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Chapter 137 - A Good News and a Bad News

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 137: A Good News and a Bad News

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    At last, the deal was closed at five million dollars, which meant that he had to spend an additional four and a half million dollars in an order that cost only five hundred thousand dollars a few days ago. When the news spread around, the entire office building of Luo’s Workshop erupted in cheer!

    “Five million dollars? Oh. My God. That’s a ten-fold hike!”

    “And Jiang Yongchun actually agreed to it. He is now signing the contract with Mr. Xiao inside the office.”

    “This is just too outrageous. It is unbelievable. Has Jiang Yongchun’s brain hemorrhaged or something?”

    The crowd was in a state of euphoria. They couldn’t understand, nor could they believe any of it. Someone who had always been hostile towards Luo’s Factory was making an order to their company at ten times the usual price. They would never have believed it had they heard someone else, even with a gun pointed at their heads.

    Xu Guansong stood in a stupor, not moving from his spot for some time. After a while, he snapped out of it and just said, “He’s mad.” Then he returned to his own office. He had to process everything he had seen and heard this early in the morning.

    “Is Jiang Yongchun a big friggin idiot?”

    Zhang Donghai said, his eyes wide open in disbelief. Shaking his head, he turned around and left as he found it hard to accept that this could be happening.

    Li Zimeng and Lin Chongdong were, likewise, stunned silly as they tried their best to digest Jiang Yongchun’s incredibly high-priced order value.

    “Jiang Yongchun is coming out!”

    Someone shouted. The crowd that had gathered outside Xiao Luo’s office scattered like a flock of birds from the sound of a gunshot. They quickly returned to their respective posts, feigning ignorance. They appeared to be suddenly very hard at work, acting like they didn’t know what had just transpired. Some were tapping on their keyboards, some were writing on notepads, some were making phone calls. They all looked like they had their plates full.

    The office door opened. As they left the room, Jiang Yongchun held Xiao Luo’s hand earnestly, “Mr. Xiao, from today onwards, I, Jiang Yongchun, will dance to the beat of your drum. All of my plastic factory’s orders will now belong to Luo’s Workshop!”

    “I appreciate that, Mr. Jiang,” Xiao Luo said with a smile.

    As he smiled, Jiang Yongchun only wanted to sing the blues. Five million dollars! In weight, it could even kill someone just by dropping it on them from the first floor. The thought that he had just given in to such an outrageous demand stung deep. However, he still kept up his smile and composure.

    When he was leaving, he even waved his hands to Luo’s Workshop’s employees, who were pretending that they were working, “You’ve worked hard, everyone. Remember to follow Mr. Xiao’s footsteps. One day, Luo’s Workshop will beat Taste Buds and become the best in Jiangcheng City. Oh wait, you may even become the best pastry enterprise throughout the entire mainland! Go! Go! Go! Fight! Fight! Fight all the way!”

    To everyone there, it felt like he was giving an MLM motivation talk, clenching his fist and cheering everyone up.

    What in the name of Heaven?!

    What the heck is going on here?

    Everyone in the office had a big fat, “Huh?” in their brains. How could one be so happy after being scammed five million dollars? It was like he was on drugs or something. Did Jiang Yongchun come after taking the wrong medicine?

    Little did they know, upon exiting Luo’s Workshop, Jiang Yongchun got into his car and bawled his eyes out.

    But after crying for a while, he was reminded of the fact that he could live on, and even f*ck around with ladies like in his younger days. He immediately regained his vigor, feeling that all the money was well spent. He had now placed all his faith entirely in Xiao Luo’s hands. Only earlier at the office, Xiao Luo had pricked a needle into a specific part of his body. Immediately, he felt revitalized and relaxed. It proved to him that Xiao Luo really knew how to treat someone.

    As he thought about that, he felt the prescription in his pocket getting heavier!

    At that moment, his phone rang. The call came from Fang Changlei.

    Jiang Yongchun knitted his eyebrows and hesitated for a moment, but after a while, he decided to pick up the call. With a grin, he said, “Mr. Fang, I have some good news and some bad news to tell you. So, which do you wish to hear first?”

