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Chapter 793 - The Effects of Overindulgence

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 793: The Effects of Overindulgence

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    Si Yiyan pouted at such an accusation—it really didn’t feel good.

    Wen Xinya was originally speaking confidently. However, when she thought about the din she created last night, she really felt that she was courting death. She tugged at Si Yiyan’s arm sheepishly and said in shock, “Si Yiyan, look… the Chinese roses over at the window have bloomed—they were still only buds yesterday.”

    Si Yiyan followed her gaze. “Yup! They bloomed last night.”

    Last night, he had been noticing this bunch of Chinese roses in the corner of his eyes. He saw how they turned from eager rosebuds to radiantly blooming flowers—just like how she blossomed passionately beneath him, her charm radiating in full splendor.

    The scent of the Chinese roses still hung in the air. Wen Xinya’s mood was strangely good.

    “I thought you wanted to go to the bathroom?” Si Yiyan asked her in a hoarse voice filled with affection.

    Wen Xinya couldn’t help but nod with slight urgency.

    Si Yiyan got up from the bed and casually wrapped a big towel around his waist.

    Wen Xinya kept noticing his movements. Si Yiyan always had morning erections and would drag her along for morning exercises to train her up.

    Last night, they had such a wild time the entire night. She was really curious if he could still get hard in the morning!

    Fine! It was quite an obscene thought.

    But she was really curious!

    Did he have to move so quickly! She didn’t see anything clearly.


    However… what was going on with the bruises and scratch marks all over his body?

    They were unbearable to look at.

    Once she recalled that it was her work, she wanted to dig a hole and bury herself in it. She complained that Si Yiyan was ungentlemanly, but actually… she was the violent one who destroyed the flower.

    Indeed, one wouldn’t die without seeking death!

    Si Yiyan carried her to the washroom, ran a warm shower for her, and cleaned her body thoughtfully. Seeing the bruises all over her body, his gorgeous brows furrowed—indeed, he was too ungentlemanly.

    Wen Xinya pouted and said, “Si Yiyan, I’m jealous of you. You obviously did more work than me last night. Why are you in high spirits this morning while I’m in such agony?”

    He bent down and kissed her back. A muffled voice came from behind her. “Sorry, I didn’t exercise restraint last night and hurt you.”

    Wen Xinya felt affection running all the way along her soft, moist back to her tail bone. “I’m not hurting that much—just feel slightly achy and weak.”

    Actually, last night’s din stemmed from her being drunk.

    Thinking about how a man as cool and capable as Si Yiyan actually got tormented by her like this, she felt an impulse to cover her face.

    Her chastity was all over the place.

    The atmosphere became silent, save for the intermittent sounds of running water reminding Wen Xinya that this man was thoughtfully helping her to clean her body.

    Wen Xinya bit down on her lips and hesitated before saying, “Si Yiyan, erm… last night, I…” She felt a need to explain that she didn’t have that kind of fetish although she did some… unrestrained things, but she was still pure. “I’m usually not like this. I was just drunk. Yup… Actually, that wasn’t what I meant to do. I really didn’t have that kind of… fetish! Hope you… don’t misunderstand.”

    After she finished stuttering like this, she felt an impulse to dig a hole and bury herself in it.

    Si Yiyan smiled and acknowledged with a grunt. “You were very cute yesterday.”


    Wen Xinya was stunned. Yesterday, she danced with his belt, engaged in bondage, and even acted like a queen—in his eyes… she was actually just cute? Did she misunderstand him or was she already falling behind the increasingly open-minded world?

    Si Yiyan massaged her body while he bathed her. After about fifteen minutes, her aches were already relieved to a large extent. When Si Yiyan carried her out of the bathtub, she already felt slightly sleepy.

    Si Yiyan carried her back to the bedroom where clean bedsheets were already in place. Wen Xinya really wanted to moan in comfort!

    As Si Yiyan applied medication for her, his gaze darkened—he was indeed too ungentlemanly.

    Si Yiyan got Mrs. Tan over to check on her.

    It was Mrs. Tan’s first time examining her body, but Wen Xinya still felt embarrassed. Throughout the entire process, she was blushing and didn’t look at anyone.

    Mrs. Tan said with a smile, “No worries—young people! It’s also good for your metabolism to overindulge once in a while.”

    Wen Xinya’s face was burning instantly, wishing that she could find a hole to hide herself in, as she stared at Si Yiyan from the corner of her eyes.

    Si Yiyan smirked—she thought her gaze was fierce, but in fact, her eyes were obviously fluttering seductively.

    After Mrs. Tan examined Wen Xinya’s body, she said, “No sex for a week. I’ll make you some nourishing herbal soups to nurse Madam back to health.”

    Wen Xinya was so embarrassed that she covered her own head with the blanket. Sob… she didn’t want to go out and face anyone anymore.

    Si Yiyan frowned, looking frighteningly harsh.

    He actually hurt her.

    Mrs. Tan could tell his thoughts and said with a smile, “Don’t worry, it’s nothing major. Just exercise some restraint in bed in the future and such issues won’t arise.”

    In Mrs. Tan’s view, it was normal for young people to be wilder. This pair was extremely in love, had all along restrained themselves too much in the bedroom, and such unrestrained times were rare—this was more like a couple who was new to sex!

    Si Yiyan’s expression relaxed. “Can the herbal baths used previously still be used for this period of time?”

    Mrs. Tan nodded and said, “But of course. As Madam was born prematurely, the foundation of her health is slightly weaker than normal people. The years of hardship also caused her body to be deficient in blood and cold in nature, which are hard to reverse. It’s indeed good for her to use herbal baths more often.”

    She hesitated in her speech. A body like hers would usually face issues in conceiving. However, thinking about how the male host specially brought her over to care for her and exercised caution in all ways, he should largely know about her body condition.

    Si Yiyan was relieved.

    Mrs. Tan went out to brew some herbs for Wen Xinya.

    Wen Xinya completely relaxed her fatigued body and dozed off.

    Si Yiyan said in a low voice, “Don’t sleep first. I’ll get you a cup of hot chocolate—sleep after having that.”

    They had such a wild night—without breakfast, she definitely wouldn’t sleep well.

    “No~ I’m sleepy~!” Wen Xinya turned her back towards Si Yiyan.

    Si Yiyan tucked her in helplessly, turned, and left the room.

    Very quickly, a cup of aromatic hot chocolate arrived in the room. Wen Xinya was already groggy.

    Si Yiyan took her into his arms carefully and fed her conscientiously, a spoonful at a time. Thankfully… possibly due to her hunger, she cooperated with him. Soon, the bottom of the cup originally filled with hot chocolate could be seen.