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Chapter 93 - My Target Is Imperial Capital University

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 93: My Target Is Imperial Capital University

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    “Right,” Le Anqi replied to Su Cha’s question, “I’ve planned to sign up for the enrollment of Imperial Capital Arts College. I want to study Broadcast.”

    Imperial Capital Arts College was a relatively famous college in the film industry. Many of its alumni were film stars. But its Broadcast Department was not very good. People would choose the Department of Broadcast of Communication University over that of ImperialArts.

    Su Cha asked, “Why not choose Communication over ImperialArts?”

    ImperialArts was the short name for the college.

    Le Anqi pressed her lips and smiled, “That’s because the requirement of ImperialArts is less demanding than that of Communication. I have higher odds in it.”

    Her family also had more connections in ImperialArts. Communication University had the most famous Department of Broadcast, and its requirement was the strictest.

    Su Cha was speechless.

    Le Anqi also wondered, “Su Cha, it seems that you want to choose a college in the Imperial Capital too. Since you’ve participated in Dreams In Progress, you must have prepared for it. Which one do you prefer, ImperialArts or Theatre Academy?”

    Su Cha shook her head, “Neither. I prefer Imperial Capital University.”

    “Imperial Capital University?” Le Anqi was shocked, “Its requirements are too strict!”

    Le Anqi could not be blamed for being shocked. It was very hard to get an offer from Imperial Capital University.

    Su Cha had planned to choose a university that excelled in acting, but she then thought that if she could get a good grade and meet the requirement of a better university, she might as well choose a better one.

    Imperial Capital University was the top university in Hua Nation.

    It also had departments of acting and others. But unlike other art colleges, it valued grades rather than auditions.

    Most art students could not get high scores in the national college entrance exam, but Imperial Capital University did not need to be popular by lowering its standards.

    Its Department of Acting might not be as famous as those of art colleges, but it still maintained a good reputation as some of its alumni were superstars.

    The only concern for an art student was that its general requirement was above 660 in the national college entrance exam last year, and the department of acting was above 665.

    There were very few good students having the interest to study acting at Imperial Capital University. And even fewer would become celebrities in the future.

    It was not easy to be both beautiful and intelligent.

    But Su Cha had confidence in herself.

    Imperial Capital University did not require an audition. If one were able to meet its requirements, they would be admitted. There wasn’t a ceiling for enrollments.

    The general requirement itself was enough to discourage most students.

    Le Anqi did not believe that Su Cha was serious about Imperial Capital University. “Have you thought it through? You can’t get such a high score at all.”

    Le Anqi recalled Su Cha’s score in the last test.

    She has not even reached 400, which is hardly enough for any common college.

    She must be daydreaming to expect a score higher than 660…

    Su Cha did not feel unhappy and laughed drily, “You will see after we get the result of this test, won’t you”

    Le Anqi was dumbfounded with Su Cha’s confidence. Maybe she has done well this time?

    But how much could she improve in such a short time? She has always been average.

    Le Anqi laughed it off and dragged Su Cha to the canteen along with Cai Ziya.

    After lunch, they had to take other classes in the afternoon.