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Chapter 134 - It’s Not Me, Don’t Think Too Much

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 134: It’s Not Me, Don’t Think Too Much

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    Ning Meng was sending a text to Zhen Shanmei: [We’re only halfway through settling this matter. Wait and see what will happen to Li Haojie and Su Tiantian!]

    As soon as this text was sent out, Zhen Shanmei also sent a text over: [Dad, did you buy the trending topic?]

    Ning Meng was stunned. She glanced over and realized that her leaving the fan group had become the number one trending topic! It was normal to be a hot trending topic. After all, the news was still fresh, but it was obvious that someone had bought the placing for her to have hit the number one spot in such a short time!

    Who could it be?

    While she was still stunned, Zhen Shanmei sent another text: [You will forever be my dad!]


    Ning Meng put down her phone and mulled over who it could be. She could only deduce that it was probably one of the three stooges. Although Qi Shan had a sharp tongue and a soft heart, if he had been the one to help her, he would definitely be showing off by now.

    If it was Su Ye…

    As she was thinking about it, she opened her WeChat. She was just about to send a text when she saw Qi Shan’s text. Ning Meng’s lips twitched.

    She replied angrily: [Have you not taken your medicine today?]

    Huo Beichen who was waiting downstairs was clueless for a moment. Then, he realized that Qi Shan’s personality was not compatible with hers.

    Huo Beichen somehow lit up and continued to type, echoing Qi Shan’s style: [Don’t you misunderstand. I’m just asking what you like. It’s not like I would give you anything in the future.]

    Ning Meng: […]

    Ning Meng: [I like you…]

    When he saw those words, Huo Beichen’s fingers froze, and a massive wave of ferocious aura emitted out of him! His first instinct was to order Fei Bai to have a chat with Qi Shan!

    Soon after, another one of Ning Meng’s texts came through.

    Ning Meng: [Can you just disappear from this world? I don’t like that you’re able to sleep and eat. So, stop sleeping and eating in the future. Oh yes, one more thing. Actually, I really like your credit card. Give it to me quickly!]


    Meanwhile, Qi Shan, who had momentarily dazed off, mysteriously had his life returned and sneezed as he felt a chill run down his spine. Who was cursing him!?

    Huo Beichen stared at his phone and logged out of Qi Shan’s WeChat. After giving it some thought, he asked for Su Ye’s WeChat account instead. Just as he logged in and was about to send a text, he saw that he had just been tagged.

    Ning Meng: [Dear little Ye Ye, was it you who helped me to buy the trending topic? @Su Ye]

    Huo Beichen was surrounded by a shroud of darkness.

    It reminded him of what she had said earlier. That she could talk to the three of them in a friendly manner…

    So, out of the three stooges, she had the closest relationship with Su Ye?

    Huo Beichen coldly replied: [It wasn’t me, don’t think too much.]

    After sending this text, he felt that it was not dramatic enough, and he sent another text: [Do you think I have that much money that I have nowhere else to spend it on?]

    He logged out of Su Ye’s WeChat account after sending this text.

    This would not work. He could not use Su Ye’s account to chat with her.

    Should he use his own account?

    No, that wouldn’t work.

    He was still angry after all. How could he initiate the conversation?

    As he dwelled in his monologue, he decided to obtain Fei Bai’s WeChat account.

    He logged into WeChat and saw Ning Meng’s text in the group.

    Ning Meng: [?? Su Ye, did you eat some explosives today?]

    Huo Beichen ignored her.

    Before he could say anything, he was pulled into a new chat group. Well, to be precise, Fei Bai was pulled in.

    Su Ye: [?? Boss asked for my WeChat account earlier. When he returned my account, it made me panic. What’s that conversation about in the group?]

    Qi Shan: [My WeChat account too!]

    A moment of realization suddenly dawned on Su Ye.

    He trembled as he typed: [I’m loyal to the boss, my heart is only for the boss. I will never do anything against boss!]