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Chapter 449 - Mr. Policeman, They Robbed Me!

Medical Master
     Being cornered, Fang Qiu dodged with a startled face.

    The man before Fang Qiu quickly reached out to snatch.

    However, every time he was about to get it, Fang Qiu would suddenly avoid him.

    It was at that time.

    “Patter patter…”

    Another series of footsteps rang.

    Those martial arts practitioners hiding in the dark all rushed forward, trying to snatch the experience book in Fang Qiu’s hand.

    After all, there was only one experience notebook.

    Once someone else got it, the rest of the people wouldn’t have it.

    Furthermore, they were now all fighting on their own. Whoever wanted to share would be a fool.

    If when they could have it to their own, they chose to share. Wasn’t that being foolish?

    Everyone knew clearly about the value of the experience notebook.

    When they snatched it, they could totally copy it to sell at a price of a few million each.

    Even if they didn’t need money, they could still exchange it for a few Earth Treasures.

    Apparently, the notebook was a treasure.

    In the entire world, who would share a treasure with others?

    They all had their own idea about the book.

    Everyone came to snatch it.

    The crowd excitedly rushed forward and surrounded Fang Qiu. Then, they used all their strength to try to take it.

    It was in the supermarket.

    “Well, it’s really like that!”

    He Gaoming was watching the monitoring screen. When he saw Fang Qiu being robbed on the screen, he immediately grinned and mumbled. “What a shame! It’ll be even better if they have weapons in their hands.”

    Outside the supermarket, Fang Qiu’s figure quickly flashed in the crowd that had besieged Fang Qiu.

    When there were so many people, he even secretly slipped his wallet into the pocket of one of them.

    Then, he took an opportunity to rush out of the crowd, and immediately ran.

    Seeing that, the group of Wulin men instantly chased after him.

    The strange part was Fang Qiu kept running in front of them. He was neither too ahead of nor too close to them. Nevertheless, they couldn’t catch up with Fang Qiu all the time.

    When they got close to him, Fang Qiu would run faster; when they got too far away from him, Fang Qiu would run slower.

    At that time, the group felt that they were donkeys with a cob hanging in front of their heads.

    Fang Qiu was playing tricks on them!

    After a while of chasing, everyone felt angry from the running.

    How would that happen?

    All these experts couldn’t even catch up with a merely third-class martial Superior. Wasn’t that embarrassing?

    While anger was welling up in their hearts, their faces all gradually turned ugly.

    The further they pursued, the angrier they became.

    In the end, they didn’t run for long.

    Before they realized, Fang Qiu led everyone to run to the door of the police station.

    The group of people who were drunk with anger didn’t discover it at all.

    It was in the front.

    Fang Qiu rang all the way at full speed into the police station.

    Fang Qiu turned his head back and looked at the crowd charging toward him. These Wulin people directly rushed into the police station. Fang Qiu immediately shouted regardless of everything. “Help. Robber!”

    Hearing the shout, the people who caught up with him all felt dumbfounded.

    The looked around and saw on the gate behind them, it was none other than a police badge that was hanged. The two words on the gate read: Police Station!

    Seeing this scene, everyone dramatically changed their faces.

    How could they have thought that Fang Qiu could be so vicious? He’s completely playing tricks on them!

    As Wulin people, they all had to follow a rule, which was that they did not use martial arts in governmental departments. Whoever dared to do it would be doomed!

    This was the premise that the state’s allowing Wulin’s existence was based on.

    Otherwise, how could Wulin be so primordial, without any interfering and management from the state departments?

    Everyone was aware of that.

    Going against the country with one man’s power was purely calling for death!

    Exactly because of that, those villain outlaws who committed crimes at home would rather choose to go abroad than continue staying in the country.

    “Patter patter…”

    Fang Qiu shouted.

    Inside the police station, a large group of policemen immediately swooshed out.

    These Wulin people were dumbfounded.

    When they found they were tricked, it was already too late.

    Some of them wanted to run.

    Nevertheless, before they lifted their feet, a few policemen rang over and directly shut the gate.

    Since they couldn’t use martial arts, it meant that could not jump over the walls.

    Looking at the tightly shut door, everyone looked bitter all over their faces.

    They felt bitter!

    It was at that time.

    “What’s going on?”

    A policeman came up to inquire.

    “They robbed me!”

    Fang Qiu immediately pointed at these people and accused them. “They robbed me of my wallet and they wanted more. They chased me down the streets.”

    One of them instantly shouted. “We didn’t.”

    “Right. We didn’t.”

    “We have money. Why would we rob you of your wallet?”

    “Do you have evidence that we robbed you?”

    “Mr. Policeman, this is slander!”

    “He’s slandering us.”

    They accused him in a row.

    Nevertheless, it was when everyone was very excitedly accused Fang Qiu of slandering them.

    “Thump thump thump…”

    Someone suddenly knocked on the gate of the police station.

    A familiar voice rang, and the man said, “Anyone there? I want to report. I just saw a bunch of people robbing someone.”

    As hearing those words, the Wulin practitioners who had been accusing Fang Qiu in a row all shut their mouths as if they had been struck by thunder. They looked in the direction of the gate in disbelief.

    At that time, a policeman opened the gate.

    A man walked inside through the door and he was carrying a memory card in his hand.

    “Eh? They’re here!”

