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Chapter 207 - A Bodyguard Should Not Grope

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 207: A Bodyguard Should Not Grope

    “Eldest Miss, who is this?” Ye Yu’s eyes narrowed as he stared at Zi Shang’s big, strong palm that was resting on Ye Jiuge’s shoulders.

    He thought: His pose is filled with a possessive lust. This beautiful man must have an extraordinary relationship with the Eldest Miss!

    “This is Ye Zi. He is my bodyguard.” Ye Jiuge shrugged her shoulders and shook off Zi Shang’s restless hands.

    Glaring warningly at Zi Shang, she thought: Since when does a bodyguard dare to touch his Miss’s shoulders? Is he courting death?

    The corners of Zi Shang’s mouth curled into a smile, but he became obedient.

    “Eldest Miss, since when did you have a bodyguard? Why have we not seen him before?” Bai Songling looked vigilantly at Zi Shang.

    He thought: With one look, I can deduce that such a devilishly beautiful man is not ordinary. Could he be one of the Sorcerers?

    “Erm… It is a long story.” Ye Jiuge scratched her face. She could not say that Zi Shang was her creditor, could she?

    “Eldest Miss, there is no hurry. We have time.” Ye Yu’s tone was gentle but firm.

    Bai Songling nodded swiftly as well.

    Although Luo Tian and Jun Yichen did not say anything, they distanced themselves from Zi Shang. It was apparent that they did not trust him.

    Ye Jiuge had a dilemma. Judging from her friends’ reactions, they would not let it go unless she answered them.

    Zi Shang had stolen too much of the show, and it was indeed necessary to give him a reasonable identity. Otherwise, there would be trouble, even after they had returned to the capital.

    She looked toward Zi Shang in the hope that he would give her a hint.

    Zi Shang raised his eyebrows as he looked back at her. His expression seemed to say, “I await your arrangements.”

    “Eldest Miss, do you have some hidden trouble that cannot be mentioned?” The more Bai Songling observed, the more he felt that something was off.

    The Sorcerers were incredibly cunning—Lun Yunfei had been an excellent example.

    This beautiful man named Zi Shang was clearly devilish, and it was likely that he had even more powerful cultivation. Perhaps, the Eldest Miss was already under his control.

    As he was thinking about it, Bai Songling tossed a meaningful glance at Ye Yu and Luo Tian.

    The three men silently surrounded Zi Shang.

    At the same time, the three Legendary Venomous Insects—Xiao Hong, Black Dictator, and Big Mouth—took to the air.

    Even the Treasure-hunting Scorpion had quietly dug its way through the ground until it reached Zi Shang’s feet. It was ready to coordinate with the rest and attack.

    Zi Shang’s rosy lips curled up. A mocking glint flashed past his pitch-black pupils. His devilish look was so enchanting that Ye Jiuge’s tiny heart began to quiver.

    She was frightened, not infatuated.

    Zi Shang’s fingers moved slightly, and an undiscoverable force began to diffuse around him.

    “Don’t mess around.” Glaring at him, Ye Jiuge reached out a hand in a dramatic way.

    However, it was too late.

    Xiao Hong let out a sharp cry as it returned to Luo Tian like a cat whose tail had been stepped on. Cowering in Luo Tian’s arms, Xiao Hong shivered as it wept, “I am just a little insect.”

    Both Black Dictator and Big Mouth were also confused as they scuttled back into Ye Yu’s and Bai Songling’s clothes in fear.

    “Black Dictator, what’s wrong?” Ye Yu hurriedly tried to calm his Legendary Venomous Insect.

    “Big Mouth, get out of there!” Big Mouth was scrambling around Bai Songling’s body, which was unbearably itchy, and he reached into his clothes to grab it.

    Big Mouth was in such a panic that it threaded its way into Bai Songling’s pants, and he had to stifle a scream.

    Ye Jiuge lowered her face into her hands as she watched the chaotic scene helplessly.

    The more she saw, the angrier she became. Ye Jiuge lifted a leg to kick Zi Shang’s back.

    Zi Shang moved his feet, and Ye Jiuge stepped on the Treasure-hunting Scorpion, which had just emerged from the ground.

    The Treasure-hunting Scorpion was just about to attack when it received a kick from its owner.

    Heartbroken, it returned to the female scorpion to seek comfort.

    “Eldest Miss, who is he?” Flustered and exasperated, Bai Songling held Big Mouth tightly.

