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Chapter 243.2 - Rob… Rob… Robbery?

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 243.2: Rob… Rob… Robbery?

    The sun was hanging low over the western horizon when a horse carriage suddenly appeared out of nowhere, slowly trundling over the sand.

    The wind gently lifted a corner of the carriage’s curtain. A figure in red and a figure in black were seen leaning close against each other, their demeanor intimate. Those two people were Qing Lan Fei and Mo Jing Yu who had just come out from the Barbarian Tribe’s headquarters.

    Passing over this familiar piece of sandy land, Qing Lan Fei could not help but curve up her lips, seeming rather emotional. “Several months ago, I was still a highly fragmented soul. This was where I met Ah Yue, who brought me back to the Barbarian Tribe.”

    Mo Jing Yu sighed and embraced her tightly. “I’ve made you suffer. It’s all my fault.”

    Qing Lan Fei shook her head and her limpid eyes looked straight at the man as she said: “The fact that you have returned is the greatest blessing to me.”

    Mo Jing Yu was taken aback a moment, and it was not known what he had suddenly recalled, before he then laughed softly.

    “What are you laughing about?” Qing Lan Fei raised an eyebrow as she asked, feeling a little puzzled.

    “I am recalling how heartless you were towards me back then, and you would never have said such tender words to me at that time.” When Mo Jing Yu remembered that, his heart still felt a twinge of aggrievement.

    Upon hearing that, Qing Lan Fei looked at him with an angry glint in her eyes. “Isn’t that because you were always so flippant and was such a philanderer….. Whoa~”

    As she spoke, the horse carriage suddenly jolted violently and lurched forward. Qing Lan Fei was caught off guard and was going to fall out when Mo Jing Yu’s eyes turned sharp, moving quickly to hold her protectively in his arms as he summoned up his spirit powers to steady the horse carriage.

    “Hey, you’ve got quite a few moves haven’t you?”

    “Wonder if there is anything that’s worth some money in the carriage.”

    “Sigh….. I’ve been waiting here in these lifeless wilderness and all I’ve got in return is finding my mouth filled with sand, nary seeing a single person pass by. Today must be a very unlucky day for you.”

    Ignoring the voice coming in from outside, Mo Jing Yu went to check on the person in his arms and asked her worriedly: “Fei Er, did you knock yourself anywhere?”

    Although he had reacted very quickly to catch her immediately, Fei Er’s cultivation was no longer like it was before by a far way off. Having lost fragments of her soul would definitely make her weaker.

    Qing Lan Fei shook her head and replied: “I’m fine. You pulled me back very quickly just now, so how could I possibly be hurt anyway?”

    Mo Jing Yu was still a little worried and he went on to check her himself. It was only after he saw that she was really unhurt that his heart was set at ease, which made Qing Lan Fei not know whether to laugh or to cry. This fella was always so overly concerned about her.

    “Har? Did you die in there? Aren’t you going to hurry up and get that sorry behind of yours out here already! ?”

    Seeing no movements coming from inside the horse carriage after such a long while, a man with a beard who looked to be around thirty years of age stared with wide eyed anger as he roared out in rage.