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Chapter 133 - Did She Win the Argument?

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 133: Did She Win the Argument?

    For the leader of a fan group to leave was not that big a deal. Normally, it would just cause some small turbulence in the fan group. With the senior fans leaving, new fans would still join the group anyway. But of all things, Su Tiantian’s leader of her fan group had left during the most fragile of times, even removing the hot trending topic!

    Although the passersby were still trying to connect with the happenings of the day, they had seen the truth behind the scandal and lost their respect for Su Tiantian. The newer fans could not see Su Tiantian’s true nature of being a fake white lotus, but when sourandsweet left the fandom, the older fans followed suit soon after.

    Su Tiantian was closely observing Weibo and only saw a few hundred thousand fans leave. For an artist with seventy to eighty million fans under her belt, these hundred thousand fans looked like peanuts, however, these hundred thousand fans were the ones who had first followed her. They were also the most loyal die-hard fans, and at this point, Su Tiantian had not realized how grave the consequences would be.

    Zhen Shanmei immediately posted on Weibo: [Dad! Please take my knees[1]!]

    Ning Meng: [There’s no need for your knees. Remember to give the bag to your friend.]

    She pondered on it a little longer and sent another text: [This matter is not settled yet.]


    Deep in the night.

    The streetlights were flickering as the whole town slowly returned to its peaceful state.


    Huo Beichen was sitting in the driver’s seat and was reading through the strategies to win a girl over that were given by Su Ye. The light from the phone display caused his face to light up and dim out, his eyelids narrowed halfway. His lean, slender fingers had clearly defined joints, swiping through the phone as he seriously read on. Finally, his eyes caught on to one particular sentence: To understand her likes and dislikes, offer her what she wants, give her what she loves. This way, you will close the gap between yourselves and nurture your feelings for each other.

    Offer her what she wants…

    Huo Beichen took up his phone and sent a text. After a while, without a hint of sound, a tall muscular guy suddenly appeared outside his car window and bowed his head in respect. “Sir.”

    Huo Beichen wound down his car window and casually rested his arm atop, brushing his hair with his fingers. With a low husky voice, he asked, “What does she usually like to do?”

    “Scold people.”

    Huo Beichen massaged his temples. “And?”

    The guy gave it more thought. “She used to go shopping a lot, dating different men…”

    Huo Beichen interrupted him. “Recently.”

    “Recently, aside from hating others… She’s basically on this path of hating others.”


    “Oh yes, earlier, the missus was scolding another artist.”

    Huo Beichen was silent for a while before asking nonchalantly, “Did she win?”

    The bodyguard was speechless upon hearing this. He then lowered his head to respectfully answer. “It’s considered a win. She managed to get into the top fifty trending topic.”

    Huo Beichen mulled over the situation. “Buy her the number one spot.”


    Huo Beichen asked further, “What else?”

    After thinking it over, the bodyguard replied, “That’s about it.”

    They could only protect from a distance. Under normal circumstances, they would not stand guard anymore once she had entered her room. They would not monitor her phone either to avoid invading her personal space, but for them to understand her likes, they had to observe her online activities.

    Huo Beichen dismissed him by waving casually. The person disappeared as quietly as he had come.

    It was hard to find out what she liked from the bodyguard. Huo Beichen thought about it again and sent Qi Shan a text: [Give me your WeChat account password.]

    Qi Shan did not dare to question his motives and immediately sent his password over to allow him full access to his account. Huo Beichen found the group chat “Boss Looks So Handsome” and sent a text there.

    Qi Shan: [Missus, what do you like?]

    [1] 请收下我的膝盖 is said when the person meets someone who is god-like in solving problems that they want to offer their knees as a sign of appreciation.