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Chapter 138 - Anti-fire, Anti-theft, But Not Anti-Black

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 138: Anti-fire, Anti-theft, But Not Anti-Black

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    Yu Changmo turned off the engine swiftly, while the little aunt ran out in her pajamas and slippers.

    “Ai, Little Yu, where do you intend to go in the middle of the night?”

    “I can easily find a place to stay. It’s okay, Little Aunt.”

    Although Black had a few properties here, he knew how to speak “correctly”.

    As expected, a motherly glow appeared on Mu Mianmian’s face.

    Qianmo had already told her about their bizarre experience when she entered the house, and she was petrified after hearing it.

    Her motherly love was overflowing.

    She felt that Little Yu didn’t have any relatives in this city, and it was too late and unsafe to let a young man go and look for a hotel alone. He might as well stay a night with them. After all, they had plenty of guest rooms in the house.

    Yu Changmo tried to reject half-heartedly with a few superficial niceties, then Little Aunt went ahead and pulled him in.

    The car was parked outside of the yard along the road. Stepping foot inside, he saw Qianmo eating fruits in the living room. She even winked at him naughtily when she saw him. Black blushed and sat prim and properly across her.

    Since he had too much to drink, Chen Baichuan was already home and sleeping soundly in the master bedroom. Although Little Aunt was also tired, she still insisted on cooking two bowls of noodles for them. After going through all the trouble with the romantic candlelight dinner, they ended up having a bowl of simple noodle soup at home.

    Little Aunt led Yu Changmo to the guest room after they had their meal. Maybe she had intended to avoid arousing suspicion, she put him in a guest room on the first floor, while Qianmo’s bedroom was on the second floor. Qianmo discovered her little aunt had deliberately followed her up to her room, so she raised her eyebrows.

    “Why are you following me instead of taking care of my dad?”

    “Ain’t you sleepy? Go to bed!” Little Aunt wasn’t going to tell her, of course. She was worried about her daughter’s reputation. Even though they had a valid reason to let the man stay overnight with them before they were married, they also had to take proper precautions to protect her reputation. Little Yu’s car was too eye-changing, so the neighbors would definitely ask about them tomorrow.

    She had to have an answer ready when the pesky busybodies arrived.

    Thus, Qianmo felt exasperated when she saw her little aunt going to sleep in the guest room next to her room.

    The night was getting deeper, but the lovers were still wide awake.

    Qianmo could hear her little aunt’s snores from the other side of the wall. She lay her head on the pillow and wondered whether Black was already asleep downstairs.

    Her room was right above the guest room, so she stood in the middle of her room and started to stomp her feet.

    She was playing with the Morse Code, which was used by the intelligence agents during the war. She had learned it in prison when she was bored.

    There were all kinds of talents in the prison, and many prisoners knew how to use this kind of sophisticated stuff. The Morse Code theory in the movies, a dash was one and a dot was zero. The numbers formed would represent an alphabet letter. There was no radio there, so they would use their hands to tap on the walls.

    The telegraph machine only had long and short sounds. If she stomped her feet fast, it was a dot, while slow was a dash.

    She made an SOS (help) code. She did it continuously for three times to make sure Black understood.

    She was just doing it for fun, having no idea if Black knew how to play this.

    To her delight, Qianmo heard an answer within ten seconds. It sounded like… a broom or a mop hitting on the ceiling?

    Who cared how the sound was made; what mattered was that he answered.

    He had also replied three times, QTH.

    Qianmo thought for a while, this meaning was… Asking for her exact location?

    Wasn’t it asking for the obvious!

    Dating was wasting time and energy doing stuff that looked very silly to others. Although they were staying apart by a single floor, they couldn’t seem to recall they had something called a mobile phone, which had communication apps like QQ and WeChat.

    They refrained from modern technology and preferred the primitive form of communications used by the intelligence agents to say their sweet nothings.

    Her father was sleeping next to his room.

    Her little aunt was sleeping next to hers.

    The two of them went back and forth like the underground resistance, and they were talking about… useless stuff.

    If Qianmo was in her normal condition, she absolutely would not spend time in such nonsensical behavior. But now, she didn’t realize she was wasting her time and was really interested in playing this game.

    After they said a few useless phrases, Qianmo suddenly had an idea. She pretended not to understand what he was saying when he sent “What are you doing now?” and replied with “Okay.”

    Oh, she didn’t know she was misleading him.

    Yu Changmo was standing directly below her at this moment. The mop he took from the toilet was shaped into a scepter by him. The Morse Code replies that Qianmo heard was made by this mop hitting the ceiling.

    Black tilted his head slightly when he heard the signal she sent.

    Then, a smile appeared on his lips.

    His complicated psychological illness made him nervous in front of his goddess. Still, he was a natural learner with a high IQ, so how could he not understand?

    She had a headstrong character and wouldn’t only pick up a bit of something. Take Morse Code, for example, if she had learned it, she would have mastered it, not only knowing about the simple greetings.


    Black blushed, took a deep breath, and prepared himself for his next move.

    Qianmo was acting mischievous, but after giving him a wrong answer, there were no replies from below. She was puzzled.

    Finally, he replied after waiting for about one minute.

    Qianmo reddened.

    He sent her this message when she feigned ignorance…

    Qianmo thought for a moment and then replied CFM (confirm) to him. Although it didn’t look like she was answering his question, she was flattering herself in another manner. She was going to pretend to be a silly, sweet girl all the way.

    Yu Changmo burst with joy and almost laughed out loud.

    He could almost imagine her mischievous and cute cheekiness when she pretended to misunderstand. Dealing with this kind of woman, Yu Changmo decisively…

    Qianmo tilted her head to listen, di da da, da da da…


    Someone seemed to have tripped over a chair upstairs. Yu Changmo put down the mop and broke into laughter.

    Qianmo didn’t expect he would be so daring to say—no, tap this out.

    She had never heard him say those three words in her previous life. In fact, she believed a man with his character would never utter that in his entire life. But he just did!

    She considered he had voiced it out even though he had only tapped it in the code.

    Qianmo had knocked over a chair just now. She blushed and covered her face with her hands, her heart racing like a mustang.

    It felt like the first green shoot that broke through the soil in early spring or the fireworks one saw in the sky of a summer’s night. It also felt like taking a stroll in a mountain full of red maple leaves in autumn or skiing down a slope rapidly from high snowy mountains in winter.

    The beauty of the four seasons gloriously manifested itself in that piece of code.

    The confession he couldn’t voice out was actually so utterly romantic when he played it out.

    After laughing, Yu Changmo started to get nervous when he didn’t receive a reply from her. Maybe she was bothered by it, or it was too abrupt…

    A notification from his phone rang in the silent space and gave him a startle.

    She had sent a text message… with just two words.

    Thirty seconds later, someone knocked on Qianmo’s window. This made Qianmo, who was staring at the door, jump up in a fright.

    He climbed in through the window. Scaling the height of this double-story building was like walking on the ground for him.

    “The anti-theft measures are not very well-done.” He entered while still trying to act innocent.