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Chapter 98 - Isn’t This too Good to be True?

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 98: Isn’t This too Good to be True?

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    Upon hearing Chang Wugui’s statement, Su Cha fixed her gaze on him.

    Her cold, icy eyes were filled with an indescribable meaning that made others shudder involuntarily.

    He Qun walked in front of Su Cha and smiled, “Director Cao, I think Su Cha’s words make sense. We do not have any evidence, and a proper investigation has not been done. How can we accuse Su Cha of cheating?”

    “Teacher He, what you said is wrong.”

    Chang Wugui rebutted maliciously, “Aren’t her test scores the best proof? Your class’s Su Cha would never be able to attain such a good grade. Teacher He, stop covering this up.”

    “Covering up? How is this covering up?” Once again, Su Cha had spoken up unexpectedly in such a hostile atmosphere.

    This student’s behavior surprised all the teachers in the office.

    Su Cha calmly continued, “I just want to know, if the school believes that I cheated, what do you plan to do?”

    He Qun looked at Su Cha in disbelief, Chang Wugui once again spoke up, “For cheating offenses, we would annul your test scores and record this as a serious demerit in your file! You would also be publicly criticized in front of the entire school!”

    Cao Yanhua solemnly added, “It is quite easy for you to prove your innocence. The subject teachers said that all the questions you answered were correct. We can give you a new examination paper to complete in front of us. If you manage to attain a similar or higher score, we would naturally have no doubts.”

    Hearing those words, Chang Wugui delightfully smiled. He was sure that Su Cha would not be able to do it.

    He Qun immediately nodded, “That’s right, Su Cha, what Director Cao said is also feasible. That would prove that you did not cheat.”

    “I can redo the examinations.”

    Su Cha suddenly broke into a smile that brightened up the entire office, “I also want to know, which teacher here first suspected that I was cheating?”

    Everyone present glanced at each other uncomfortably, they did not expect Su Cha to suddenly ask such a question.

    Cao Yanhua was taken aback. This student who was right in front of him was extremely calm. How could she be so composed in front of all the teachers?

    Luckily, Chang Wugui took the initiative and stood up, “It’s me! I am a Math teacher. I know how difficult math can be. Teacher Zhao said that you only scored around 70 marks in the previous test, but this month you managed to score 120. Do you think anyone would believe that you made such a huge improvement in just one month? It’s outrageous!”

    Su Cha grinned, revealing her pearly white teeth, “Then, I would like to know what would happen if I manage to prove my innocence through this retest? What would happen to the teacher who slanders and questions a student’s morality?”

    All the teachers present were flabbergasted. Chang Wugui closed his eyes and said, “You want me to be dealt with? Why don’t you first prove your innocence!”

    “You want me to prove that I did not cheat, but you don’t want to bear the consequences?”

    Su Cha curled her lips into a brilliant smile, “If I retook the exam and proved my innocence, I would have to inconvenience the school to criticize Teacher Chang for slandering students and lacking professional ethics. How is such a person eligible to teach and educate future generations?”

    Her smile widened, “If you do not agree, I will lodge a formal complaint to the Bureau of Education and hire a lawyer to sue Teacher Chang for slandering me and tarnishing my reputation in school. Have I made myself clear? You do not want to bear the consequences and yet choose to accuse me without evidence. Now, you even want me to prove my innocence? Isn’t this too easy for you?”