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Chapter 791 - Drunk Xinya

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 791: Drunk Xinya

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    Over at Team Five, after the last revision of the graphic ad design, it was finally completed. Currently, the design was already being printed and was estimated to be done five days before the sale of the Ai Shang Group’s products.

    Wen Xinya heaved a huge sigh of relief. It was all thanks to Gu Junling, Ling Qingxuan, and the rest that this matter progressed so smoothly. She was filled with gratitude towards them.

    Of course, the credits also went to the Team Five members from the marketing department whom she activated.

    Zhang and Yang were very happy as they dragged their voices saying, “Missy, are you treating us to a meal to celebrate!”

    The few of them agreed, saying, “Treat! Treat! Treat…”

    The atmosphere was extremely enthusiastic.

    Wang Siying hurriedly spoke up for Wen Xinya, “Don’t misplace your priorities, guys. Missy’s final examinations are nearing. Recently, the company’s matters have already delayed her by quite a bit. Now that the work over at Team Five is finally concluded, she has to devote all her attention back to her revision for the final examinations.”

    Everyone was very understanding but still felt like it was a pity. After all, although they hadn’t interacted with Miss Wen for a long time, they had cultivated deep ties between them. Everyone knew in their hearts that there might not be any opportunity to work together again in the future!

    Seeing that everyone seemed rather down, Wen Xinya couldn’t help but smile and say, “Shangri-La—what do you guys want to have, I’ll treat?”

    Everyone couldn’t help but cheer.

    Wang Siying felt slightly helpless but was optimistic about this.

    The group of them set off majestically to the Shangri-La.

    Wen Xinya filled the table with fine cuisines and wine. The few people in Team Five cheered together. “Follow Missy and we’ll get meat on the table!”

    Wen Xinya ate and chatted with them for a while before instructing the manager to bill her for the meal and left halfway.

    Si Yiyan’s car was near the Shangri-La.

    After Wen Xinya boarded the car, Si Yiyan buckled up the seat belt for her. Seeing that her eyes were even brighter than usual and her cheeks seemingly tainted with rouge, displaying the rose-red after-effect of alcohol, he frown slightly and said, “You’ve drank quite a bit.”

    Wen Xinya hugged his arm happily and planted a peck on his cheek. “Cos’ I’m happy today!”

    Si Yiyan stroked her hair in a pampering manner and started the car.

    Due to drinking, Wen Xinya felt slightly unbearably warm all over. She winded the car window down and enjoyed the cool April’s night breeze. It felt comfortable.

    Si Yiyan winded the car window up and locked it. “You drank and will catch a cold if you subject yourself to the cold wind like this.”

    “It’s so hot… and uncomfortable.” Wen Xinya pouted her tiny lips and twisted her body uneasily on the passenger seat. She looked at Si Yiyan who was focusing on driving—his side view, reflecting the warm street lamps, looked indescribably gorgeous.

    She was greatly enticed as she went closer to Si Yiyan, opened her mouth, and suckled his earlobe, feeling rather excited…

    Si Yiyan’s hand holding the steering wheel slipped, causing the car to squeak as it went off-trail. He took in a deep breath to cool himself down and put on a solemn look wanting to chide her. However, he saw her pair of twinkling, dewy, and huge eyes fluttering, looking all innocent, her gorgeous face all charming and attractive, and her slightly parted lips so seductive that they seemed to be inviting him to conquer them.

    Instantly, his temper disappeared without a trace and he could only helplessly say even more seriously, “I’m driving. Sit tight.”

    Wen Xinya didn’t listen. As one of her hands explored his chest through his shirt and the other rubbed his belt, she planted her tender red lips on his neck…

    Si Yiyan quivered as his body felt like an ignited canon. He removed Wen Xinya’s hand and said solemnly, “Stop it. I’m driving right now.”

    He felt warm all over, yet his singlet was drenched in cold sweat. They were on the main road where they couldn’t stop the car.

    This little imp was simply too much.

    Wen Xinya pouted her tiny mouth, slightly unhappy. “You don’t love me.”

    Her words shocked Si Yiyan so much that his lost control of his hand holding the steering wheel and almost bumped into the car in front. Luckily, he reacted fast enough to do an emergency brake.

    However, the drunk Wen Xinya was unaware of the dangerous circumstances and threw a tantrum.

    Si Yiyan felt helpless as he focused on driving while asking patiently, “How so?”

    This was a serious matter, and he had to make things clear even though she was drunk. Didn’t they all say that people spoke the truth when they were drunk? He took it very seriously and felt like he was going to face an intense battle.

    Then, he recalled the first time he had seen her drunk. It was when she just returned to the Wen Family and moved to the Mo Family for a short stay. Then, she had vomited all over him. But she wasn’t petty like now.

    Wen Xinya acted up again as she pouted her lips pitifully. “You’re being fierce to me!”

    How could he focus on driving! Si Yiyan rubbed his forehead and asked, “Be good, how can I bear to be fierce to you?”

    Wen Xinya bit down on her tender lips, draining the color out of those beautiful lips. “Then, just now when I teased you like that, you actually didn’t feel anything. Are you sick of me already? I hear others say that women are only fresh towards men for a week. Recently, you don’t really…”

    She had met too many men in her previous lifetime, so she had a deep understanding of their inherent weakness.

    Si Yiyan’s car made a sharp turn into a deep alley by the suburbs. In the pitch-black alley, they couldn’t even see their own hands. The dim lights in the car were insufficient for the deepness of the dark.

    Si Yiyan unbuckled their seat belts, carried Wen Xinya onto his lap, bit on her earlobe, gritted his teeth slightly, and said, “I’ll let you know just how much I love you.”

    Sick of her, freshness, didn’t love her? Didn’t feel anything towards her? What was all these nonsense—all these would never apply to him. He couldn’t even get enough, how could he be sick of her? He wished he could tussle with her in bed every day, what was the freshness about? Didn’t love her… totally off…

    This girl was simply…

    With twinkling eyes, Wen Xinya felt his man’s pride between her legs and instinctively twisted her waist and rubbed against it. “Si Yiyan, I want you.”

    Whatever was left of Si Yiyan’s control was utterly demolished—he completely lost it!

    In the car!

    This was a venue that every man dreamed about, and he was no exception!

    If he had known that she would become so passionate after drinking, he would have sought out his benefits earlier.

    Wen Xinya opened her mouth, took in a button on his shirt, and undid them one by one…

    Like a king on his throne, Si Yiyan enjoyed her service. Under the faint lightning of the car, his face presented a kind of extremely gorgeous affection, exquisite passion, and plain excitement.

    The car was filled with affection, romance, and endless passion.

    There and then, Si Yiyan said deep down in his heart, “Love is not spoken but acted upon.”