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Chapter 96 - Disbelief

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 96: Disbelief

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    He Qun was a little embarrassed.

    She had been very considerate towards Su Cha. She had waited till all the students had left before she brought the matter up with Su Cha. Usually, teachers would have rushed to find the student for questioning immediately after finding out about the issue. That would have caused a substantial negative impact on Su Cha.

    But now, Su Cha’s straightforward statement made He Qun a little flustered.

    “The teachers were worried just in case…”

    Su Cha glanced over at He Qun, her deep gaze was full of meaning, and it made He Qun shudder involuntarily in fear and nervousness.

    After three seconds, Su Cha suddenly lifted the sides of her lips into a bright smile, “If you do not have any other questions, can I leave now?”

    He Qun immediately nodded, “Yes, you may leave. Remember to redouble your efforts for your college entrance examinations. I believe in you.”

    After she nodded, Su Cha turned and left.

    He Qun sighed in relief.

    That was strange. As a teacher, He Qun was dignified when she met students. But, when she was speaking to Su Cha, she felt herself feeling nervous, and it was as if Su Cha was the one interrogating her.

    On the way back to the teachers’ office, He Qun shook her head as she tried to empty her mind of such ridiculous thoughts.

    At night, the teachers were working overtime to grade the test papers at the fastest possible speed. They would have to release the test results tomorrow morning before recording the results digitally on the computer to release it to the parents of the senior students.

    After the final results were released, He Qun was surprised to find out that Su Cha had not only improved significantly in Math but also in other subjects.

    The Liberal Arts examination could be said to be the most difficult as it was harder to score as compared to Math. However, Su Cha managed to get close to full marks for the reading comprehension section.

    Other than composition writing and some basic deductions, Su Cha managed to score 129 marks for her language.

    English was 117 marks, and the Literary Summary was 240 marks.

    After summing up her results, Su Cha’s total score was 606 marks. With her achievements, she was ranked fifth among the students in her cohort.

    How could that be!!

    He Qun was astonished.

    What was Su Cha’s score during the last examination? 398!

    It was two marks away from 400. Why is there such a ridiculous difference this time?

    The critical issue was that Su Cha did not complete all the questions. When she was faced with a problem she did not know, Su Cha would leave it completely blank while the questions she completed were all correct. As for her language tests, the teacher found that she may have misunderstood or misinterpreted some of the texts.

    When Su Cha’s final grade was revealed, the other teachers present were also a little surprised.

    If Su Cha had only made a small improvement, it would not have been so noticeable. There were around 300 Liberal Arts student in her year, and Su Cha was initially ranked around the 200th place. Now that she was in the top five of her cohort…

    Isn’t that a little suspicious?

    When he learned about Su Cha’s results, Chang Wugui immediately protested, and he was confident that Su Cha had cheated.

    The school should severely punish her for such blatant cheating. It was nearing the national college entrance examinations, how can the school allow such a cheating incident to occur? Wouldn’t that affect the student’s performance during the tests?

    When Su Cha arrived in school the next day, she was met with exclamations from her classmates.

    “Su Cha, you scored a total of 606! You are ranked fifth in the cohort, how did you do that?”

    “Su Cha, you can’t possibly make such a great improvement by revising in secret, right?”

    “Haha, Su Cha, spill the truth. You managed to get such a high score from peeking at the answers…”

    In the commotion, there were some students who were surprised, while the others were teasing Su Cha. However, none of them believed that Su Cha had attained such a high score.