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Chapter 136 - I’m Not Angry

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 136: I’m Not Angry

    Ning Meng’s jaw dropped.

    As she stared at the message, she typed the words “Yes, I’d like some”.

    Before sending her reply, an emotionless machine-like voice suddenly rang in her innermost being: “You like eating sandwiches? Just kill them.”

    A chill ran down Ning Meng’s spine.

    Ning Meng instinctively changed her reply from “Yes, I’d like some” to “No, thank you”.

    As she was about to send the message, the devilish voice intruded her mind once again: “You don’t like eating sandwiches? Just kill them.”

    Ning Meng was speechless.

    ‘Could it be that Big Brother Fei Bai is itching to take human lives, hence, giving lame excuses to kill people?’

    Having read the novel before, Ning Meng was aware of Fei Bai’s murderous history in Southeast Asia where his employer, Huo Beichen, owned several businesses. That place was in turmoil.

    Fei Bai believed in the survival of the fittest without any doubt, and that it could not be solved just by killing one person.

    He would kill two people if possible.

    Ning Meng wrestled with her conflicting thoughts for a whole minute before sending the message in reply.


    At the mansion.

    After Huo Beichen had sent the message using Fei Bai’s identity, he realized that whatever he stated in the message might not sound like Fei Bai.

    Just as he was about to retract the message, he received a reply.

    Ning Meng: [Actually, I don’t have any aversion toward Western food. I prefer Chinese food for breakfast, followed by a cup of coffee to boost my energy for the day. The Chinese food I fancy include Xiao Long Bao, deep-fried dough sticks, soy milk, millet congee, and Chinese pickles. Big Brother, what do you think? I’ll change the menu if they are inappropriate or unfamiliar to you!]

    This time, Huo Beichen was left speechless.

    A little while later, Huo Beichen grinned. He suddenly thought of a way to trap Ning Meng.


    Meanwhile, after replying to Fei Bai, Ning Meng heaved a sigh of relief upon thinking that Fei Bai had stopped sending her messages.

    Half an hour later, there was a knock on Ning Meng’s door.

    Ning Meng instinctively walked toward the door and peeked through the peephole. The person standing outside was the housekeeper of the manor.

    “Madam, your breakfast is here.”

    Ning Meng answered the door while casually asking, “Hey, Uncle Li! What brings you here?”

    Upon opening the door, she was welcomed by the sight of a tall figure.

    Huo Beichen was standing beside the housekeeper. He wore a customized and well-tailored business suit which matched well with his exceptionally tall and slender figure. He was looking down with his elegant facial features displaying indifference and alienation—the sight of him standing could form a world resembling a magnificent watercolor painting in which people dared not lay their hands on.

    Upon hearing the sound of the opening door, Huo Beichen looked up. The moment he saw Ning Meng, his pupils seemed to be sparkling a little.

    Ning Meng felt an unexplainable thud in her heart. She was stunned.

    After quite a while, Huo Beichen asked, “Aren’t you letting us in?”

    Ning Meng quickly regained her senses and stepped aside to make way for them. Huo Beichen stepped into Ning Meng’s house.

    Just as the housekeeper was about to enter Ning Meng’s house, Huo Beichen suddenly turned around to take the lunchbox from the housekeeper and said to him, “You may return home first.”

    “Alright, sir.”

    After the housekeeper left, Huo Beichen headed straight to the dining room.

    After he finished the unpacking and arranging of the food, Huo Beichen gestured for Ning Meng to join him.

    Ning Meng was still standing by the door, staring at the lavish breakfast while drooling.

    ‘Why do I feel that this is my last meal before being sentenced to death…?’

    ‘Wasn’t it just a casual, unserious conversation on WeChat?’

    ‘I need to quickly apologize before eating!’

    Ning Meng bowed her head to admit her mistake. “Lord Chen, I was not being serious during our conversation on WeChat. I’m sorry, please do not be angry at me.”

    Seeing her obedience and submission, Huo Beichen paused.

    “Let us eat first.”

    Ning Meng blinked in disbelief. “I’ll only eat after your anger subsides, otherwise, I wouldn’t have the mood to eat.”

    Her response left Huo Beichen without any choice but to say, “I’m not angry.”

    Ning Meng got excited and probed further. “Really? Then why did you leave the group after I added you in?”

    Huo Beichen paused before saying, “I don’t like being in big groups.”

    Ning Meng instantly blurted out, “Oh, so that was the case! I actually wanted to add you back into the group, thank goodness I haven’t.”

    Huo Beichen was left even more confused than ever.