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Chapter 451 - Young Chinese Medicine Doctor Was On Air

Medical Master
     Chapter 451 Young Chinese Medicine Doctor Was On Air

    Two days later, on Sunday evening, Channel 3 of Central Television officially broadcasted the highly expectant show “Young Chinese Medicine Doctor”.

    After this week of intensive publicity, countless people had been sitting and waiting in front of the TV.

    On the Internet, there were also plenty of people who were waiting for the live broadcast of Channel 3 of Central Television.

    Everyone was waiting for the show to begin.

    Half an hour ago, before the program started, in Linxi County, Fang Qiu’s parents sat in the living room early and tuned the TV to Channel 3, watching with anticipation and waiting for the show to air.

    In a college girl’s dormitory, sitting at the desk in the dormitory, Jiang Mengjie looked at the time, put down her book, immediately turned on the computer, found the Central Television Channel, quickly selected Channel 3, and looked forward to watching the live broadcast.

    In the teacher’s dormitory of the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, Chen Yinsheng couldn’t wait to turn on the TV and lay on the sofa, waiting for the live broadcast to begin.

    “I heard this kid was doing well?” Xu Miaolin, who had just returned home from work, looked at the time and smiled slightly. After turning on the TV to Channel 3, he ran to the kitchen to make dinner.

    It was not just those people who Fang Qiu was familiar with, even the doctors and nurses of the First Affiliated Hospital of the University of Chinese Medicine were waiting to watch the show.

    In Jiangjing’s bustling streets, many taxi drivers who couldn’t watch TV turned on the radio, switched to Channel 3, and listened.

    Even if they couldn’t see the picture, it couldn’t stop them from learning Chinese Medicine and supporting Fang Qiu.

    In dormitory 501, “Hey, bro, hurry up, why does it take so long to take a shower? It’s almost time, and the show is about to start.”

    Fang Qiu’s roommates gathered together and stared at the laptop. Seeing the beginning of the show, Zhou Xiaotian immediately shouted at Fang Qiu, who was still taking a shower.

    “Okay, okay, I’m coming.” Hearing the shout, Fang Qiu, who had just taken a shower, wiped his head with a towel spreading on his shoulders as he walked out of the bathroom with a smile. He walked to the three roommates and dragged his chair over to sit with them and watch the show.

    At this time, the advertisement was just over.

    “It started! The show!” Zhou Xiaotian said.

    “What are you nervous about? This is Fang Qiu’s show. What’s the matter with you?” Sun Hao teased him.

    Linxi County, in Fang Qiu’s home.

    Seeing the show finally begin, Fang Qiu’s mother immediately shouted excitedly, “Hey, it started!”

    “This stage is quite good,” Fang Qiu’s father said, staring at the TV.

    “Of course, this is the Central Television.” Fang Qiu’s mother rolled her eyes and urged, “Go and find your son. Where is he?”

    “Isn’t that obvious?” Fang Qiu’s father pointed at the middle and said, “Isn’t the one in the middle of the row your son? Why did they keep giving him close-up?”

    “Of course.” Fang Qiu’s mother smiled proudly and said, “This is my son. My son is an outstanding doctor. Even Central Television needs to show some respect to my son.”

    “Come on, just watch the TV.” Fang Qiu’s father shook his head and smiled helplessly, then quietly watched the show.

    But Fang Qiu’s mother couldn’t stop at all. She kept praising Fang Qiu. When she saw Fang Qiu’s wonderful performance on the show, she was even more ecstatic.

    In a girl’s dormitory of the Jingbei University of Chinese Medicine, Jiang Mengjie was the only one in the dorm.

    Although no one was with her, Jiang Mengjie didn’t feel lonely at all. Especially when she saw Fang Qiu appearing on TV, she had a faint smile on her face.

    It was Sunday. They had a self-study class at night, but she didn’t go. Instead, she took a special leave to watch the live broadcast of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor.

    “You’ve always been so outstanding. It’s so tricky.

