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Chapter 208 - The Pink Female Legendary Venomous Insec

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 208: The Pink Female Legendary Venomous Insect

    “What are you doing?” Ye Jiuge reached out to snatch back the Spiritual Revitalization Pill.

    However, Zi Shang threw the pill into his mouth and said, “I will give you something better.”

    Having said so, he placed his palm on Ye Jiuge’s back. An extremely pure stream of Spiritual Power gushed into her.

    The Lightning Fire Needle, which had stopped moving, surged forward like it was on steroids. Immediately, it passed through a few of Great Master Dongfang’s meridians.

    “Why are you being so nice and helping me?” Ye Jiuge watched Zi Shang vigilantly.

    She thought: This fellow is a wicked demon who will not do anything except for benefits. It is suspicious that he is helping me for no reason.

    “I am in a good mood today, so I am giving you a sweet taste.” Zi Shang would never admit to Ye Jiuge that he was seeking attention.

    Although Ye Jiuge was suspicious of Zi Shang, with his help, the treatment process became remarkable, so she did not refuse.

    After a short while, the Lightning Fire Needle had completed a microcosmic orbit in Great Master Dongfang’s meridians, and it exited his body via his Baihui Acupoint.

    As her hands returned to her sides, Ye Jiuge said, “Little Mute, send in the Legendary Venomous Insects.”

    Jun Yichen lifted his sleeves, and a large black spot flew out of his arm.

    Then, it turned into a beautiful pink caterpillar with a round head and entered Great Master Dongfang’s body.

    “Why is it pink?” Ye Jiuge asked in surprise.

    “It is the only female in this batch of Legendary Venomous Insects.” If it weren’t for the dire situation, he would not have taken out the female.

    After many years of cultivating Legendary Venomous Insects, this was the first time that he had developed a female.

    “It’s quite pretty.” Ye Jiuge was rather interested in it. The pink caterpillar was girlish and suitable for her!

    “Don’t speak. Watch the old man carefully,” Jun Yichen said solemnly.

    The darkness in Great Master Dongfang’s face subsided gradually. The pink caterpillar was already demonstrating its use.

    Then, Jun Yichen suddenly asked, “The people from Medicine Refinery City treated you so terribly. Why are you still helping to save him?”

    “Firstly, Great Master Dongfang has always helped me. He is not a bad guy. Secondly, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. The Bloodthirsty Patriarch has so tragically harmed great Master Dongfang, and they were already mortal enemies. If we help him, it’s another way of dealing with the Bloodthirsty Patriarch,” Ye Jiuge explained straightforwardly.

    “You believe that this old man can deal with the Bloodthirsty Patriarch?” Jun Yichen’s disdainful gaze swept over Great Master Dongfang.

    He thought: He must be a weakling to have been so easily harmed by the Bloodthirsty Sect.

    “He is the only Rank Six Alchemist in the entire Lei Kingdom, and he has friends around the world. If he cannot deal with the Bloodthirsty Patriarch, surely he can find people to help him.” Ye Jiuge was still confident in Dongfang Yao’s ability.

    “You have a point.” Jun Yichen looked pensive.

    While she was talking to Jun Yichen, Ye Jiuge’s gaze did not leave Great Master Dongfang.

    Once it had subsided as far as his neck, the darkness suddenly burst like a dam. Then, it surged violently again.

    Hurriedly, Ye Jiuge applied her needle technique to seal the darkness before asking Jun Yichen, “What is happening?”

    “The female Legendary Venomous Insect cannot cure his poison,” Jun Yichen replied coolly.

    “D*mn it!” Ye Jiuge bit her lower lip as she looked toward Zi Shang.

    He had said that he was in a good mood, so perhaps he would provide them with a solution for free.

    However, Ye Jiuge realized that Zi Shang’s eyes were half-open. His breathing was smooth and steady; he had fallen asleep standing up.

    Gloomily, Ye Jiuge looked away from him.

    She thought: Sure enough, Zi Shang is such an unreliable fellow. He cannot be depended on. I can only rely on myself!

