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Chapter 139 - Meeting His Younger Brother Confidently

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 139: Meeting His Younger Brother Confidently

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    Qianmo was tempted to say, ‘After all, this area was famous for being safe. But she held herself back.

    “I don’t know any code, really.” She asked him to come down from the window and tried to act innocent.

    Her expression was obviously saying,

    Yu Changmo nodded and sized up her cozily decorated girl’s bedroom. “It’s okay, I understand.”

    Qianmo felt like whacking him.

    Both of them had already come to an unspoken conclusion. Qianmo was sure that he wouldn’t expose her because she knew he had always indulged her. Qianmo appeared very smug, and although Yu Changmo couldn’t look at her, he could feel it.

    He would check out her room since he couldn’t look at her.

    Qianmo dragged a beanbag over and made him sit down. Next, she went to make him some tea, wearing her bunny slippers.

    He was rather interested in this soft, shapeless, huge beanbag, so he used his hand to give it a poke.

    “Previously, when I went over to Uncle Wang’s farm next door, I saw Senior had one of these. I found it fun, so I asked my little aunt to get me two. Little Aunt is indeed capable of getting these. Do you want them too? Should also I get you two?”

    She used her teacup to make the tea for him, dragged another beanbag over, and sat opposite him in a relatively safe distance for him.

    She had calculated that this distance was the safest. Both of them could relax and chat, yet it wouldn’t trigger his illness.

    It was obviously just casual chatting, but the main point that Black heard wasn’t that.

    “In the next-door uncle’s farm, you know someone there?”

    “Yes, Wang Xiaoyao is my senior, who is a sophomore in the academy. Do you know him?”

    Black lowered his gaze to look at his teacup. “Not familiar.”

    Although he said he was not familiar, he knew every detail about him, so much so that he even knew his shoe size and the type of women he preferred. Sha Muyu had definitely contributed a lot of information in the intel collecting process.

    “Yes, do you really not know… anything?” Qianmo was too familiar with this expression. She pushed the teacup in her hand.

    “He is in the same batch as Muyu. Muyu doesn’t like him, so the information given by him was subjective. I am reserving my opinion about him.”

    He was indeed a smart person and talked in a very sophisticated manner. Although his words sounded objective, if one pondered on what he said, he had already drawn up a line stealthily.

    Qianmo saw through that immediately. She looked at him, who was obviously uncomfortable and yet still pretended to be magnanimous. She didn’t want to unmask his uneasiness, so she smiled.

    “Hmm, I will stay away from him in the future.”

    Yu Changmo adjusted his sitting position to make himself more comfortable.

    “However, why do I feel he is a little interested in me?”

    He was getting too comfortable.

    Yu Changmo spilled the tea onto his pants. However, he couldn’t bother about the hot tea, and even his phobia was drowned by his jealousy.

    He pursed his lips into a line and stared at her. Although he didn’t say a word, his eyes conveyed a lot of misgivings.

    “Of course, there are so many men who are interested in me—”

    “No!” Was she trying to “stab” him in his lungs?

    Qianmo used her hand to touch her face and imitated Luo Duoduo’s coyness.

    “Although I can control myself, I cannot force them to stop liking me, ah~”

    The other girls in the dorm room would have been amazed to see that. Qianmo didn’t like to show off, but she could imitate all of their traits. Luo Duoduo’s coyness was being showcased to a great extent by her.

    “You are mine!” he said in a low voice, clenching his fists as if he would fight with his life if they dared to snatch her away from him.

    “But I don’t know anything about Morse Code, and I am the one who took the initiative to kiss you. Who knows, it might be just my wishful thinking.”

    The poor beanbag was squashed out of shape by their weight. Yu Changmo pressed her into the beanbag, lowered his head, and kissed her.

    This might be easy for others, but it was immensely difficult for him. He had to overcome the intense physiological dizziness and rapid beating of the heart so that he wouldn’t faint. His lips covered hers, and his tongue, with a tinge of the tea scent, slid into her mouth to taste her sweetness.

    If that damn phone call’s ringtone wasn’t so annoying, Yu Changmo felt he could still continue to nibble—nope, kiss for a while longer.

    He got up, letting the poor beanbag go, while Qianmo began to roll to one side. Fortunately, he was swift, or else, the goddess would have become a rolly-polly.

    Qianmo arranged her hair to hide her blushing face while he was making the call.

    His condition had improved, meaning her “stimulation therapy” was effective.

    Her acting coy earlier was not to prove her charm. Instead, she purely wanted to treat him and see how much stimulation he could take. From what she had concluded, reasonable stimulation was needed to cure his phobia. However, she didn’t expect him to have such a big reaction…

    She could create even more intense arousals, but she was rather reluctant to use this method. She felt terrible when he was suffering, and if there was another way to treat him, she would prefer to use a gentler approach.

    The call was made by Black’s younger brother.

    The property management had notified Chen Haoxuan, who was the emergency contact, about the incident at Black’s house.

    The brothers were exchanging a few words when Qianmo clearly heard his brother say that he wanted to sell the house. Yu Changmo’s first reaction was to look at her.

    That one look had already touched her heart.

    All because she had said she liked it, his first reaction was to look at her before making a decision. Qianmo thought for a while and then shook her head.

    “Let’s not sell it for the moment.” Yu Changmo answered immediately.

    “…If that woman’s case is not solved and she dies, your property is going to be a murder house. We could even get people to organize tours for a visit—That’s not right, who’s with you now?”

    Chen Haoxuan’s intelligence had sensed that his brother was acting unusually within three seconds. His second brother was the kind of man who trusted his family members. Normally, for this type of issue, Yu Changmo would say “up to you”.

    There was only one person who could affect his brother’s emotions and decisions.

    To avoid putting her on the spot, he was about to say no one when his hand became empty.

    She had taken the phone away from him.


    Absolute Confidence!

    “How do you do, Chen Qianmo?” Chen Haoxuan smoothly pressed the call recording button and checked his watch.

    “I’ll treat you and your older brother to dinner one day.”

    “Can I address you as ‘Sister-in-law’ now? After all, my brother has loved you unrequitedly for so many years.”

    “Your brother and I have just established our relationship formally. Still, it’s too early to call me Sister-in-law. Call me by my name instead. By the way, it’s not unrequited love; our feelings are mutual.”

    She had pressured Black earlier to treat him, but it was her responsibility to protect his dignity. She wouldn’t let anyone belittle him or let them think he was beneath her.

    Not even his own brother.