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Chapter 450 - To Break Through To Fifth-class Martial Superior!

Medical Master
     “Is it funny?” Fang Qiu asked as he looked at He Gaoming, who was laughing so hard that he was bending forward and backward.

    “Sure it is,” He Gaoming said with a grin.

    “That’s enough.” Fang Qiu also shook his head with a chuckle and said, “Let’s go back to the hotel to check out and hurry back to Jiangjing.”

    The auction was over.

    Fang Qiu was ready to go back to find a place to make a breakthrough since he had already got the Mei Leaf.

    This time, the reason why he took advantage of the police was that he didn’t dare to do anything on his own.

    Under the circumstances where he didn’t make a move, he just used his internal Qi to escape for a while, which caused him to almost lose control of the internal Qi that he had accumulated in his body.

    If he continued to stay here, nobody knew if there would be anything unexpected to happen again.

    In order to avoid accidents, it was better to hurry back to Jiangjing now.

    Soon, the news that a large group of Wulin people had been caught was spread out.

    The moment he received the news, Xuan Yiqing was stunned!

    “Damn, can he do that?”

    “Elder Jin is right. This guy is not someone to be trifled with.”

    “So many people went after him, but none of them caught him. Instead, he tricked such a large group of people. This kid is really powerful.”

    Some other people who attended the auction but did not chase Fang Qiu at the end of the auction exclaimed that they were lucky after hearing the news.

    Although they were also interested in the treasure that Fang Qiu got, they didn’t make a move because of all kinds of reasons.

    However, no one expected that things turned out to be like this.

    They didn’t manage to take the treasure from him but were directly taken into the police station in the end. That was really embarrassing.

    However, while they were all shocked, people also had strong curiosity about the masked guy.

    “Who on earth is that guy?”

    After leaving the hotel, He Gaoming drove Fang Qiu back to Jiangjing overnight.

    When they just arrived in the suburbs outside Jiangjing City, Fang Qiu suddenly shouted, “Stop!”

    “What’s wrong?” He Gaoming hurriedly stopped the car and asked.

    “All right, I’ll get off here. You can go back first.” As he spoke, Fang Qiu got off the car.

    “Okay.” He Gaoming didn’t ask any more questions. He nodded directly and continued to drive into the city. Soon, he disappeared in front of Fang Qiu.

    After He Gaoming left, Fang Qiu then turned over his wrist and immediately took out the Heaven Treasure he had obtained from the auction— Mei Leaf.

    Taking a closer look, he found that the Mei Leaf was impressively a finger-sized bamboo leaf, crystal clear, looking like it was made of jade.

    He put the Mei Leaf in his palm and felt it.

    Fang Qiu found that there was extremely powerful energy contained in it.

    Judging from the quality and quantity of this energy, it should be able to support him to break through two levels in a row.

    At the thought of that, Fang Qiu moved.

    He immediately rushed into a dense forest in the suburbs not far away.

    Choosing a relatively secretive and flat spot, Fang Qiu first used his mental power to carefully check the surrounding within several kilometers around him. After confirming that there was nothing strange, he sat down cross-legged and put the Mei Leaf into his mouth, ready to start the breakthrough!

    “Hiss…” He took a deep breath and relaxed.

    Then, he let go of the suppression in his body.

    “Boom!” A stream of Qi suddenly burst out from Fang Qiu’s body, causing the surrounding flowers and trees to shake.

    “Let’s get to it!” With the burst of internal Qi, that extremely urgent sense of breakthrough suddenly rushed to Fang Qiu.

    “Break!” As the sense of breakthrough strengthened, Fang Qiu directly controlled the Heaven and Earth energy that surged from every direction, as well as the powerful internal Qi that had been accumulated in his body for a long time. He directly rushed to break through the shackles.

    There was no doubt that, like running water in the river, Fang Qiu’s movement immediately helped him break through to the fourth class without any obstruction.

    This breakthrough was too easy for him.

    Compared to breaking through, the most important thing was to reopen the meridians.

    “Foot Yin Spleen Meridian!” With a thought in his mind, at the moment he broke through to the fourth class, Fang Qiu immediately controlled the powerful internal Qi flow in his body and rushed it directly into the Foot Yin Spleen Meridian.

    All of a sudden, he felt a sharp pain as before.

    This time, Fang Qiu didn’t swallow the Heaven Treasure immediately. Instead, he endured the pain and waited for the Foot Yin Spleen Meridian to open completely. Then he controlled the internal Qi and rushed it to the Foot Yin Kidney Meridian.

    Two meridians were opened.

    A violent pain hit him.

    Seeing that under the impact of the violent internal Qi, the two meridians were about to break, Fang Qiu quickly bit down a little bit of Mei Leaf, but he didn’t dare to take more. He only swallowed one-third of it.

    After entering the stomach, the Mei Leaf immediately turned into a flow of soft energy, quickly wrapped up the almost broken meridians which were impacted by the internal Qi and began to repair them.

    “Go on!” Under the nourishment of the energy transferred from the Mei Leaf, the pain was relieved a lot. Without further thinking, Fang Qiu immediately controlled the internal Qi in his body and rushed to the shackles of the fifth class!

    At this moment, the wind was howling.

    As if a tornado was coming, the surrounding Heaven and Earth energy rushed over wildly and quickly poured into Fang Qiu’s body.

    “Rumble…” The sky, which was originally bright with stars, suddenly became gloomy.