    Ye Jiuge swallowed a Spiritual Revitalization Pill and was ready to continue using the Lightning Fire Needle to cure Great Master Dongfang. Suddenly, she heard Jun Yichen’s cold voice, “This old man better be able to deal with the Bloodthirsty Patriarch.”

    Then, there was a violent heave from Jun Yichen’s abdomen. He opened his mouth abruptly and spat out a shining gold insect.

    The insect looked like a scarab, and it was around the size of a thumb.

    Although it had an insect’s head, it had grown a human face.

    At close glance, it looked like Jun Yichen.

    Apart from the human face, the scarab’s wings were covered with black spots that looked like faces. They were numerous, packed layer upon layer, and flickered constantly. It was strange and terrifying.

    “Is this your Life’s Origin Parasite? It’s already grown a human face.” Ye Jiuge was stunned.

    The Blood-clad Miao people’s cultivation method was strange. They paid particular attention to the oneness of human and Legendary Venomous Insect.

    Throughout their lives, they devoted their efforts to cultivating their Legendary Venomous Insects into Human Parasites.

    According to legends, after they successfully cultivated their Human Parasites, the Human Parasites became their second incarnations.

    Their bodies became diamond hard and indestructible—it was like immortality.

    “Tut! If not for that d*mned man, the Bloodthirsty Patriarch, who injured me, not only would I have a human face, I would have already grown a human head as well,” the Life’s Origin Parasite said while flapping its wings. It was in a bad mood.

    Its voice sounded exactly the same as Jun Yichen’s.

    After spitting out the Life’s Origin Parasite, Jun Yichen turned into a real little mute.

    With a stone face, he made a hand gesture at the Life’s Origin Parasite.

    “Rush my a*s! I am the king of the Legendary Venomous Insects, and my usual diet consists of the world’s deadliest poisons. It is so tragic that I am reduced to sucking an old man’s blood to cure his poison.”

    As it grumbled, the Life’s Origin Parasite flew over and landed on Great Master Dongfang’s neck. It opened its large mouth and revealed its little sharp, white teeth. Viciously, it bit onto the vein.

    The Life’s Origin Parasite was much more powerful than the pink caterpillar.

    Great Master Dongfang’s darkness subsided like an ebbing tide. In the blink of an eye, it disappeared without a trace.

    The pink caterpillar flew shakily out of Great Master Dongfang’s mouth.

    Its body was three times bigger than before. It was as fat and round like a pink ball.

    Struggling to fly, it finally crashed onto the floor with a thud and rolled until it reached a table leg.

    As she picked up the round pink caterpillar, Ye Jiuge asked, “Will it be alright?”

    “It has sucked in too much diseased blood. It won’t live.” With a straight face, Jun Yichen gestured at Ye Jiuge with his hands.

    “Would it help if I gave it Spiritual Beast Pills?” Ye Jiuge felt that this was a pity. After all, the creature had been an outstanding help, and female Legendary Venomous Insects were so rare. It would be a pity if it were to die.

    “You can try, but it’s not very likely.” After Jun Yichen gestured to Ye Jiuge, he did not continue to watch.

    “Alright. Let’s give it a go!” Ye Jiuge had quite a large amount of Spiritual Beast Pills with her. She took out two, crushed one into smaller pieces, and fed it to the female Legendary Venomous Insect.

    The fat pink caterpillar was so bloated that it was near death. When it saw the delicious food, it forced itself to swallow.

    A small bulge grew out of its round stomach, as though it had developed a tumor.

    Ye Jiuge feared that it would burst to its death, so she held back the other pill. Then, she reached out her fingers and massaged the insect’s stomach to help it digest.

    The pink caterpillar revealed a comfortable expression. With its round belly sticking out, it fell asleep.

    Ye Jiuge thought: This pink caterpillar is so easily contented and easy-going that it sleeps immediately after eating.

    With a smile, Ye Jiuge massaged the pink caterpillar. At the same time, she watched Jun Yichen expel the poison from Great Master Dongfang’s body.