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Chapter 792 - Earth’s Too Dangerous, She’s Returning to Mars!

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 792: Earth’s Too Dangerous, She’s Returning to Mars!

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    It was the morning the day after.

    The soft screenings swayed and danced in the wind. The flower patterns on the screenings appeared even more pretty under the dawn’s glow. Outside, vines of Chinese roses extended flexibly, making their way across the windows, and a bunch of blooming Chinese roses stretched past the window grills to display their charming colors indoors.

    Wen Xinya awoke amidst the fragrance of Chinese roses.

    She squinted her dry eyes and took some time to get used to the strong lighting indoors. Her head still felt blurry and stoned as she lifted her slightly heavy arm to massage it. Last night’s memories came to her in a huge wave and drowned her.

    She suddenly widened her eyes, feeling an impulse to cover her face.

    Oh god! What did she do!

    How embarrassing.

    Could someone tell her who exactly was that lecher who licked Si Yiyan thoroughly from head to toe in the car last night?

    Who exactly was the cheap slut who flung the belt in the air, made Si Yiyan kneel down on the ground, lick her toes, and shout, “Long live the queen!”—please take her away!

    Who exactly was that dumb, inferior weirdo who sat on him and shouted passionately, “Oh dear, go! Go! Go! Go!”

    From which planet did that sad imbecile who tied a pink bow to Si Yiyan’s neck, lifted his chin, and declared frivolously: “You’re mine in life and in death” come from?

    Why did she have to remember what happened after she was drunk?

    Why couldn’t she be like Zhou Tianyu who would forget what happened after she got drunk?

    Boo, the Earth was too dangerous—she was returning to Mars!

    One wouldn’t die without seeking death—she deeply understood the true meaning of this phrase.

    Wen Xinya was aching badly all over as if she had been run over by a cart over and again—this was the outcome of overindulgence!

    In her two lifetimes, how come she didn’t realize that she had the weird habit of making drunken mistakes?

    Boo! She swore to never drink again. She would treasure her life and stay away from alcohol.

    Wen Xinya laid in bed feeling extremely lost and wished that she could find a hole and bury herself in it.

    Thinking of which, her eyes lit up and she went ahead to do it!

    Thus, she carefully took away the hand resting on her waist, wanting to make her great escape when someone was still asleep.

    However, before she could act, a burning body wrapped around her once again. His hoarse, lazy voice tormentingly sexy and teasing to her senses. “Where are you going?”

    Actually, he had already woken up as well when Wen Xinya awoke just now. As he watched her expressions change on her extremely lost little face—as interesting as reading a book and as colorful as a palette—he only felt that she was adorable and interesting!

    And recalling her actions when she was drunk last night, his eyes deepened as he felt… that he needed to control her drinking—such peerless romantic fortune was best left for him alone!

    Wen Xinya hurriedly put on a smile, wanting to please, and said, “I… I need to pee—going to the washroom.”

    As she spoke, she felt guilty and didn’t dare to look at him—her eyes shifted non-stop.

    Si Yiyan said mildly, “I’ll carry you over.”

    He was about to get out of bed.

    Wen Xinya shook her head instinctively. “No need, no need. I can go over myself… there’s really no need.”

    Yesterday was too embarrassing and she still had yet to face reality. Butterflies were doing somersaults in her stomach—she needed to cool down with a cold bath now.

    Si Yiyan said calmly, “I think you may not be able to get down from bed!”

    Si Yiyan was just done with his sentence when Wen Xinya’s body gave way as she shrieked and plunged onto the bed. It was obvious just how vigorous last night’s battle had been.

    Si Yiyan flipped and pinned her underneath him, dark currents surging in his eyes.

    Wen Xinya got a shock. Oh no… not again… she was drained. She hurriedly pushed Si Yiyan’s body away and begged. “Not anymore—I’m aching and feel uncomfortable…”

    She looked at Si Yiyan with frowning brows, looking pitiful and almost had a “please let me off” sticker stuck onto her head.

    It wasn’t logical that she had been overboard last night and he was still so energetic!

    It wasn’t natural!

    Si Yiyan locked his eyes on her and said, “Repeat the words of guarantee you told me last night!”

    His tone was aggressive and controlling as usual and even had a tinge of threat and order.

    Wen Xinya looked at Si Yiyan with a lost and innocent expression. “What… what words?”

    She was drunk last night! She had said way too many things for her to remember all of them—he was obviously making things difficult for her!

    Si Yiyan was so annoying.

    Si Yiyan pretended to pry her legs open. “Forgotten? It’s okay. Let’s reminisce the scene last night, perhaps you’ll remember then.”

    She could usually remember things that happened after she got drunk.

    Wen Xinya hurriedly closed her legs, shut her eyes and rattled on. “No more wild thoughts and saying that you don’t love me. No more nonsensical words saying that you’re sick of me. No more misunderstanding you and saying that I’m no longer fresh in your eyes…”

    Petty, evil, and cunning fox.

    Si Yiyan said, “And?”

    Wen Xinya bit down on her lips. Feeling guilty, she said in a softer voice, “No more teasing you when you’re driving. No more drinking in front of other guys…”

    Thug who wasn’t admitting that he had received a benefit.

    Si Yiyan was satisfied with her obedience. “Repeat the last line again.”

    Wen Xinya pouted angrily but didn’t dare to disobey. “No more drinking in front of other guys, I got it!”

    Overbearing, arrogant, and autocratic lecher!

    Si Yiyan released her and kissed her forehead in a pampering manner. “Good girl~”

    The resentment in Wen Xinya’s heart disappeared without a trace instantly as she melted into a puddle of sweet blissfulness. “How about what you promised me yesterday?”

    She remembered very clearly that this man promised her many things yesterday.

    Si Yiyan’s smile deepened. “Yup! I’ll remember to only love only you in my life, to protect and care for you, to always think of you, to never make you angry, not allowed to quarrel with you, to cheer you up when you’re down, to take care of you conscientiously when you’re ill, to stay faithful to you, and not allowed to fool around outside.”

    How could he forget the rules of a boyfriend that she threatened him to memorize while gritting her teeth ruthlessly and flinging his belt around?

    Obviously, Wen Xinya also recalled last night’s incident as her cheeks reddened. Yet, her eyes were filled with sweetness and charm. She didn’t know what was wrong with herself yesterday either—it was utterly embarrassing.

    Si Yiyan kissed her lips affectionately. “Where are you hurting?”

    He had been rather ruthless with his punishment last night.

    Wen Xinya looked at him pitifully. “I’m hurting everywhere. Si Yiyan, you’re too ungentlemanly.”