    Fang Changlei, on the other end of the line, was a little surprised, not at all expecting Jiang Yongchun to start the conversation with such a line. He asked, “Jiang Yongchun, is there anything wrong with you?”

    “Nothing, just a little excited.”

    Jiang Yongchun laughed, “I think I’ll start with the good news. The good news is, in half a month, I can get back to banging all the ladies with you, Mr. Fang.”

    Fang Changlei was at a complete loss. He thought, “What the heck is he saying? Isn’t it a secret that he’s no longer capable when it comes to that? He’s a living eunuch, so why did he suddenly come up with that statement? Is he trying to fool me?”

    “Are you… high on drugs?”

    It was reasonable that Fang Changlei would assume so. Being all hyped up and spouting pure fluff, this was precisely how someone high on drugs would behave.

    “No, no, no, I’m not high. I’ve met Brother Xiao, and he can treat my illness.”

    Jiang Yongchun was getting excited now. He was so excited that his speech became incoherent. He was like someone who had suddenly regained sight after being blind for ten years. The emotions he was experiencing were several times more than being high on drugs.

    “Brother Xiao? Do you mean that bastard Xiao Luo from Luo’s Workshop?” Fang Changlei said in utter shock and contempt.

    “Oh yeah! Him!”

    Jiang Youngchun smiled, “He can treat me, so I had no choice but give them all my factory’s orders.”

    “Is this the bad news you wanna tell me?” Fang Changlei ground his teeth, suppressing his mounting anger.


    After answering him, Jiang Yongchun quickly pulled his phone away from his ear, because he was well aware of exactly what was going to happen next.

    As he expected, Fang Changlei’s bellowing voice came screaming out from the earpiece. Every word heard, crystal clear even from that distance.

    “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, your mum! Jiang Yongchun, has your brain been shat on by a donkey or what? Did he say that, and you just believed it? Use your dog’s brain and think about it carefully. He’s fooling you.”

    “No, he’s not my brother. I’ve experienced it myself. Mr. Xiao is capable in that matter,” Jiang Yongchun frowned as he tried to explain.

    “You fool of a donkey. You are a stupid dumb as* donkey from head to toe. Aren’t you clear yourself about whether your junk down there is still functioning? How could you believe in that little bastard? I’m already being reserved here, just calling you a stupid donkey.”

    Fang Changlei was infuriated. He had already met Chu Yunxiong, who gave him strong reassurance. Chu Yunxiong made it clear that he wasn’t against him. This would mean that Xiao Luo was the one that orchestrated the entire scheme all by himself. He was also piqued when he surprisingly found out about Xiao Luo’s astounding strategy to scam them all.

    The reason he called Jiang Yongchun was to inquire about whether there were any developments at his end. As it turned out, Jiang Yongchun also canceled his orders like those heartless scumbags before this and turned their orders over to Luo’s Workshop. With that many betrayals, no matter how strong his state of mind was, any man would just fall over and spit out a mouthful of blood.

    “Mr. Fang, say whatever you want, but I can only apologize regarding the orders for Mid-Autumn this time.”

    Like a dead mouse feeling no cold, Jiang Yongchun hung up the call as soon as he finished his sentence. There was nothing left to negotiate. Between Taste Buds and his health, he had chosen the latter without any hesitation.

    [Taste Buds’ General Manager’s Office]

    After his call with Jiang Yongchun ended, Fang Changlei, looked strangely serene.

    But yet his appearance looked gloomy, and that was terrifying. He was stumped. He really couldn’t figure it out. Without Chu Yunxiong’s assistance, how did Xiao Luo manage to snatch over more than ten of Taste Buds’ old customers?

    Jiang Yongchun’s betrayal, especially. It dealt a massive blow to him!

    Never in his life would he have expected that Jiang Yongchun would betray him. Why did that happen? Just what was Xiao Luo capable of? The information he got only showed that he was originally a regular jobber boy. How did he gain so much influence so suddenly?

    This can’t be. I must get back at him!

    He took out his phone and dialed a number which he marked as “trump card.” At that exact moment, somewhere inside Luo’s Workshop, a phone rang.