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Chapter 243.3 - Rob… Rob… Robbery?

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 243.3: Rob… Rob… Robbery?

    That rough grating voice caused Qing Lan Fei to subconsciously knit her brows, her gaze peering through the gap in the curtains to look outside. Her voice was a little surprised as she asked: “Have we….. encountered a bunch of robbers?”

    They haven’t been here in this world for a few hundred years and has Cloud Heaven deteriorated to become so crass where lowlifes like robbers are running rampant?

    “Tsk. They are just courting their own death.” Mo Jing Yu scoffed coldly, as his long slender fingers parted the carriage’s curtains, his pair of soul stirring phoenix like eyes gazing indifferently at the group of people standing in front, blocking their way.

    They had probably never seen a person with such a resplendently beautiful countenance as the moment the carriage’s curtains parted, all of them including the bearded man who had raised his voice angrily earlier were all stunned in their spots, unable to recover their senses for a good long while.

    They were bedazzled and mesmerized like a bunch of besotted young girls as they stared at the beautiful looking man.

    Qing Lan Fei who was blocked behind him had naturally seen that hilarious scene and her lips immediately clamped up stiffly together. It was probably because she found it too funny when she suddenly burst out laughing with a loud “pfft”.

    The slim figure moved herself and came to be revealed as well.

    She was afterall hailed as Cloud Heaven’s greatest beauty back then and her looks were naturally highly outstanding as well. Standing together with Mo Jing Yu, a man of perfect and resplendent good looks, two words immediately came to mind: Heavenly match.

    It was not known who was the one who gulped loudly, and then started to say mindlessly: “Beautiful, just too beautiful looking. I have never seen anyone with such unbelievably good looks…..”

    After the bedazzlement started to fade away, a number of them began to come back to their senses. One of them smacked a person who was drooling stupidly on the back of his head and said angrily through tightly clenched teeth: “So what if they’re good looking? Can good looks fill your belly! ? Don’t forget that we are here to rob them!”

    Upon saying that, a large shiny sabre immediately flashed in his hand. A long metal chain was wrapped around its hilt, extending around the man’s arm, his body exuding a menacing air. Only people who have truly seen blood spilled would give out such an aura and it could be seen that he had committed a fair share of cruel and ruthless misdeeds.

    “Leave the horse carriage behind if you know what’s good for you, and I can spare you your lives.”

    Mo Jing Yu thought that he was hearing things.

    To think that the day would come that he would experience being robbed. And what was it with this tone that sounded like he was being shown mercy? Is he then expected to gratefully go thank them and kowtow to them for it? ?

    With the kind of character he had, how could he possibly endure that? But right at that moment, a warm gentle hand held him back lightly.

    Mo Jing Yu turned back to gaze puzzledly at her, but saw Qing Lan Fei smile gently at him. “It’s never easy wandering outside like this. Since they want the carriage, just give it to them. I was thinking of getting off to have a walk around anyway, so that we can see the scenery along the way.”