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Chapter 139 - You Are Different From The Res

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 139: You Are Different From The Rest

    Zhen Shanmei had already been in low spirits throughout today’s shopping.

    Even her thick smoky-effect makeup could not hide her red and swollen eyes.

    At this moment, Zhen Shanmei clenched her fists tightly. Anger filled her, making her body tremble.

    Before any words could come out from her mouth, she was already in tears.

    Ning Meng immediately stepped forward to stand in front of Zhen Shanmei.

    Ning Meng glared at Li Haojie but said to him in a really calm tone. “Zhen Shanmei’s makeup may be a little ugly, but you are different from her.”

    Li Haojie was puzzled.

    “You are ugly even without makeup.”

    Li Haojie was shocked by Ning Meng’s statement, but Ning Meng paid no heed and continued roasting him.

    “I’ve seen ugly people, but you are still the ugliest among all. At a glance, you only look ugly, but you look even uglier close-up. How could you still dare to become a celeb and have the courage to live as one?! I think that your ugliness might only have one cure…”

    Feeling puzzled, Li Haojie waited for her to continue.

    Ning Meng said savagely, “By rebuilding your whole life!”

    Li Haojie became angry. “How dare you…”

    Before he could finish his sentence, Ning Meng interrupted him again.

    “I’m pretty sure you have a lot of followers on Sina Weibo. After all, there are two most eye-catching kinds of people—The first kind consists of those who are extremely beautiful, whereas the second kind would be your type. Every day, everybody wants to see your boundless ugliness. You’ve made me understand a principle—ugliness knows no bounds!”

    Upon hearing these words, Li Haojie was furious!

    He had never seen such a person capable of attacking or criticizing others verbally. Although Ning Meng had said those several sentences in an even-tempered manner, she still managed to raise Li Haojie’s temper to the brim until he felt giddy.

    Li Haojie had no guts to argue directly with Ning Meng, and so, he turned to Zhen Shanmei and pointed at her while ordering, “Stop your act of doing thorough searches right now!”

    While Ning Meng was scolding him, Zhen Shanmei finally got to relieve her anger.

    Zhen Shanmei wiped her tears and straightened her back before howling, “Li Haojie, when I used to fancy you last time, I always went along with what you said. Now, since I no longer fancy you anymore, you are nothing more but an arse!”

    Zhen Shanmei had always been gentle and considerate toward Li Haojie. She could not believe that Li Haojie had really forgotten about her identity as the Lady Boss of the Zhen family!

    Zhen Shanmei decided to show her true personality to him. “Didn’t you just talk about doing what I have allegedly been doing for one whole month? I’ll make your wish come true!”

    After she finished her sentence, she turned around briskly. “Ning Meng, let’s go!”

    Li Haojie was stunned. He thought he was crazy to think that Zhen Shanmei actually looked a little valiant and heroic a moment ago.

    With an ugly face like Zhen Shanmei, he should think of her as a ferocious devil!


    Zhen Shanmei stormed forward and went straight to the front passenger’s seat.

    Ning Meng opened the car door and sat in the driver’s seat. Upon turning her head to the side, Ning Meng saw Zhen Shanmei sobbing her heart out with her tears and nasal mucus rolling down at the same time.

    “Ning Meng, how could he behave like that? He used to call me ‘sweetie’ and praised my looks while he still liked me but he turned into a mean ghost once he stopped liking me!”

    Ning Meng was silent. She had thought that Zhen Shanmei had really come to her senses, but this young lady was actually only appearing fierce while being a coward at heart.

    Ning Meng took out a tissue and handed it to Zhen Shanmei before asking, “Why did you put on the smoky-effect makeup around your eyes again?”

    Zhen Shanmei wiped off her tears and nasal mucus awkwardly without caring about what Ning Meng would think of her before answering, “I am already used to putting that style of makeup on.”

    As Ning Meng looked at the huge amount of used tissues, she said, “Please remember to help me clean my car later.”

    Zhen Shanmei let out a teary hiccup. “Why are you so cruel? Now you only care about your car.”

    Ning Meng continued. “I also care about my bag seeing as the type I want is really tough to get in our country. Please don’t tell me that you bought a fake piece.”

    Zhen Shanmei ran out of tears. She raised her head abruptly and glared at Ning Meng. “You’re self-centered with a stone heart! How could I, Zhen Shanmei, buy a fake piece?!”

    However, Zhen Shanmei knew that Ning Meng was trying to change the topic. Zhen Shanmei then blew her nose saying, “Don’t worry about it!”

    Ning Meng looked at Zhen Shanmei and froze.

    Zhen Shanmei’s eye makeup was basically ruined by the big jar of tears she had shed today. Also, Ning Meng thought that Zhen Shanmei’s eyes, which were as big as those owned by mixed-race people were actually…breathtaking!