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Chapter 94 - Did She Cheat?

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 94: Did She Cheat?

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    While the students were having lunch, a few teachers had started marking the test papers in the office.

    The mock examination was a standardized test for all students who were in the same year. It was also the last school examinations for students in their senior year.

    The teacher who designed the examination created the questions based on the past college entrance examination questions. If a student can perform well in the school-based mock tests, then they certainly had a better grasp on the college entrance examinations.

    All the teachers who taught the senior classes had tried their best to help their students attain better grades. After all, if a student had an outstanding performance, the teacher would be complimented for their hard work.

    The standardized papers were marked by several teachers who taught the same level. As there were too many test papers, it would take a long time to complete marking if they were not distributed among the teachers.

    The Math teacher of Class Five of Grade 12 was named Zhao Zhizhong. He was also in charge of teaching Class Four of Grade 12.

    As there was limited manpower, one teacher is usually responsible for teaching multiple classes.

    To prevent teachers from giving a higher score to students of their classes, teachers exchanged the test papers for blind marking.

    When the teacher of Class Two marked Su Cha’s test, he gasped in surprise. The other teachers looked up, “Lao Zhang, what’s wrong?”

    The teacher of Class Two flipped through Su Cha’s test paper and said in bewilderment, “This student left a few blanks in her test. There are even two high weightage questions that were unattempted. But, she got all the attempted questions…right! That’s very odd!”

    He was dumbfounded. When the rest of the teachers heard that, they stretched their necks to take a look.

    “Su Cha, Class Five of Grade 12? From Teacher Zhao’s Class?”

    “Look at the score, she got at least 120. There would be only a few students who can attain such a result. This Su Cha is not bad!”

    “Why are the rest of the questions left blank? Did she not know how to do it? Although the attempted questions were right, this is not a good attitude.”

    When Zhao Zhizhong heard that the student was from Class Five, he looked up, “Su Cha?”

    He frowned, “I know Su Cha. She’s a pretty student, but she has always performed poorly in her Math tests.”

    “Oh, isn’t this Su Cha, the girl who got into a conflict with Yang Nuanru?”

    Some of the teachers had recently heard rumors about it, and they immediately knew who Su Cha was. After all, many teachers knew what happened to Yang Nuanru.

    “Hasn’t Yang Nuanru been absent from school for several days?”

    When the teacher of Class Seven heard that, he lifted his head and directed his gaze at Zhao Zhizhong. The teacher put on a forced smile. “Teacher Zhao, did you say that Su Cha usually performed poorly on her tests?”

    Zhao Zhizhong froze momentarily before replying directly, “Her results are not very good. In her previous test, she scored around 70 marks…I can’t remember it clearly.”

    After all, he knew about Su Cha. Zhao Zhizhong could recall that Su Cha had never attained such a high score before.

    The teacher of Class Seven narrowed his eyes and smiled, “Could it be that she has copied from someone else?”

    The facial expressions of all the teachers present changed instantly.

    The teacher of Class Two replied immediately, “I marked most of the test papers for Class Five. Other than her, no one else got question 5 correct; Teacher Chang, don’t talk so irresponsibly.”

    Class Seven’s Math teacher’s surname was Chang.

    He wore a pair of spectacles and had a gentle demeanor. He was rather thin, and his physique resembled a bamboo pole.

    Upon hearing what the teacher of Class Two said, Teacher Chang remained calm as he replied without panic, “I’m not speaking nonsense. Didn’t we catch some students who used their mobile phones to send answers via text messages the last time? There were even students who approached undergraduates to help them with the questions. This student may have approached others for help. Her test score was slightly more than 70 the last time, but now she got 120 marks. Teacher Zhao, can you believe this?”

    Hearing this rebuttal, Zhao Zhizhong was a little doubtful about Su Cha’s grades. He fell silent as he thought that Teacher Chang was deliberately targeting Su Cha.