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Chapter 110 - Don’t You Want Money (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 110: Don’t You Want Money (2)

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    Xu Weilai didn’t let Xiao Chun send her up to her apartment. Xiao Chun watched Xu Weilai as she entered the lift of her apartment building. Around one minute later, the lights on the sixth floor lit up.

    Xiao Chun leaned against her car and looked up at the light. She recalled that as Xu Weilai got into her car, her gaze was blank, lost, dead, hopeless… This Xu Weilai was a complete stranger to her.

    Actually, there was no need for her to ask. She knew that the only one who could’ve made her like this was Gu Yu.

    Because they were similar, they became such good friends ever since they first met!

    Xu Weilai was vibrant, outgoing, cheerful, and positive. In the past, they fought together, skipped lessons together, chased after idols together, do crazy things together, drink and dance together… Now, she was nothing like she was in the past!

    Her heart ached for the current Xu Weilai. Even so…

    Xiao Chun lowered her eyes and laughed at herself. She took out a box of cigarettes from her pocket and took one out. As she lit the cigarette and took a puff, the smoke hid the mixed emotions in her eyes.


    The apartment was as quiet as always, but Xu Weilai felt that this was a place where she could feel protected.

    After she moved here, he rarely came aside from when he would come back intending to torture her.

    The frightening experience she went through tonight deeply wounded her heart. It was easy to see how tired and sleepy she was, but her brain was unusually clear.

    It kept replaying the sorrow and pain she withstood tonight in such vivid detail.

    She didn’t want it! She didn’t want it!

    Xu Weilai went to the kitchen, poured a glass of water for herself, then took her birth control pills before returning to her bedroom. She carried her laptop to her bed and placed it on her lap. Then, she transferred the video in the miniature video recorder to her laptop and started cutting the video and the conversations that it recorded.

    She allowed herself to focus on her work to distract her from anything else. Finally, she managed to drive out the hurtful memories and emotions.

    After organizing herself, she started writing her article. Her fingers knocked on the keyboard loudly, taking no break from typing. By the time she typed finished the last word of her script, the sky outside had already turned bright!

    Since all of her attention was on writing her article, she only realized her extreme thirst after she finished stopped typing. She got up to pour some water for herself but felt her head spin as she walked. After drinking two large cups of water, she suddenly felt chills on her way back to the bedroom. She sneezed loudly two times!

    She returned to her bed and took some tissue paper to wipe her nose. Then, she casually squeezed them into a ball then throw it into the rubbish bin. After that, she continued hugging her laptop and editing her article.

    Once she finished all of her work, she pressed the send icon. By the time the email got sent out successfully, sunlight was already shining into the room. It was very warm.

    However, Xu Weilai didn’t feel any warmth. She only felt colder and colder. As she began started trembling furiously, she felt so dizzy that she pushed her laptop to the side and fell asleep immediately.


    One week later…

    Today, one of their business partners invited Grandpa Gu and Gu Yu to play golf. Hence, Gu Yu went back to the Gu family manor to accompany Grandpa Gu for breakfast. After that, they would go to the golf club together.

    When Gu Yu arrived, he found Grandpa Gu sitting in front of the dining table and reading the newspaper with his reading glasses. Gu Yu moved his mouth and greeted his grandpa lightly, “Grandpa.”

    Grandpa Gu didn’t raise his head and only acknowledged Gu Yu’s greeting. Shortly afterward, he saw something and raised his head abruptly to look at Gu Yu. He said excitedly, “Yu, look at this… Is this written by our Little Weilai?”

    Gu Yu took the newspaper from him and read the article on it.

    An exclusive report by the Z magazine publication company: Rising new entrepreneur, Pang Hai’s crimes got exposed! On the surface, he runs legal businesses. In reality, he’s secretly operating underground gambling dens. Along with running illegal operations, he is also involved in money laundering and numerous other crimes!

    The one who wrote this article was Xu Weilai!