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Chapter 136 - Fell from the Sky

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 136: Fell from the Sky

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    Ever since he found out that his goddess was in Q City, the whole city felt different to him.

    He had immediately bought a duplex apartment somewhere not too far from her house. Every year during the holiday, he would stay there for two days, imagining that she would appear in front of him.

    At last, his dream had come true. She was just downstairs and looking up at the exterior of the staircase.

    Qianmo had always felt that the name of this posh neighborhood gave her a feeling of familiarity.

    Starry Sky Neighborhood. It used to be one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the city, but for some reason in the later stages, after she was released from prison, the prices of the houses in this part became comparatively lower.

    Compared to the other areas in the city, it was still quite expensive. However, a key primary school was built in the area later on, so the prices of the houses in the surrounding area rose by quite a bit. Hence, the “low price” was relative to the other houses in the area.

    Qianmo was also puzzled about something. In her past life, Black also had a house in the city, but it was not in this neighborhood. His title deeds were under her care, and among all his properties, she did not come across this one.

    “Which floor is your house on?”

    “Fifth and sixth.”

    For an eight-story apartment, these floors were quite okay.

    “Have you thought about… selling your house?”

    Yu Changmo was moving things out of the trunk and was stunned when he heard her question.

    “You don’t like it?”

    He was a relatively lazy person and would usually get his younger brother to settle things like real estate investment for him. He would buy wherever and whatever his younger brother recommended. This place was also chosen by his brother. If she did not like it, he would immediately move houses.

    “It’s okay…” Qianmo found it odd.

    “Is the House Ownership Certificate under your name?”

    “…It can be under your name too.”

    Qianmo was speechless.

    This guy’s brain was wired differently from normal people’s; ordinary men would not ask so straightforwardly. However, she was not surprised, for this was something he would do. After all, he had a past record of transferring her 800,000 in a fit of pique.

    “I don’t want that. I’ll help you carry things.” She temporarily suppressed her confusion about why he had sold the house.

    Seeing him carrying big and small bags, she wanted to help him. But he simply fumbled around the bags and fished out a bucket of Häagen-Dazs and placed it in her hands.

    “I’ll only let you eat one pack.”

    Holding the pack of ice cream would be the most she would be doing for this shopping spree. Qianmo watched him carrying many bags on both arms, but he still took the effort to open the door for her as she held the ice cream spoon in her mouth. It was as if they had returned to the past.

    It seemed that wherever he was, there would be nothing that she needed to do. Oh, the only thing would be to eat and… be eaten?

    Initially, she had thought that since he did not come over to his house often, the furniture would all be covered with cloth to keep out dust. Turned out that it was surprisingly clean, and the smell of fresh lilies filled the air.

    He sat her down on the sofa and placed a large bag of snacks in front of her, not forgetting to take the remaining packs of ice cream away.

    Qianmo pouted.

    She yelled out with fake sincerity, “Do you need my help?”

    He waved his hand, instructing her not to come in and cause trouble. Qianmo wandered around the house with the spoon in her mouth and the ice cream that she had been limited to.

    The interior decoration style seemed familiar. It was very similar to the two properties he had in this city later on. They were more like home. Although the furniture was all from luxurious brands, the design was not too exaggerated, rather suitable for living in.

    In contrast to his apartments in the capital in her past life, the interior decoration of those apartments was too hard to explain—All of a sudden, Qianmo thought of something.

    “Do you have properties in other places?”

    He stuck his head out and asked, “Where are you asking about?”

    A nouveau riche with many houses all over the country… Pretending not to be jealous at all, Qianmo continued, “The capital.”

    “Oh, there is.”

    “Who did the renovations?”

    “My brother. I designed this place myself.”

    Sure enough, the wild, hip style that was only suited to be on magazines as a model house was not designed by him. In other words, he only decorated the houses in the city that she was in. Was he planning to… build a love nest with her?

    This idea made the ice cream taste even sweeter, but Qianmo found it strange as well.

    It was precisely because he was a very nostalgic person that he would not easily sell a property that he had high expectations for. Could it be that Black ran into some financial difficulties later on and had to sell this house?

    She wandered around his house with her mind occupied with different thoughts. This feeling made him feel particularly content as he stood in the kitchen. The small world that he had designed by himself had finally managed to welcome its destined mistress.

    Black, who was in a good mood, quickly prepared the ingredients. He had penned down so many dishes that she liked in his secret notebook and could finally cook them for her.

    He had spent most of his spare time practicing how to cook them. Although he did not know when it would come in handy, he would be simply too thrilled every time he thought about the happy expression that she would have when she ate the food. When a person loved someone, even the likes of the other party would become a reason to be content.

    After walking one round around the house, she eventually ended up on the alfresco balcony.

    Standing there, she could gaze at the scenery outside. The view was particularly good. At one glance, she fell in love with the balcony.

    It was a huge balcony with an exquisite table on it. She thought about having dinner out here later. Besides, in the future, she could plant some flowers that she liked, and they could also enjoy the view on warm nights without wind. That would be so nice.

    At this moment in time, Qianmo was utterly in love with this place. If she had known beforehand what was about to happen here, she would never have chosen to eat dinner with him tonight no matter what. As the saying went, it was all crap.

    He whipped up a feast in less than an hour. In order to seem slightly useful, Qianmo helped to bring out the dishes. After working for a while, both of them could finally sit down across from each other.

    After the disturbance in the restaurant where Zhen Ni played the piano, Black gave up on his decision to turn on the music to create the mood. It would undoubtedly spoil everything if even after eating twice, they were still not able to finish their meal.

    “Try it, see if you like it.” He stared into the distance, not daring to look at the beautiful woman sitting opposite him. He shifted around on his seat, feeling slightly tense.

    After eating all kinds of delicacies, the food he cooked still tasted the most delicious. However, sitting opposite a man who was blatantly releasing courtship pheromones, Qianmo could not pretend not to know.

    It did not seem appropriate to just focus on eating at this moment, so Qianmo lifted her head up and tried hard to find a conversation topic.

    “This outdoor balcony of yours is really nice.”

    “Do you like it? It was originally supposed to be a sky garden.” However, he could not think of what to plant. Hence, he changed it to an outdoor balcony and planned to wait for the future mistress of the house to come before making a decision.

    “I like—” Before Qianmo finished talking, an odd sound came from above. She did not even have time to look up before Yu Changmo dragged her aside. The next moment, a loud crash was heard from behind her.

    A person had fallen from upstairs and landed exactly on the spot where Qianmo had been seated.

    Had Black’s reaction been any slower, she would have been in danger.