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Chapter 137 - I Just Want A Romantic Relationship With You~

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 137: I Just Want A Romantic Relationship With You~

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    Standing by the dining table, Huo Beichen began to feel a little uneasy.

    Before he could think of how to make up for what he had just said, the young lady who had been hiding far away ran toward the dining table. With excitement written all over her face, she took one Xiao Long Bao, her favorite small dumpling, and stuffed it into her mouth.

    Huo Beichen held back whatever he wanted to say and sat down facing her. Even his mere act of picking up a pair of chopsticks and eating could display his inner elegance and nobility.

    This was nothing new to Ning Meng and she pulled up a chair to sit down and join him. Just as she was about to dig in, she noticed a dish of Chinese pickles beside the porridge.

    The meal was too perfect for her!

    Ning Meng greedily ate another small dumpling. As she was about to reach for the next one, the man sitting opposite her suddenly stood up, leaned forward across the table, and stretched out his hand.

    Shocked at that unexpected move, Ning Meng instinctively backed off only to hear Huo Beichen ordering, “Don’t flinch.”

    She immediately felt her body become tense as her beautiful charming eyes looked at him intently.

    As random thoughts ran through her head, his hand touched her left cheek.

    Ning Meng froze on the spot. It was as though she was under a spell.

    She could feel his big, warm hand swiping across the corner of her lips. His fingers seemed to carry electrical energy as they stimulated every single nerve under her skin.

    At that instance, the plain dining room suddenly sparkled with love.

    Just as Ning Meng was about to suffocate from nervousness, the man softly muttered, “There was a grain of rice near your mouth.”

    Huo Beichen withdrew his hand. His black pupils swept across her as though he felt quite puzzled over her reaction. “Why are you feeling so nervous?”

    Ning Meng could not answer him. She was still in shock!

    Upon finishing his statement, he sat down naturally. He took a paper towel to wipe off that grain of rice which gleamed like jade from his finger before elegantly resuming his meal.

    Ning Meng’s face suddenly turned bright red. She quickly hid her face and continued eating to hide her feelings.

    She slowly stole a glance at him through the corner of her eyes. The man was taking a sip of porridge in a graceful yet poised manner.

    Ning Meng, who never once cared about her self-image, suddenly came into the realization that her act of gobbling food during meals was actually quite impolite.

    Subsequently, throughout the meal, both of them were silent and kept their inner thoughts to themselves.

    After the meal, Huo Beichen got up from his seat in a calm and composed manner. “I’m off to work.”

    “Hubby, have a safe trip~”

    As soon as Ning Meng said that, she realized her slip of tongue and quickly corrected herself.

    “Sorry hubby, I became nervous upon seeing you being so perfect. Apart from being in a romantic relationship with you, I don’t need any other beings!”

    Ning Meng was stunned after she blabbed another bunch of over-the-top compliments.

    With an air of elegance, Huo Beichen took a paper towel to wipe the corners of his mouth. He lowered his gaze and said with a grin, “Okay.”

    Ning Meng was confused.

    As she recalled what she had just said…it seemed to be that she was confessing her love for him!

    While Ning Meng was still going crazy over what she had just said, Huo Beichen calmly left her place.

    Upon entering the elevator, Huo Beichen instantly stretched his hands and looked between his fingers.

    Huo Beichen suppressed his throbbing heart as he stared down.

    Upon reaching downstairs, he saw Su Ye already waiting to pick him up for work.

    Huo Beichen paused for a while before he suddenly blurted, “Regarding the WeChat group…”

    Before Huo Beichen could finish his sentence, Su Ye immediately understood what Huo Beichen meant and asked, “Boss, should I add you back into the group?”

    Just as Huo Beichen was about to nod in agreement, a voice suddenly came from behind, exclaiming, “Lord Chen himself admitted that he doesn’t like being in big groups!”

    Feeling a little confused, Huo Beichen stiffly turned around and found Ning Meng standing behind him. Ning Meng handed his cell phone to him with a look implying ‘just play along with me’, and she continued, “Hubby, you forgot to bring your cell phone with you, you’re welcome~”