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Chapter 209 - Black Fat Rat Turns into a Cute Baby

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 209: Black Fat Rat Turns into a Cute Baby

    Although Jun Yichen was not moving, a constant vibration and strange noises came from his abdomen.

    The Life’s Origin Parasite revealed a fierce expression. It seemed to be in a lot of pain.

    It removed the poison faster and faster, and the darkness within Great Master Dongfang subsided.

    However, a black gas the size of a soybean was firmly stuck to his heart.

    Jun Yichen’s face was drenched in sweat. He began to pale. It seemed that propelling the Life’s Origin Parasite was very straining on him.

    Ye Jiuge opened her Spiritual Eye and examined Great Master Dongfang. She observed the black gas stuck to the top of his heart.

    She took out the Lightning Fire Needle and pricked that spot, giving out a small purple electric current.

    The black gas flickered off immediately.

    Seizing the opportunity, the Life’s Origin Parasite redoubled its efforts and sucked harder. Suddenly, it extracted a drop of dark red blood from Great Master Dongfang’s neck.

    The drop of blood was extraordinary because it had the shape of a heart.

    After it was sucked out, it began to wiggle and escape, but the Life’s Origin Parasite swallowed it in one mouthful.

    “Hehe. Bloodthirsty Old Man, you didn’t expect me to be here waiting for you, did you?” The Life’s Origin Parasite let out a delightful cackle as it returned to Jun Yichen’s abdomen.

    “What is it with that drop of blood?” Ye Jiuge finally realized that Jun Yichen did not care about curing Great Master Dongfang’s poison. His real intention had been to absorb the drop of blood!

    “It is the Bloodthirsty Patriarch’s blood essence. It is an essential component of his Bloodthirsty Fundamental Technique.” The Life’s Origin Parasite replied from inside Jun Yichen’s stomach. It was immensely pleased with itself.

    Due to his determination to get his hands on Great Master Dongfang, the Bloodthirsty Patriarch had willingly used his blood essence to produce the poison. However, although he had planned everything carefully, he had not expected Jun Yichen to appear in Medicine Refinery City. Nor could he have anticipated that his Life’s Origin Parasite would have recovered some of its cultivation due to Ye Jiuge’s Spiritual Beast Pills. Hence, Jun Yichen had been able to snatch away the drop of his blood essence.

    “Then, the poison in Great Master Dongfang’s body is cured?” Ye Jiuge did not care about the Bloodthirsty Patriarch’s blood essence. She was only concerned about Great Master Dongfang’s condition.

    “This old man is fortunate to have met me. However, Bloodthirsty Patriarch is very cunning. Although the poison has been successfully removed, Great Master Dongfang’s body has sustained a great deal of damage. For him to heal completely, he needs to consume the Blood Lotus Flower from the Bloodthirsty Sect. Otherwise, he won’t be able to cultivate in the future,” Jun Yichen explained.

    “Blood Lotus Flower…What’s that?” Frowning, Ye Jiuge asked.

    “It is a treasure that Bloodthirsty Patriarch grows in his Blood Pond. It has no roots or duckweeds, and its blossom is the most beautiful lotus flower. Even though it feeds on blood, it can purify a person’s bloodstream. Bloodthirsty Patriarch cultivates by sucking human blood, and this results in a lot of impurities in his body. He relies on this Blood Lotus Flower to recover.” Jun Yichen was extremely envious as he spoke about the Blood Lotus Flower. It was a great treasure, after all!

    “Let’s wait until Great Master Dongfang wakes up before we speak of the matter regarding the Blood Lotus Flower!” It was already valiant of Ye Jiuge to save his life, and she did not plan on helping him to cultivate.

    “He will wake up in the time it takes for an incense stick to burn. I will go and cultivate first.” After swallowing the Bloodthirsty Patriarch’s blood essence, Jun Yichen needed to refine it quickly, or there would be trouble for him.

    “Go ahead. I will look after him here.” Ye Jiuge gestured with her hand.

    After Jun Yichen left, Zi Shang, who had been pretending to be asleep while standing up, opened his eyes. He stared at Ye Jiuge’s fingers, which were massaging the pink caterpillar and said, “How long do you plan on massaging it?”

