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Chapter 137 - Dream Come True

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 137: Dream Come True

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    Eating a whole meal together, how difficult could that be?

    Qianmo was in complete disbelief at what had just happened.

    No matter who it happened to, the person would definitely be shocked.

    It had been a lovely, dreamy evening with two intimate lovers, just him and her, feeding each other and enjoying a scrumptious feast. In a split second, however, a living person fell from the sky—Oh, wait, not sure if the person was dead or alive now. Either way, a person just fell from the sky.

    Had Black not been trained and was exceptionally intuitive, Qianmo’s life might have been in danger.

    Yu Changmo stepped forward to check. It was a woman who had fallen down. Her long hair was spread out like seaweed, and she had crash-landed on the exact spot that Qianmo had originally been sitting on. Furthermore, the impact had deformed the metal chair. Qianmo’s slender arms and legs were definitely not as hard as metal. If she had been sitting there, even if she was not crushed to death, she would have broken her limbs.

    Yu Changmo put his hand under the victim’s nose to check for breath. “Call for an ambulance.”

    Still breathing.

    But it was feeble.

    There was a huge pool of blood in the spot where the woman had landed. As Qianmo would feel dizzy when she saw blood, she could not look for too long, so she left it to Black to handle.

    While waiting for the arrival of the ambulance, Yu Changmo and Qianmo did not touch the woman in order to preserve the crime scene.

    Both of them deduced that the woman had fallen from the eighth floor. Under these circumstances, non-professionals should not recklessly move anything, as any random movement may be counterproductive.

    There was a large hospital near their building. The paramedics arrived in less than five minutes and placed the woman on a stretcher. The police came over as well.

    The woman turned out to be the salesgirl, whom he had met in the supermarket. To think that she was a resident upstairs.

    As the primary witnesses of the crime scene, Qianmo and Black also had to go down to the police station to give their statements. Coincidentally, the person who was taking their statement was none other than the policeman who had found the culprit of the killer litter together with Qianmo.

    She had left a deep impression on the policeman. He could not forget her even after so many days. When he saw that the person who made the police report was Qianmo, he could not believe it.

    “Junior Sister, why is it you guys again? Isn’t this too coincidental?”

    Qianmo sighed helplessly. “How about I let you have this coincidence instead. Do you want it?”

    Was there any couple unluckier than her and Black?

    Last time, Black had been hit by a bag of unspeakable sex toys. This time, the two of them had just established a romantic relationship and wanted to have an intimate candlelight dinner together. In the end, things got out of hand, and a person fell out of the sky.

    The balcony that Qianmo had praised just now was no longer usable. The woman’s blood was left there, and several police officers were taking all sorts of photographs.

    Senior Brother laughed awkwardly, “I’m afraid I won’t be able to bear this coincidence… Junior Sister, did the two of you come out from a scene in Detective Conan?”

    Yu Chang glared coldly at him. “Why are you spouting so much nonsense?”

    This kid even dared to mock him and Qianmo for being a jinx like Conan, implying that wherever they went would become a crime scene!

    Although it was true, it was certainly… Um… Um… Um.

    After emergency treatment, the woman’s life was temporarily out of danger. But the bad news was that she fell on her head, so her brain was affected. The doctor said that she might not wake up, which meant…

    She might end up in a vegetative state.

    If Qianmo and Black had not been having a romantic evening downstairs, this woman’s life might not have been saved.

    Qianmo finally understood why Black sold the house in her previous life and why the second-hand houses in this neighborhood could not be sold at a higher price than those in the surrounding areas. This… This was a haunted house!

    Suddenly, she recalled a piece of information that was seemingly irrelevant.

    In her past life, Qianmo had a cellmate, who used to be a housekeeper and would go in and out of different posh neighborhoods but was sentenced to prison for theft later on. That cellmate of hers was particularly good at chattering and would often share with her about strange or interesting anecdotes in the outside world. One of them seemed to be about an unresolved case in a posh neighborhood in their city.

    A woman had fallen onto the balcony of an unoccupied house. As the place had been left empty for an extended period, by the time her corpse was found, it already had a stench.

    Her cellmate also emphasized that her housekeeping company had been hired by the owner of the house after the incident to give the building a thorough cleaning, particularly the balcony. The company had received a lot of money, and they even felt that the owner was very rich… and unlucky.

    At that time, everyone who heard it had treated it as a joke, talking about how unfortunate the owner of the house was. The nice house was just sitting there, not provoking or angering anybody. Yet, suddenly, a person fell from the sky and died in the house without anybody knowing. They only discovered her body after many days, and the high-class residence became a haunted house. Not only did the price of the house fall, but the crucial thing was that it was utterly revolting.

    Qianmo did not expect that the man who had just been promoted to the status of her boyfriend… would be the legendary wealthy and unlucky homeowner.

    By the time they were done giving their statements and left the police station, it was already very late. Qianmo was massaging her temples, while Yu Changmo had a taut face.

    “Can it be counted as us saving a life?” Qianmo mocked herself.

    Had she and Black not decided to go to his place to cook and have a candlelight dinner on the spur of the moment, the house would still be empty. In that case, when this woman fell into the house, nobody would know even if she took her last breath there.

    “Is it possible that the murderer is the woman’s husband?” Yu Changmo had already reported the encounter at the supermarket to the police.

    Qianmo thought about it before shaking her head.

    “Before a thorough investigation, anything is possible. We’ll have to wait for the forensic report to come out before proceeding further.”

    It was a pity that with her current identity, she would not be able to directly handle the case. However, she had also shared her opinion with the police.

    To figure out why the woman fell, they would have to find out who the tenants on the seventh floor were and why the victim had gone to the seventh floor.

    Many people had witnessed with their own eyes how the woman’s husband had stirred up trouble in the supermarket. However, Qianmo felt that such a meticulous and cruel modus operandi was not something that the emotionally unstable and impetuous man could have carried out.

    Essentially, they could only wait for the police to carry out the investigation. Be it watching the CCTV or collecting evidence from the crime scene, they were the police’s business.

    This incident had cast an oppressive shadow over Qianmo and Black’s first official date. Qianmo even felt that she would not want to eat steak again for a very long time.

    Black then drove her home amidst their own thoughts. Unexpectedly, before she got out of the car, he gave her a firm hug.

    “Don’t be scared.”

    He had intended to give her a fond memory, but who would have thought that it would have such a horrendous ending. Yu Changmo was worried that she would suffer from insomnia or have nightmares.

    Lifting her head, Qianmo gave him a light peck on the corner of his lips and said, “I should be the one saying that.”

    He was hugging her as he uttered soothing words to comfort her. How much self-control did he have to be able to suppress his phobia from acting up?

    Yu Changmo sat in the car and touched the corner of his lips. Looking at her back as she flitted away, his eyes darkened with hidden emotions.

    Probably because his obsession with her was so deep, his dream came true. Just when Yu Changmo was about to start the car engine and leave, the little aunt’s chubby figure, which was covered in pajamas, came out from the courtyard.

    “Hey, Xiao Yu, don’t leave!”