    In the sky above Fang Qiu’s head, a dark cloud came from nowhere. In the dark cloud, the thunder and lightning flashed wildly, rendering the dark sky so bright.


    A moment later, it started to rain all of a sudden.

    At this moment, Fang Qiu still closed his eyes, not being disturbed by any other factors in the outside world.

    “Break through to the fifth class.” Just like before, everything was just as smooth as it had been.

    “Foot Yin Liver Meridian!”

    A few minutes ago, the two meridians that had been reopened when he broke through to the fourth class hadn’t fully recovered yet. When the pain still hurt, Fang Qiu directly controlled his internal Qi without any scruple and rushed to the meridian that needed to be reopened after the breakthrough to the fifth class.

    The first meridian was opened!

    Fang Qiu immediately controlled his internal Qi and rushed to the second meridian, the Foot Yang Bladder Meridian!

    The moment the two meridians were expanded, Fang Qiu didn’t hesitate and swallowed the rest of the Mei Leaf.

    Before the sharp pain fully surged, the energy of the Mei Leaf completely wrapped up the four meridians.

    The pain was greatly reduced.

    The cracked meridians began to grow and repair quickly.

    It lasted a long time.

    It rained heavily.

    Although his clothes were drenched, Fang Qiu still had no feeling about that. He was completely immersed in the process of re-opening and repairing his meridians after the breakthrough.

    Several hours later, the heavy rain stopped.

    Fang Qiu opened his eyes.

    When he felt that his whole body was wet, he was at a loss.

    However, thinking of his continuous breakthrough to the fifth class, Fang Qiu couldn’t help getting excited.

    “As expected, the Heaven Treasure which is on the top of the list is really amazing.”

    Fang Qiu stood up. While using the internal Qi to evaporate the water from his body, he muttered to himself, “A nineteenth-ranked Heaven Treasure allows me to continuously break from the third class to the fourth class, and from the fourth class to the fifth class. The energy is just enough, and it has saved me a lot of pain and crisis.

    “Based on this situation, if I need to reach the sixth-class, I have to use a Heaven Treasure that ranks below 20. It can’t be higher.”

    With that in mind, Fang Qiu nodded quietly.

    After all, the top twenty Heaven Treasures were hard to find.

    He wouldn’t be so lucky as this time. He just happened to know there was an auction.

    It was dawn.

    The water on his clothes completely evaporated, and his whole body dried out. Fang Qiu immediately set off and returned to the downtown of Jiangjing.

    In a luxurious presidential suite of a hotel in Yangzhou, the two rich young men who were knocked out by Fang Qiu, as well as two bodyguards who were protecting them, woke up.

    “Who did it?”

    “Damn it!”

    “Go check it out. Don’t let me know who did it, or I’ll absolutely make him pay!”

    As the two men roared, the two bodyguards immediately went out to inquire about it.

    After a short while, the two bodyguards came back.

    “What did you find out? Who did it?” the two men asked angrily.

    “It’s, it’s a strange person.” One bodyguard smiled wryly and said, “The person who took down us voluntarily admitted it at the auction last night, but this person is very strange. He did a lot of things at the auction and ended up tricking a large group of people.”

    “Oh?” The two men were stunned and hurriedly asked, “What happened?”

    “This man seemed to go for the Mei Leaf. In the end, he also took it for 22 million yuan, but he didn’t have enough money and only took 10 million yuan with him. Xuan Yiqing appeared in person to ask him how he was going to deal with it. So this strange fellow first took out the Earth Bead to bid in the auction, and then took the promotion notes as if they were something that was not worthy and tried to send them away.

    “After the money was finally collected, he still had a promotion note in his hand which could teach people to promote from the sixth class to the seventh class. It was like a note from a guru. Everyone wanted to buy it, but he didn’t want to sell it. In addition to the Heaven Treasure, he was followed by a large group of people after the auction. As a result, the weirdo set them up, and put a large group of people who wanted to steal things from him into the police station.”

    After listening to the bodyguard, both of them were shocked. “Awesome!”

    Was there such an awesome person in this world?

    Although both of their families were very wealthy, they were the same as other well-known Wulin families. When focusing on one side, the other side would naturally be weakened.

    A rich family’s strength of martial arts would always be weaker than that of others.

    Therefore, after hearing the strange man’s means, the two rich men surprisingly chose to be silent.

    They didn’t dare to deal with such a powerful figure and even dared not to make a sound.

    After all, he had robbed them of their invitations, but he didn’t take any money from them, nor did he hurt them.

    At first, a lot of people wanted to spread the news to the Wulin forum.

    However, when this matter was spread out, the people who were involved would inevitably be very shameful. Moreover, there was more than one group of people who had been set up.

    Once it was spread out, the person who posted it to the forum would be the enemy of the group of people.

    In the end, everyone kept their mouths shut as they thought about these.

    No one dared to spread the news.

    However, even if this matter had not been spread to the Wulin forum, it was still known by a lot of people in private. It was just that no one dared to discuss it in public.

    Those people who were detained were also released that night.

    They all asked to call their lawyers during the interrogation, but it turned out they were not simply contacting lawyers but the famous figures.

    The big shots kept calling to the station, causing the director of the police station to sweat coldly.

    “Who the fuck are they?”

    “Fortunately, nothing happened!”

    Shocked as he was, the director of the police station had no choice but to let everyone go.