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Chapter 97 - Are You Treating Us As Idiots?

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 97: Are You Treating Us As Idiots?

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    Su Cha looked around the classroom.

    She looked peaceful and did not respond to anyone’s question.

    But her casual glance silenced the noisy classroom.

    An invisible pressure started to build around the classroom, making it hard for people to laugh.

    After it became totally quiet, Su Cha walked to her seat.

    Her classmates looked at each other but found it hard to explain the intense atmosphere.

    Le Anqi was shocked, “What the hell…”

    She was so mighty that she could calm down the whole class without saying any words. Le Anqi was blown away with respect and admiration for Su Cha.

    But her grades were still unexplained. Soon after the class began, He Qun came to the classroom and called Su Cha out.

    After they left, the whole classroom was filled with debates.

    He Qun took Su Cha to the office. Su Cha found many teachers there, even including Director of Teaching, Can Yanhua.

    The minute Su Cha entered the room, she noticed that one of the teachers was very hostile.

    She looked at him and saw a bony teacher with glasses looking at her with creepy eyes.

    Su Cha knew immediately who he was. He was the math teacher of Class Seven.

    Su Cha just glanced at him.

    “Is this little girl called Su Cha?”

    Seeing her coming with He Qun, Can Yanhua smiled. He was an average man, but he seemed to be kind. He wasn’t popular among students as he was very strict.

    Su Cha heard him and just nodded.

    None of the teachers in the office had class. Although some of them seemed to be busy with their work, they couldn’t help looking over for obvious reasons.

    “You look like a good student.”

    Cao Yanhua went on. He seemed to be fond of Su Cha, but he changed his tone suddenly. “But as a student, you should obey the rules and be moral before you get good grades. Even if you can’t get good grades, you have to work hard instead of using tactics. It’s cheating. You’ve disgraced your teachers, your school, and your parents!”

    He scolded her loudly and ruthlessly, which would attract anyone’s attention. Even the passers-by stopped to eavesdrop on it.

    Other students would be weeping after being scolded by him.

    But Su Cha was indifferent.

    Su Cha said to Cao Yanhua, “I’ve got good grades this time. Director Cao, you didn’t allow me to explain myself, and called me a cheater? Where is your evidence?”

    Su Cha’s words dumbed everyone.

    Other students behaved well in front of Director Cao and chose their words cautiously. They had not seen any student speak to him so coldly or assertively before.

    Cao Yanhua got irritated by Su Cha’s attitude. But before he could criticize her, Chang Wugui, who was standing behind him, shouted, “Are you saying that we have slandered you? You didn’t get 400 in last month’s test, but you got 600 this time. Su Cha, are you treating us and everyone in this school as idiots?”