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Chapter 109 - Don’t You Want Money (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 109: Don’t You Want Money (1)

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    When she walked out of the room, her gaze landed on the thick decks of money placed on the coffee table. She stopped in her tracks and stared at the notes blankly.

    Gu Yu turned around in front of the full-length window. His dark eyes landed on Xu Weilai’s body. He followed her gaze and looked over. The edge of his lips lifted a little. However, there was no happiness in his eyes. There was nothing but cold-bloodedness.

    He stood still for a few seconds before striding towards the side of the coffee table with his long legs. He took a deck of notes with his slender, well-proportioned, and extremely beautiful hands. He looked at Xu Weilai. When he opened his mouth, there was no warmth in his voice. It was as cold as ice. “Don’t you want money?”

    He raised his hand up high. The notes in his hand floated to the ground one by one right before her eyes. Xu Weilai looked at them with a numbed expression. Her eyebrows were twitching slightly. It was unnoticeable.

    The last note landed on the ground. Gu Yu placed his hands in his pocket and lifted his chin slightly. He seemed to be looking down on her as the words left his thin lips. “Xu Weilai, this is the last time I’m warning you. Obey the rules of the game. If you dare to overstep any boundaries, don’t blame me for being merciless!”

    Xu Weilai acted as if she didn’t hear what he said. She lowered her gaze and looked at the floor that was covered with pieces of red-colored notes. Surprisingly, she was still able to muster a smile.

    She squatted down slowly and picked up the notes that were scattered across the floor individually. Although her hands were trembling furiously, she still persisted and picked up all the notes.

    500 pieces of 100RMB notes. The total amount was 50 thousand!

    Xu Weilai squatted on the ground and clutched the huge deck of notes tightly, as though she was holding a huge piece of brick. As she smiled, tears started rolling down.

    She quickly sniffed and wiped the tears off her face swiftly. Then, she stood up.

    She curbed her desire to throw the deck of money on Gu Yu’s expressionless and irritating face. She lifted the corners of her lips and forced a smile on her face. She faced Gu Yu and said, “As expected of Mr. Gu. You’re really generous!”

    She paused for a moment and stared at him intently with her dark eyes. She said slowly, each of her words filled with intention, “Anyone that has money is my boss. I welcome you to patronize me again in the future!”

    Gu Yu stared at her furiously with his dark eyes. He was so angry he laughed. He nodded at her. “Very good!”

    He strode towards the door and slammed it as he left. Xu Weilai’s body shuddered along with the loud slam. When Gu Yu’s footsteps got further and further away, Xu Weilai’s facade disappeared in an instant.

    She fell to the ground weakly. She looked at the deck of money on her left hand and then looked at the miniature video recorder she was clutching in her right hand. In that instant, she laughed. Tears spilled out of her eyes along with her laughter.

    Look at this…

    The price of this piece of news she risked her life to get wasn’t even comparable with the amount of money Gu Yu casually forked out to humiliate her. What kind of irony was this…

    Xu Weilai’s phone was broken and her clothes couldn’t be worn either. She didn’t want to stay in the room anymore but she couldn’t let her family see her in that state either. In the end, she used the telephone in the room to make a call to Xiao Chun.

    Fortunately, Xiao Chun was a night owl. She was still dancing at a nightclub at that time so when she received Xu Weilai’s call, she immediately rushed over in her sports car at top speed.

    Xiao Chun brought a new set of clothes for her when she came over. When she saw the bruises on Xu Weilai’s body, her eyes widened in shock. “Weilai, did you… did you get hit by someone? Which bastard dared to touch you? I’ll skin him alive!”

    Xu Weilai didn’t have the energy nor the mood to explain everything to Xiao Chun. She merely shook her head and said wearily, “Can we talk about this later? I’m really tired. Could you send me back to my apartment?”

    Xiao Chun held back the rest of her questions when she noticed that Xu Weilai didn’t want to talk about it. “Sure. Let me send you back first.”