    “You are not jealous of an insect, are you?” Surprised, Ye Jiuge looked at Zi Shang. It was a female insect!

    “That’s right. I am jealous. Don’t forget that your body belongs to me.” Zi Shang’s smile was gentle, and his voice was pleasant to the ears. “By the way, did anything happen while I was in my Spiritual Retreat that you should report to me?”

    Ye Jiuge understood Zi Shang’s words. He had a hidden meaning!

    She carefully recalled the forbidden things which she had done during that period. Immediately, she thought of how the Black Fat Rat had swallowed a drop of her blood essence.

    “My King, I am in the wrong. I did not expect this to happen.”

    Ye Jiuge obediently explained what had happened. Then, she took out the Black Fat Rat from her bag and placed it in front of Zi Shang. She said, “Ever since it swallowed a drop of my blood essence, it’s been unconscious. Please, take a look and see what is going on.”

    “At least you are tactful about it.” Zi Shang cast a sidelong glance at Ye Jiuge before he received the Black Fat Rat from her.

    When the rat landed in his hands, its eyes were still tightly shut. However, it sensed impending danger. Its chubby body curled up even tighter, and it seemed to shiver with cold.

    Zi Shang emitted a black ray from his palm that enveloped the rodent.

    The Black Fat Rat’s dull black fur suddenly underwent a massive transformation.

    Its coat turned pale silver, and it began to shine with a beautiful glow.

    Golden patterns began to spread everywhere on its fur, like a wave ripple.

    The most magical thing of all was a small gold flower bud, which grew on its head.

    “When I picked it up the other day, it looked like this,” Ye Jiuge hurriedly said.

    Zi Shang did not reply to her, but the black ray that he was emitting from his hand blazed even hotter.

    The Black Fat Rat revealed a harrowing expression.

    The flower bud on its head began to blossom. From the stamen, a gold ray of light emerged and enshrouded its body.

    Enveloped in that gold ray of light, the Black Fat Rat transformed into a small baby with a flower blossom on his head. It was plump with tender skin and exquisite facial features. It was incredibly cute.

    Ye Jiuge blinked forcefully. She thought that she was seeing things.

    In a short while, Zi Shang stopped emitting the black ray from his palm. The child disappeared and turned back into the rat.

    “What is happening?” Ye Jiuge was surprised, and she immediately asked, “Did the rat transform into the child, or is it a child that has a rat skin draped over his shoulders?”

    “Neither.” Zi Shang shook his head.

    “Is it an illusion?” Ye Jiuge questioned again.

    “Nope.” Zi Shang shook his head again.

    “Then, what is it?” Ye Jiuge was tired out.

    She thought: How is it possible for a fat rat to turn into a cute baby?

    If she did not make sense of the matter, Ye Jiuge felt that she would not be comfortable enough to summon the Black Fat Rat again to spit its saliva for her pill production!

    “We will have to wait until it wakes up before we can know.” Zi Shang continued to shake his head. No matter how many times Ye Jiuge asked, he refused to tell her.

    “Hmph! Fine, don’t tell me! Anyway, the rat belongs to me.” Annoyed, Ye Jiuge snatched the Black Fat Rat away from Zi Shang and thrust it together with the pink caterpillar back into the bag.

    Just then, the Crown Prince’s agitated voice came from outside the door: “What is the meaning of this? Let me in immediately! If anything were to happen to my Imperial Uncle, are you prepared to pay the price?”

    “The Eldest Miss is helping Great Master Dongfang cure his poison. Unauthorized people are forbidden from entering,” Bai Songling replied coldly.

    “I am an unauthorized person? Both Elder Chen and Elder Xiao are unauthorized personnel?” The Crown Prince’s pitch was as high as a hen with its neck nipped. At the door, he began shouting hysterically, “Ye Jiuge, come out now!”

    “How dare you call the Eldest Miss by her name?” Bai Songling was infuriated.

    Although the situation seemed to be out of control, Ye Jiuge was calm and unhurried.

    She reached down to check Great Master Dongfang’s pulse. When she was satisfied that his pulse was steady and he would be waking up soon, she raised her voice and instructed Bai Songling, “Let them in!”