    “How am I supposed to catch up with you?

    “You know, I don’t want to look up to you. What I need is to balance everything between us.” She murmured a few words to herself.

    Jiang Mengjie suddenly shook her head and chuckled with wryness on her face. Then she calmed down and continued to watch the live broadcast quietly.

    In the girl’s dormitory of the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine. “Miaoyu, I heard you did a really good job on this show, but why didn’t you dress better?”

    Looking at the show, Yuan Bei frowned for a while and said, “This is the Central Television. Do you know what a good opportunity it is? You have to show yourself with such a good opportunity. What kind of clothes were you wearing? If I had known earlier, I would definitely have let you put on my clothes and stand on that stage, and you would definitely have been a stunner.”

    “Not everyone is like you.” Wang Yu immediately said, “Our campus belle—Miaoyu, has a boyfriend, okay? Don’t you know that Fang Qiu is still on the stage? Look at him, Fang Qiu’s performance is perfect. He’s simply the invincible existence of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor. It seemed that the show was recorded for Fang Qiu.”

    “Yeah, you’re right. Fang Qiu is killing it, like an MVP.” Yuan Bei didn’t hesitate to praise.

    “It’s amazing. Why didn’t I find Fang Qiu so powerful before? No wonder our campus belle falls for him.” Huang Manman looked at Jiang Miaoyu with a wicked smile.

    Listening to the three girls, Jiang Miaoyu blushed slightly. She kept smiling and didn’t know what to say.

    At the same time, the Internet was also in an uproar.

    As the live broadcast began, besides the official live broadcast platform, the exclaims on Weibo kept rising, and soon the show was on the list of topics.

    “It’s totally worth the wait.”

    “It’s great. I thought that the show with the traditional Chinese Medicine as the theme would be very boring. I didn’t expect that the filming would be so competitive and wonderful!”

    “Damn, it’s really better than I thought!”

    “Really? How could traditional Chinese Medicine competition be like this? The effect is like a variety show? Isn’t this awesome?”

    “These contestants are very excellent, and Fang Qiu is even more impressive!”

    “Ha-ha, Fang Qiu is indeed the best. He’s handsome and has great strength. He can answer any question. He deserves to be called a master!”

    “They have already answered more than ten questions. Although Fang Qiu’s first question was a little, well… it didn’t sound so good. But from his ability to answer the questions, he’s really awesome!”

    “Among 340 people, there are 100 people who would be able to get into the next round. And now more than one hundred people have been eliminated. Fang Qiu’s first question has eliminated fifty people. Isn’t it too fast?”

    “Wow, I didn’t know until I saw the show. Although Fang Qiu is very powerful, there are also many people who are as awesome as him. Especially Wang Shijie, he actually eliminated 39 people with one question. He almost caught up with Fang Qiu.”

    “I think Wang Shijie is awesome too. In the end, it must be a one-on-one battle between Fang Qiu and Wang Shijie!”

    Just when everyone was having the most intense discussion, the live broadcast on the TV had come to the last wonderful point.

    Although the preview showed this before, no one expected to see this scene at this time.

    As the camera rolled, a contestant stood up and pointed at Fang Qiu.

    “I’m the one who gave this question. My name is Zheng Chao!

    “Fang Qiu answered my question correctly. I’m very curious. I want to know how he answered it, so I want to ask him to explain!”

    Seeing this, all the people who were watching the show felt nervous for Fang Qiu at once.

    The picture on the TV quickly showed Fang Qiu’s face.

    As soon as Fang Qiu showed a little embarrassment, the camera immediately turned to the host.

    This time, everyone was even more anxious.

    They were all staring at the TV with great curiosity. Some people even shouted in front of the TV, “Look at Fang Qiu, look at Fang Qiu!”

    The host had said something.

    After a long time, the camera turned to Fang Qiu again.

    “Can I answer?” Fang Qiu asked.

    Then he answered.

    At this point, all the people watching TV burst into an uproar.


