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Chapter 111 - It Hurts So Much (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 111: It Hurts So Much (1)

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    Gu Yu’s intense eyes froze as they fell on the words “Xu Weilai” in the newspaper.

    There were several people in the world with that same name, but it was likely that only one of them was a reporter at Z Magazine.

    Pang Hai…

    As the event of that night flashed in Gu Yu’s memory, he knit his brows together tightly. He had been so furious that night and had since refused to revisit everything that had happened back then.

    However, he had an excellent memory. When he had barged into the private room, the tables and chairs had been in complete disarray while everything had been scattered around the floor! Could it have been… that Xu Weilai hadn’t been engaging in any shameful activity with Pang Hai in the private room? Instead, could she have been digging for evidence against him?

    When he had arrived at the scene, was the mess a result of her struggle against him after getting caught? If that was the case, all the red marks on her body…

    As Gu Yu’s heart suddenly sank, he couldn’t help but recall Xu Weilai’s expression of mockery and disappointment when she had looked at him.

    Grandpa Gu watched in confusion as Gu Yu’s face changed and asked, “Yu, what’s wrong?”

    Grandpa Gu knew that Xu Weilai was a reporter. He doted on Xu Weilai and naturally supported her in pursuing her career. In this world, everyone needed interests and pursuits of their own. Even though she had married Gu Yu and had become the mistress of the Gu household, he wasn’t that old fashioned to expect her to become a docile homemaker!

    Upon seeing the expression on his grandson’s face, he scoffed, “Please don’t tell me you’re a chauvinist who doesn’t like seeing his wife show her face in public!”

    Gu Yu didn’t pay any attention to his grandfather. He folded the newspapers and placed them down as he muttered, “Grandpa, I have something I need to attend to. I won’t be able to join you for golf today. Have fun without me.”

    With that, he strode out without waiting for Grandpa Gu to reply.

    Mrs. Lin came out bearing a tray with the breakfast that she had prepared for Gu Yu. As she caught a glimpse of his back as he departed out the door, she looked at Grandpa Gu in surprise. “Master, why has Young Master left? He hasn’t even had breakfast yet! Where is he off to in such a hurry?”

    Grandpa Gu watched as Gu Yu disappeared before turning back. As he pointed at the newspapers on the table, his lips curled into a smile. With a meaningful chuckle, he replied, “I guess… he has gone to find his wife–”

    “Huh?” Mrs. Lin asked in bewilderment.

    Mr. Gu Sr. glanced at her and shook his head in exasperation. “Mrs. Lin, you’d better get your husband to buy you some brain supplements! You’re falling behind on your tasks!”

    Mrs. Lin was speechless. In what way was she falling behind?


    It was still early in the morning when Gu Yu got into the car. With his hands on the steering wheel and his foot on the gas pedal, he quickly drove towards the apartment.

    When he entered the apartment, it was completely dark and quiet. The curtains in the apartment had been drawn shut, and the atmosphere was stuffy.

    She wasn’t awake yet?

    Gu Yu changed into his slippers and walked into the bedroom. The bedroom door was unlocked. Inside, it was shrouded in complete darkness without a single ray of light, giving off a strangely oppressive feeling.

    Gu Yu frowned slightly. Walking over, he pushed the door wide open and entered.

    The bed was in a huge mess. Xu Weilai was sleeping on it, curled up inside her blanket. All around her were her computer, documents, pens, audio recorders, and numerous pieces of balled-up tissues.

    That was just on the bed. The mess had extended throughout the floor and bedside table as well. Moreover, on the bedside table was a half-full glass of water with an open packet of flu medication lying next to it.