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Chapter 138 - The Unmarried Would Not Get It!

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 138: The Unmarried Would Not Get It!

    Huo Beichen was speechless.

    Without saying a word, he took his cell phone from Ning Meng.

    Ning Meng suddenly remembered something and shouted, “Lord Chen~”

    Huo Beichen turned to look toward her.

    Ning Meng took out a bank card. “Earlier in the morning, Qi Shan sent his bank card to me. Should I return it back to him?”

    Huo Beichen turned away from her and looked forward while casually saying, “You don’t need to, just spend as you wish.”

    There was an instant sparkle in Ning Meng’s eyes. “Alright.”

    ‘Since Huo Beichen has already given me the green light to spend his money, I must go all in! How exciting!’

    Coincidentally, Zhen Shanmei made a phone call to Ning Meng, almost as though Zhen Shanmei could hear Ning Meng’s inner thoughts.

    Zhen Shanmei seemed a little awkward. “Well, um… regarding the bag you like, my dad has already brought it back. Should I send it to you?”

    ‘This is indirect goodwill!’

    Ning Meng was excited. “We’ll meet at the mall directly! I’ll treat you to a meal!”


    Inside Huo Group Building.




    Qi Shan’s consumer text messages kept coming in.

    Qi Shan hugged his cell phone as he shed bitter tears with an overwhelmed look.

    Su Ye walked past him and was a little speechless. “Is that really worth your tears? Is it not just a bit of your money being spent?”

    Qi Shan released a helpless cry of injustice. “You are not married yet, you wouldn’t understand!”

    Su Ye was confused.

    Qi Shan continued. “You wouldn’t understand the feeling of your wife being taken away and then being turned over!”

    Su Ye did not know what to say.

    After Qi Shan had cried to his heart’s content, he took a set of documents into the office to get Huo Beichen’s signature.

    The moment Qi Shan entered the door, he straightened up his body to exhibit his unwavering determination.

    Today was the only instance where Huo Beichen took an extremely long time to read through the documents.

    ‘Usually, Boss would just glance through the documents to have a general understanding of the matter. Why is he being extra cautious in reading today?’

    While Qi Shan was thinking about it, a thought suddenly popped into his head. It was rare for him to be confident that he guessed Huo Beichen’s thoughts correctly. “Boss, are you still in that WeChat group? I’ll add you back in if you’re not!”

    As Qi Shan took his cell phone out and was about to add Huo Beichen back into the group, Su Ye quickly stopped Qi Shan. “Save it, Madam said that Boss doesn’t like being in big groups.”

    Qi Shan kept away his cell phone. “Alright, I won’t add Boss back in then.”

    Huo Beichen remained silent.

    He quickly signed the documents so that the two guys could disappear from his sight.

    Huo Beichen then took his cell phone out with the intention of using Fei Bai’s WeChat account to add himself back into the WeChat group.

    Just as he had unlocked the lock screen of his cell phone, he unexpectedly saw a message in the WeChat group.

    Ning Meng’s message read: [Lord Chen does not like being in big groups, so please do not add him back into the group.]

    Huo Beichen was speechless.


    Not having a single clue as to what she had done, Ning Meng secretly praised herself after sending that message into the WeChat group.

    ‘Glad that I am really considerate, fair, and reasonable! I believe that Lord Chen would not have the time to chat in the WeChat group given that he is a really busy person!’

    After one whole day of shopping with Zhen Shanmei till night-time, Ning Meng and Zhen Shanmei bumped into a celebrity named Li Haojie just as they reached the underground parking lot.

    The celeb seemed to be here to buy things as he was wearing a peaked cap and a mask to hide his face well.

    Despite the celeb’s attempt to conceal his face, Zhen Shanmei could still recognize him in one look. Feeling tense, Zhen Shanmei grabbed Ning Meng’s arm.

    Meanwhile, Ning Meng calmly said, “Just pretend that you do not know him.”

    There were several people walking in pairs. As Ning Meng and Zhen Shanmei got closer to Li Haojie and were about to pass by him, he suddenly stopped walking.

    Li Haojie looked at Zhen Shanmei before saying, “Enough with the tricks you play!”

    Zhen Shanmei froze. “Sorry?”

    Li Haojie said angrily, “Isn’t ‘sourandsweet’ your friend? As though one full day of thorough searching isn’t enough, why do you want to continue coming in first again today? Are you planning to do this for the whole month? Zhen Shanmei, stop dreaming that I would pay more attention to you just because you are against Tiantian!”

    “I’m telling you, I have had enough of you! Do you even look at the mirror? Your makeup looks like it was drawn by a ghost, it is disgusting as heck!”