    “Fang Qiu is awesome!”

    “Well, I didn’t see that coming. They’ve already started a conflict in the first episode.”

    “Who is this Zheng Chao? Is he so good at it?”

    “It can’t be hype, can it? Is he making use of Fang Qiu to increase his popularity?”

    “He provoked Fang Qiu in front of so many people. Now he’s going to embarrass himself.”

    Not just the ordinary audience, all the contestants were watching TV at the same time.

    Of course, Zheng Chao was watching the show too.

    When he saw this scene, his face changed, as if he had become a clown at this moment. Especially when he saw the dense bullet screen on the screen, he even wanted to die.

    “Fang Qiu is awesome!”

    “This is what we call true talent and genuine knowledge.”

    “Those who has his own talents and strength won’t be afraid of any barriers. Fang Qiu, you’re the best! Show them what a real Chinese Medicine doctor is like!”

    Different from ordinary people who were watching the show online, many people in the Chinese Medicine industry were also watching the live broadcast.

    Many people were amazed by Fang Qiu’s performance in the show.

    “This boy is really a genius!”

    “It’s hard to imagine that he is only a freshman and has only studied Chinese Medicine for half a year.”

    “Didn’t Fang Qiu really learn Chinese Medicine before he went to the University of Chinese Medicine? How could he be so awesome?”

    “Judging from these questions, this boy has a wide range of knowledge. Some people may happen to answer the questions correctly because of luck, but only he can tell the idea of the questions and the thought of the treatment of traditional Chinese Medicine. He doesn’t look like a kid who just starts to learn medicine at all. He is simply like an old Chinese Medicine doctor who has been working for many years.”

    In dorm 501, “Wow, bro, you’re really awesome!” Zhou Xiaotian exclaimed.

    Sun Hao and Zhu Benzheng were so excited that they even gave five to each other when Fang Qiu answered the question.

    Fang Qiu was smiling lightly.

    While feeling happy for Fang Qiu, Sun Hao pointed at Zheng Chao on the TV and said, “Fang, this kid obviously aimed at you.”

    “That’s right.”

    Zhou Xiaotian immediately agreed, saying, “He’s a sinister man. You have to find a chance and kick him away. Otherwise, you don’t know how he will target you and what kind of insidious trick he will do!”

    “I agree,” Zhu Benzheng also said.

    “This is just the first episode. Don’t worry.” Fang Qiu smiled.

    “Oh, hey, I forgot.” Sun Hao patted his forehead and looked at Zhou Xiaotian and Zhu Benzheng, asking them, “Who is Fang Qiu?”

    “Who?” Zhou Xiaotian and Zhu Benzheng were stunned.

    “He’s someone who’s so good at taking challenges!” Sun Hao opened his mouth and shouted, “If anyone dares to challenge him, he would definitely fight back and even try his best to defeat him. He has already done this so many times in school. Do you think he would go soft when he’s on TV?”

    As Zhou Xiaotian and Zhu Benzheng heard that, their eyes lit up.

    “Yes, why didn’t we think of it?” Their eyes were so bright.

    Although they were very excited, the three of them didn’t ask Fang Qiu about how he was going to deal with Zheng Chao. They even told Fang Qiu not to be a spoiler. They had to know it and watch it on TV, not from Fang Qiu.

    Fang Qiu certainly nodded his head in agreement.

    Although there was only one computer where they watched the show, they could absolutely help to add the view of the show even if it was just a little.

    “I have a hunch that Zheng Chao will definitely be eliminated in three rounds!”

    “How dare he challenge Fang Qiu? This kid must be regretting watching TV now. Once Fang Qiu makes a move, he will definitely be screwed.”

    “Poor boy. Why did you choose to challenge Fang Qiu? That’s so silly.”

    The three of them chatted and looked at the show with great interest.

    Fang Qiu gave a wry smile as he heard what they said.

    “Am I really so good at it? I thought I was being nice already.”