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Chapter 140 - Multi-purpose Black, You Should Have One

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 140: Multi-purpose Black, You Should Have One

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    In the past, Chen Haoxuan didn’t think his brother had a great taste.

    To him, Chen Qianmo was, at most, a beautiful, clever woman. She had high intelligence but was also a willful person. He couldn’t understand his brother’s infatuation with her and the phobia that acted up whenever she was near.

    If Chen Qianmo had dared to show even slight contempt for Black during his probe earlier, she would have had a hard time with him in the future.

    Although Chen Haoxuan and his brother had different personalities, they were equally protective of their family members. One could only bully his brother over Machiavellian Three’s dead body.

    Seeing her attitude, Chen Haoxuan was delighted with Qianmo’s protective behavior of Black. That sentence, “the feelings are mutual”, was like music to his ears.

    As a businessman, his first reaction was…

    He had done plenty of silly deeds in order to help his brother win her heart. The anger that simmered within him for acting like a silly monkey dissipated when Chen Qianmo said those few words.

    “Be nice to my older brother.”

    “Yup, I will.” Qianmo was honest too. She wasn’t being polite with him; she meant what she said from the bottom of her heart.

    Chen Haoxuan found that he disliked his future Second Sister-in-law less and less. Her straightforward, direct, and independent character was similar to his dear mother and older sister.

    Machiavellian Three lost his indignation after the goddess’s words. Her gentle and sincere reply disengaged all the evil plans he had prepared in advance secretly. Of course, he was not satisfied!

    If this woman had been a little fake, coy, or took his brother’s intense love as a joke, he would have a good reason to strike. But she was so candid and unreserved, he couldn’t even bring himself to do anything secretly.

    “I am looking forward to meeting you face-to-face. But before that, can you please check on my brother—Is he still panting?”

    Qianmo turned her head to have a look.

    “He fainted.”

    Did he have to react so drastically when she only said that “the feelings are mutual”? Qianmo was exasperated.

    This condition was indeed not easy to treat.

    Qianmo was amused when she heard Chen Haoxuan laughing at the other end of the call.

    She could sense the hostility in Chen Haoxuan’s voice earlier, and because of that, she felt closer to her new boyfriend’s twin brother. Maybe they both had similar personalities and the same person to protect, so the distance between them became closer.

    “That property, you are really not selling it? The value of a murder house will drop, you know.” The Bossy CEO was much friendlier when he talked to his family, his tone of voice not as formal as before.

    “We just have to solve the case before that happens. You have got to trust the capabilities of our police officers.”

    The place held the memory of Black and her first date. Qianmo didn’t want it to be a murder house, be it her personal reasons or as a potential police officer. She would continue to pay attention to this matter and wouldn’t let it become a cold case.

    “Then I shall be expecting good news from you. Also, I shall not delay you from kissing and waking the sleeping beauty any longer. Go!”

    “Okay, Pikachu.” Qianmo hung up the phone and looked at the sleeping beauty lying on the sofa.

    Chen Haoxuan tilted his head, thought for a while after he hung up the phone, and a satisfied smile appeared on his lips.

    It wasn’t too condescending for him to call her Second Sister-in-law. Just her performance today was worthy enough for him to address her as his sister-in-law.


    If he presented this audio recording clip of “Brave Second Sister-in-law protecting her husband, nobody could belittle her man” to his mom… Maybe his dear mother would slap his head less since she would be happy.

    Chen Haoxuan dialed a number because he was in a good mood. After two ringing tones, the little secretary, who usually wore the black-framed glasses, said with a yawn, “Evil Capitalist, what can I do for you?”

    “I have something serious to tell you.”

    The little secretary perked up instantly and reached for her glasses on the bedside table. She asked with her most professional tone of voice.

    “Did something happen?”

    “There’s going to be a new addition to my family. We have a new member!”

    The secretary felt her heart constrict. The black-framed spectacles that she couldn’t put on in time were bent in the middle. “You…”

    Did he make a movie star pregnant? Or… he decided to end his decadent playboy’s lifestyle and made an innocent young girl pregnant, so he could marry her?

    “I am going to have a second sister-in-law. Are you surprised? Isn’t this exciting?”

    “…Boss, don’t stop your medication.” The secretary heaved a long sigh of relief as she looked at the deformed spectacles in her hands.

    She had tried her best to prevent and protect all the innocent young girls from being lured in marriage by her boss’s evil clutches.


    Chen Baichuan yawned and walked out of his room, half-naked, wearing only his underpants.

    The birds chirped loudly on the roof in the early morning, spreading their songs everywhere. Chen Baichuan had a little too much to drink last night and was having a hangover now.

    “Uncle, you’re awake. The hangover concoction is on the coffee table.”

    Chen Baichuan walked past Black, who was wearing an apron. He replied, “Orh,” and continued toward the coffee table.

    However, after taking another two steps, he felt something amiss. He backtracked and scanned the man who had appeared in his kitchen in an apron from top to toe.

    Maybe he was still drunk?!

    “Little Yu?!” How did this kid come into his house?!

    Yu Changmo nodded politely. “It’s me. Uncle, I am still cooking the porridge. Please take a seat first in the dining room.”

    Mu Mianmian, who had finished washing up, came in cheerfully. She put her arms around Chen Baichuan, dragged him onto the sofa, and told him about the incident in a soft voice.

    Although it was not proper to let him cook breakfast on his first visit, the young man had already woken up around 4 am. He was busy making all sorts of breakfast in the morning. Not only that, he even cleaned up the kitchen and the yard.

    Black had excellent hygiene habits. The stove was so shiny that it almost blinded Mu Mianmian when she walked into the kitchen. Good chap, the sink and stove were cleaned and polished. He could even clean the cooker hood.

    It would cost dozens of dollars to get someone to clean the cooker hood!

    Furthermore, he did a better job cleaning the kitchen than the professional cleaning companies. Every piece of tile was scrubbed and polished. He had to be the best son-in-law candidate in the eyes of a housewife. There could be nobody else but him!

    Mu Mianmian believed Little Comrade Yu could visit them a few more times.

    Chen Baichuan listened to Mu Mianmian in amazement. “So, a dead person fell onto Little Yu’s balcony?”

    He should continue sleeping. Maybe… he was still drunk. Why was his reality more unbelievable than a TV soap drama?

    Qianmo came downstairs and corrected her dad.

    “The person is still alive. She is only unconscious at the moment.”

    “Therefore, Xiao Yu doesn’t have a place to stay these few days? Before they complete investigating the case, the place will be considered as, erm… crime scene?” Little Aunt found Black to be very “pleasing to her eyes” now.

    “How about we let Black stay with us for now, until they complete the investigation.”

    After all, the tiles in their toilets were rather difficult to clean. Multi-purpose Black, she knew he was very dependable.