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Chapter 790 - All or Nothing

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 790: All or Nothing

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    The Xia Family was facing a major financial deficit and their reputation had been ruined because of the quality checks and the overdue payment of the workers’ wages. Hence, the public was greatly repulsed by the Xia Family and they would require a ton of money, manpower, and energy in order to rebuild the supermarket empire. It was not beneficial to the Xia Family at all.

    Hence, the Xia Family decided to sell their management rights.

    The Xia Family’s supermarket chain had long become stable and all the Wen Family needed to do was to pump in some funds and the business would definitely thrive again. Due to the great reputation that the Wen Family had in the business world, the citizens would definitely change their minds about the supermarket once the Wen Family took over the management.

    Besides, the Xia Family was currently the major shareholder and they would definitely earn a ton if the business were to be revamped. They were planning to expand when the time was right and use the Wen Family’s good reputation to their own benefit.

    However, Old Mr. Xia and Xia Haolin did not expect that the Wen Family would actually turn down their suggestion to buy over the management rights.

    As a result, they were heavily in debt and in serious trouble. The customers of the supermarket had been causing a stir lately by demanding refunds because of the news of their products failing to pass the quality checks. On the other hand, the supermarket staff had also ended up injuring the workers, who were demanding for their overdue wages to be paid. To make matters worse, Cheng Ziyi even announced to the media that he would be taking over the case and defend the workers in court.

    Who would dare to clear up the mess created by the Xia Family? Besides, they were now embroiled in a lawsuit. Who would still dare to purchase the management rights of the supermarket?

    The Xia Family had no choice but to pin all their hopes on Xia Ruya.

    They sent some people to find out about the assets under Xia Ruya’s name.

    She owned more than five real estate properties and had a massive amount of cash that totaled up to more than 20 million yuan. Her jewelry pieces were worth more than 60 million yuan, and her bonds and stocks were in good positions as well. She even had some leftover savings and some money that she had made from investments. Her total net worth amounted to more than a hundred million yuan. It would be more than enough for the Xia Family to tide through the crisis.

    The Xia Family members were obviously enticed.

    They were initially coveting Xia Ruya’s assets and were confident of obtaining them. Yet, Xia Ruya managed to shirk them off and even planned to flee.

    Xia Ruya’s actions had completely angered the Xia Family.

    Old Mr. Xia’s face turned sullen and he asked, “How is Xia Ruya doing now?”

    Previously, Xia Ruya had used the excuse of spraining her ankle to make Xia Ruxue take her to the hospital. As a result, she managed to shake off the people tailing her and decided to escape from the hospital. If it weren’t because of the fact that Xia Haolin happened to find out that she was staying in a small inn in the West Region, she would have been out of their control.

    Xia Haolin gritted his teeth and said, “She’s still in that inn, and I’ve already sent some people to keep an eye on her.”

    Old Mr. Xia nodded and said, “That Xia Ruya is extremely cunning, it’s better for us to be careful. Don’t let her find out.”

    The Xia Family and Xia Ruya had already severed ties with each other, and it would not be appropriate for them to control her brazenly. Otherwise, it would be disadvantageous for the Xia Family if word about it were to spread.

    With a sullen expression on his face, Xia Haolin said, “Father, why don’t we just nab Xia Ruya and bring her back? She’s such a cunning person. If we just let her off, there’s bound to be lots of unnecessary trouble.”

    Xia Ruya meant a lot to the Xia Family, for she would determine the rise or fall of the Xia Family. Hence, they definitely couldn’t let her off.

    Old Mr. Xia stared at him coldly with a frown. “So what if we bring her back? The money is in her hands, there’s nothing we can do if she doesn’t want to take it out. We can’t force her.”

    He did not think through it carefully beforehand. He thought that the shares of the Xia Family’s supermarket chain would tempt Xia Ruya. After all… it was better to have some of their shares, regardless of how dire their situation was. It was much better compared to her living alone by herself with a massive amount of assets. Not only would it be detrimental for her reputation, but it would also greatly affect her future as well.

    The fact that her family had cut off ties with her, would forever be a stain in her life.

    He did not expect that Xia Ruya would be so nonchalant about it, so much that she was not tempted at all.

    Feeling extremely frustrated, Xia Haolin continuously tugged at his tie and said, “But, keeping an eye on her won’t make her give us her money voluntarily.”

    No one in this world would be so foolish as to empty their pockets willingly.

    Old Mr. Xia remained silent with a frown on his face. It was indeed a tricky problem, for it was difficult to make Xia Ruya cough up the money.

    Feeling frustrated, Xia Haolin groused. “Father, Xia Ruya is clearly trying to fool us. She doesn’t even plan to hand over her money and assets to help us. Right from the start, she’s been planning to escape. I’m afraid she’ll completely escape our control if we let this drag on. By then, we’ll be at a total loss.”

    Having thought about that as well, Old Mr. Xia asked, “Do you have a better solution?”

    A menacing expression formed on Xia Haolin’s face and he said coldly, “We’ll go all out, all or nothing. We must force her to the point where she has no choice but to take the money out to help us.”

    Old Mr. Xia’s heart sank, feeling a chilliness in his heart while listening to his son’s suggestion.

    Noticing that he appeared hesitant, Xia Haolin tried to persuade him. “Father, I know you care that Xia Ruya is still the flesh and blood of our family, but we’re just trying to take her money. We’re not going to actually hurt her. Besides, this is what Xia Ruya owes us. We ended up like this, all because of her. Not only did she refuse to help us, she even treats herself like an outsider. How can we just let her off easily? By rights, she should be shouldering the burden of our debts.”

    Although his words had hit the nail on the head, Old Mr. Xia was still stuck in a dilemma. “But…”

    Xia Haolin sneered. “Father, stop being so kind. What right does Xia Ruya have to live happily in luxury after landing us in such a terrible plight?”

    Old Mr. Xia was a loss for words. The thought of their current predicament made his face grow sullen.

    Xia Haolin asked straightaway, “Father, would you like to sell the ancestral land?”

    Xia Haolin could not stand his father’s wishy-washiness. He felt that there was no point in keeping that plot of land if selling it could help them overcome the crisis and bring about benefits for the family. However, the plot of land was in Old Mr. Xia’s hands, and Xia Haolin had never once succeeded in convincing him to sell it despite having made several attempts. Now… it was the same with Xia Ruya. He wanted Xia Ruya’s money but was unwilling to deal with her.

    However, Old Mr. Xia would prefer to make someone else’s money his own, in order to solve the problem, rather than sell the land.

    Upon hearing his words, Old Mr. Xia immediately stopped hesitating and said, “Alright! We’ll go ahead with your suggestion, but you must make sure everything is arranged appropriately. Don’t implicate the Xia Family.”

    Xia Haolin smiled in glee and said, “Father, rest assured. I’ll arrange everything properly. Just wait for the day that we tide through the ordeal!”

    Old Mr. Xia nodded, trusting that his son would get the job done well.