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Chapter 108 - You Don’t Have The Right To Say No (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 108: You Don’t Have The Right To Say No (2)

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    After realizing his intention, Xu Weilai used all her energy to struggle. She pushed him away with both hands and kicked her legs around forcefully. She didn’t want him to touch her at all.

    “Go away, Gu Yu! Go away, I don’t need you!”

    While Xu Weilai was struggling frantically, she slapped Gu Yu’s face in the heat of the moment. The sharp slapping sounded exceptionally clear in the small room. There was even an echo.

    She shuddered abruptly and her hand froze.

    There was no change in Gu Yu’s gaze. He lifted his hand to touch his cheek. He didn’t explode in anger like she had expected him to. Instead, he remained eerily calm, so calm that he even sniggered.

    Xu Weilai’s heart skipped a beat when she heard his laugh.

    This was such an unfamiliar Gu Yu, so unfamiliar that she started feeling uneasy and frightened. She witnessed a foreign expression flash across his eyes before it got drowned by the darkness in his gaze.

    “You don’t want me? Haha.”

    “Who is the shameless one?”

    “Who is the one who used my grandfather to force me to marry her?”

    “Xu Weilai, you were the one who started this game first. Are you trying to quit now that you’re tired of it? Let me tell you, you were the one who started this. But, I’m the only one who can end this game!”

    “As long as you have the title of my wife, you don’t the right to say no. If you dare to make me a cuckold, I’ll kill you!”

    Cruel and heartless words spurted from his mouth one by one. The redness of Xu Weilai’s face subsided slowly along with his words.

    She was just a woman with the title of Gu Yu’s wife. She wasn’t Gu Yu’s real wife… She always knew this, but hearing it directly from him was a whole other sensation altogether.

    After Gu Yu finished speaking, he stopped talking…

    There was a saying that was too applicable to this situation. If you’re fated to lose something, you would rather never have possessed it in the first place…

    If she could go back in time, she wanted to return to the day of Gu Yu’s 18th birthday party. She wanted to return to the moment when Gu Yu said to her, “Get away from me. I’m not interested in you at all.”

    She would have definitely gotten as far away from him as possible and not made any attempts to get close to him at all. She would definitely not have fallen in love with him. She would have definitely not loved him so much…

    Xu Weilai could only lean against the wall as she collapsed to the ground soon after.

    Gu Yu went out. Xu Weilai sat on the cold floor for some time. When she regained some of her strength, she turned on the shower tap and allowed the hot water to rinse away the coldness she felt on her body.

    Her clothes were entirely soaked. She couldn’t wear them anymore. She had no choice but to use the towel in the bathroom to cover her body. Then, with trembling hands, she took out the small video camera that was stuck inside the sleeve of her shirt. She clutched it tightly. She had risked her life in the process of getting it out.

    When Xu Weilai walked out of the bathroom, Gu Yu had already tasked the staff to deliver new clothes. He had already tidied his appearance and was looking extremely handsome. His actions were elegant as always. In comparison, she seemed even more haggard.

    Xu Weilai walked out. Her gaze landed on the coffee table which had a few thick decks of money placed on it. She stopped in her tracks and stared at them blankly.