    “He…he was sent here by my grandfather to protect me.” Ye Jiuge immediately thought of the perfect cover story. “There are specific reasons why Grandfather cannot appear personally. Hence, he has sent this bodyguard here to protect me secretly.

    “I was able to recover my cultivation and looks because of him.

    “Before, he was hiding in the dark. However, because the Sorcerers are so powerful, I asked him to come and help out.” Before Bai Songling and the rest could say anything further, Ye Jiuge immediately changed the topic and said, “How is Brother Wan? Is he okay?”

    Bai Songling was frank, and he immediately fell for Ye Jiuge’s devious plan to divert attention. He replied honestly, “I already fed him the antidote to the Muscle-paralysis Sleeping Powder. Last night, he woke up once, but he is now asleep again.”

    “Let me have a look.” Ye Jiuge followed Bai Songling to the back of the little hill.

    Wan Ziyang was still lying on the stretcher, but his complexion looked better than last night.

    Ye Jiuge checked his pulse before she nodded and said, “He is fine now. His body is still a little weak, and he will need to eat something to nourish his body.”

    “Where can we find food to nourish his body here in this wilderness?” Bai Songling scratched his head.

    “I was just about to tell you this. Great Master Dongfang has been afflicted with the Bloodthirsty Sect’s King Poison. The people of Medicine Refinery City are begging us to go back and help cure his poison,” Ye Jiuge explained as her hands returned to her sides.

    “No wonder they are carrying a banner and bringing a bramble to ask for punishment.” Bai Songling understood immediately.

    “Let’s hurry back then. Oh, Eldest Miss, here’s your bag. Please take a look to see if anything is missing.” Ye Yu took out the bag that Ye Jiuge had left with him.

    Ye Jiuge took a glance and saw that the Black Fat Rat, the Treasure-hunting Scorpion and its wife, the bronze cauldron, as well as other miscellaneous things were still there. She nodded and said, “Nothing’s missing.”

    Then, she thought of something else and asked, “Oh, where’s Yu Die?”

    “Last night, we secretly sent Yu Die to a stronghold in the Medicine Refinery City,” Bai Songling replied.

    They were a group of men, and it was difficult for them to take care of a little girl. Hence, they had secretly sent her back.

    If not for the fact that they had agreed to meet Ye Jiuge outside the city, they would have stayed inside the city as well.

    “Alright. Let’s go!”

    Bringing Bai Songling and the rest with her, Ye Jiuge quickly returned to Medicine Refinery City.

    Elder Chen, Elder Xiao, and the Crown Prince still had the brambles behind them as they anxiously waited on the city wall. When they saw Ye Jiuge and the rest running toward Medicine Refinery Hall, they hurriedly rushed down and followed behind them.

    When she reached Great Master Dongfang’s house, Ye Jiuge chased everyone out. She instructed Bai Songling, Ye Yu and Luo Tian to guard the entrance, and Jun Yichen and Zi Shang to stay.

    “Little Mute, can your Legendary Venomous Insect cure the poison in Great Master Dongfang’s body?” Ye Jiuge pointed at Great Master Dongfang and asked.

    Jun Yichen stepped forward. He carefully examined Great Master Dongfang’s eyelids. Then, he pierced Great Master Dongfang’s finger and squeezed out a drop of blood.

    “How?” Ye Jiuge was nervous. If Little Mute’s Legendary Venomous Insect could not suppress the Ice Snow Spider King Poison, she had no other ideas for how to save him.

    “If it were just the Ice Snow Spider King Poison, my Poisonous Earthworm King could cure it. However, after it has been mixed with the Bloodthirsty Patriarch’s blood essence, my Legendary Venomous Insects can’t do anything.” Little Mute shook his head.

    “What if I can force out some of the poison from Great Master Dongfang’s body?” Ye Jiuge’s Lightning Fire Needle was only capable of forcing out some of the toxins. She depended on the Poisonous Earthworm Kings to cure the remainder.

    “We can give it a try!” Jun Yichen said. He was willing to try anything in a desperate situation.

    “Alright. Hatch your Legendary Venomous Insects first and get ready!” Ye Jiuge took out her Lightning Fire Needle and pierced Great Master Dongfang’s body. She infused the needle with her Spiritual Power and began removing the poison.

    It was like Great Master Dongfang’s meridians were clogged with silt.

    The Lightning Fire Needle struggled to move inside them.

    After pushing it for a while, Ye Jiuge was dripping with sweat. She could feel her Spiritual Power depleting.

    She took out a Spiritual Revitalization Pill and was about to consume it when, suddenly, Zi Shang reached out and snatched it away.