisive. At the moment of life and death, a moment of distraction could cost you your life.

    “I never asked you before….” She looked over at him and said, “Mister X called you junior brother, did the two of your study under the same master?”

    This was something that Luo Qing Chen never imagined. One was the boss of a terrorist organization and the other was a righteous leader.

    There was actually a connection between the two of them.

    This was incredible…...

    “Un.” He nodded as he slightly narrowed his eyes, “Back then, in order to take the Destiny Life Map to save Zhi Qing, he didn’t hesitate to kill master. It was a pity that he only got half of the map.”

    “Zhi Qing.” Luo Qing Chen remembered what mister X had said on the phone and she pursed her lips for a long time, “So Zhi Qing is your……”

    “No.” He replied without any hesitation, “She was a girl that Murong Xi saved from a killer in the forest and then she passed away from illness…..”

    “Murong Xi?” She put everything together, “Mister X.”

    “Un.” He slowly began to drive faster, “He liked Zhi Qing very much, but Zhi Qing had a poor body and reached the point where no medicine could cure her. He went to master for the Destiny Life Map, but he rejected him.”

    “So…..he killed your master?” Luo Qing Chen almost never would have imagined that mister X would kill his master for a girl.

    Or perhaps it was normal for him to kill his master, but for a girl…..

    This was simply unbelievable.

    “Master gave me the other half of the Destiny Life Map before dying and had me leave through a secret passage.” His cold eyes narrowed as he said, “I entered the army three years later and never contacted him again.”

    “Si!” There was the sudden sound of breaks.

    Di Jiu Sheng’s Rolls Royce stopped in front of a large building. He turned and was about to get out, but Luo Qing Chen grabbed his wrist.

    “What is it?”

    “I have a question.” Her eyes were faintly sparkling as she looked at his near perfect face and said, “So Zhi Qing liked you?”

    This question was very direct, so direct that she felt the air around her freeze.

    After a while, Du Jiu Sheng replied in a soft voice, “Un.”