    Seeing Fang Qiu and the Wulin practitioners who chased after and tried to rob Fang Qiu, He Gaoming first appeared stunned. Then, he pretended to look terrified and hid behind a policeman, saying, “Dear policeman, it’s them who robbed that guy. I saw it myself when I walked past the supermarket. The supermarket owner has to look after his store, and he has especially asked me to send you the video of the surveillance cameras at the door of the supermarket.”

    While saying that, He Gaoming passed the memory card in his hand to a policeman beside him.

    Meanwhile, those ill-intentioned Wulin practitioners heard that, and they nearly wanted to die immediately.

    They understood that they’d been framed!

    There were surveillance videos. They couldn’t justify themselves at all!

    The director of the police station appeared and said while pointing at those Wulin practitioners. “Get them under control!” Then, he reached his arm to point at Fang Qiu and He Gaoming and said, “You two follow me!”

    Soon, the bunch of people was dragged into an interrogation room.

    Fang Qiu and He Gaoming were brought into an interview room outside the interrogation room.

    The door of the interrogation room was open.

    The director of the police station connected the memory card He Gaoming brought to a computer. He clicked on the video file in it. As expected, he saw at around 10:40 p.m., Fang Qiu was cornered in front of the supermarket. Then, a group of people charged toward Fang Qiu and robbed him.

    “Boy. It’s really a robbery!”

    Watching the video, the director of the police station changed his face and stared at all of the people in the interrogation room.

    Everyone in the interrogation room all fell speechless.

    They didn’t have to see the surveillance video to know what that scene looked like.

    “A bunch of people robbing one man? Won’t you feel; shameless?”

    The director of the police station coldly looked at the bunch of people and shouted. “Robbing in my area? You’re all detained. I’ll see how you get out to do evil things!”

    The bunch of Wulin people felt more awkward.

    At least, they were famous experts.

    They should have been lured into the police station by a merely third-class Martial Superior.

    It’s too embarrassing!

    That being said, things had developed like this.

    What could they do?

    There was no other way.

    They could only admit defeat.

    Who could have thought that a private fight in Wulin should get the government involved?

    Wulin had never been involved with the government since ancient times.

    This masked guy was so shameless!

    In the crowd, Ling Tianxiao hated Fang Qiu even more!

    He was the Young Master of the Ling Family. If this matter was spread out, it would be a big joke. It was okay that he became a laughing stock of others, but the Ling Family would also be dragged down. This was not something he could afford to do.

    “Both of you, come here to make a statement.”

    The director of the police station said, pointing to Fang Qiu and He Gaoming.

    Hearing that, the two immediately sat down in the interview room.

    “What are you doing? Why did you pretend to be a ninja after entering the police station?”

    When he was about to ask, the director of the police station suddenly saw that Fang Qiu was still wearing a mask. He immediately opened his mouth and said, “Hurry up, take off your mask.”

    Fang Qiu asked, “This is me. I don’t have to take it off, do I?”

    The director of the police station was stunned. “What do you mean by this is you?”

    Without another word, Fang Qiu took out his ID card and handed it to the director of the police station. “Here.”

    Both an ID card and bank cards were important documents. Fang Qiu packed them with his independent cardholder, and in the wallet he deliberately slipped into the pocket of those people, there was just some money.

    The director of the police station was stunned.

    He took the ID card and found that he was really wearing a mask in the photo.

    “Oh, this is a rare thing. Our police station is the place to get an ID card. Do you think that your ID card can scare me?”

    The director of the police station sneered.

    Fang Qiu said, “Don’t you just need to swipe it and you’ll know if it’s true?”

    “What do you mean by I swipe it? I swipe it?”

    The director of the police station got angry and swooshed up at once.

    Someone was lying to him with such a low-level fake ID card. Did he treat him as a fool?

    “You can check it.”

    Fang Qiu looked up at the director of the police station and said, “It’s just a routine. Anyway, you have to check it, right?”

    “Hey, are you sure you want to do this or something?”

    The director of the police station was so angry that he burst out laughing. He swiped the ID card on the ID card sensor that was connected to the computer.

    Just as he was about to insult Fang Qiu, he suddenly found that the ID card holder’s information actually popped up on the computer.

    It was exactly the same as that on the ID card.

    Moreover, it was valid!

    The director of the police station was dumbfounded. “Damn!”

    Seeing this, He Gaoming quickly stood up and whispered in the ears of the director of the police station, “He’s the state’s man.”

    Hearing that, the director of the police station was shocked.

    He didn’t dare to ask any more questions.

    At the exact time he sat down, he slapped the table fiercely and glared at the people in the interrogation room. He said angrily, “Oh, well. You even dared to rob him. You are so lawless. You can rest assured that I will give you an explanation!”

    At this time, Fang Qiu’s wallet was sent out by the policeman who searched those people in the interrogation room.

    Fang Qiu asked as he picked up his wallet. “Have you finished the interview? If there is nothing else, shall we go first?”

    The director of the police station immediately sent Fang Qiu and He Gaoming away. “Let’s go. I’ll see you off.”

    The group of people left the police station.


    He Gaoming held back his laughter for a long time. After the director of the police station went back, he couldn’t help laughing and said, “Master, we’re going to be famous in Wulin this time. Those guys are so embarrassing. But they deserve it since they dare to take advantage of you!”