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Chapter 141 - A Little Familiar

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 141: A Little Familiar

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    After dinner, Black and Qianmo left the house with Chen Baichuan’s approval. It was no longer a big deal going out with her boyfriend under the cover of a big, bloody issue.

    After their car was gone for a while, Mu Mianmian sighed at Chen Baichuan, who was smiling happily as he squatted in front of the gifts.

    “Why do I feel that you could be easily bought over by a few cartons of cigarettes?”

    Chen Baichuan touched the limited-edition cigarettes and liquors that Black brought with reverence and an honorable face.

    “Am I someone who sells their daughters for money?”

    “Not for money, for cigarettes.” Mu Mianmian found her brother-in-law had a different style from her.

    Although Black had also prepared plenty of expensive skincare products for her, she didn’t give him the green signal because of that. Rather, it was because the young man had cleaned the kitchen—Nope, that wasn’t the main focus too.

    The main focus was, the young man was indeed in love with Qianmo. He was down-to-earth, had a good family background, was nice to Qianmo, and could clean the kitchen…

    “They are going to the police station for serious business. A person fell in his house; couldn’t they go and find out—Hey, what does this young man do for a living exactly? The properties in that area are not cheap.”

    Chen Baichuan looked at the box of expensive gifts and started getting curious about Yu Changmo’s family background.

    He said his parents were civil servants, and his younger brother was running his own business. He didn’t say much about himself, but it looked like he also earned quite a bit. He had a good income, based on the car he drove and the place he owned. Qianmo would be considered as “marrying up” if she got together with him.

    “What are you worried about? He doesn’t show off his wealth and neither does he deliberately hide his financial capability. Don’t tell me you were expecting him to behave like Lin Xiang, who boasted how good he was but couldn’t come up with even a single cent?”

    Little Aunt didn’t find it inappropriate as her daughter was really outstanding. Qianmo’s qualities made her an equal to a guy of his caliber.

    Chen Baichuan was instantly sent into a bad mood. “Why do you have to mention that disgusting fellow?”

    There would be no harm done if there was no comparison. Maybe Lin Xiang was so despicable that Black’s image became glowing and fabulous compared to his.

    Chen Baichuan pondered for a moment. Little Yu was hardworking and sincere, but his child was still young, so they should let him be just her boyfriend first. They would wait until Qianmo graduated before deciding how far their relationship could proceed.

    A girl’s family would always prefer an honest and dependable man. Yu Changmo’s multiple great performances on this visit turned his previous unfavorable image around. Of course, this was only the first step in his grand plan. There would be more sucking up, nope, currying-favor plans coming soon.

    The car stopped at the entrance of the police station. Qianmo and Black stepped out.

    As the property owner of the crime scene and the first witness, both of them came to the police station to assist in the investigation as agreed upon.

    The victim was currently still in a coma. The police asked a few routine questions regarding yesterday’s incident, and both of them answered accordingly. Qianmo had wanted to enquire about the progress of the investigation, but she believed they wouldn’t say anything if she was so direct. Thus, she could only suppress her curiosity. Fortunately, Yu Changmo knew the director of this station, so they got to know some basic information when they chatted privately.

    This case was currently in a deadlock.

    They had initially believed the woman was pushed down. But after investigating the crime scene above Black’s unit, the multiple traces indicated that there was nobody else present in the unit except for that woman.

    The evidence pointed to one thing: She had jumped down herself.

    Qianmo could not believe this conclusion at all.

    The victim was a salesgirl who just had an argument with her husband, whom she was about to divorce shortly, in the supermarket. Qianmo and Black had seen her behavior back then; she was someone with strong survival instincts. There was no reason for her to go back and commit suicide.

    There was another doubt.

    The monthly wage of a supermarket salesgirl was only one to two thousand dollars. How could she afford to live in an upscale community’s duplex apartment?

    The clues from Qianmo and Black provided another lead to the case investigator. They would investigate the relationship between her and the property owner.

    The investigation results came out quickly. The property owner, who was a nouveau riche, had an extra-marital relationship with the woman. The duplex was one of his many properties, in which he had let the victim stay temporarily.

    The nouveau riche man was a major suspect, and he was quickly summoned to the police station.

    Qianmo was actually very interested in the case. Still, she couldn’t follow up with the investigation as she was not an official police officer. She could only stay with Black in the Director’s office for a chat and drank a few cups of tea.

    Qianmo noticed that the Director talked very courteously to Black. It was not the normal politeness, but the kind of “talking to one’s superior” politeness. Although his rank was not low, they belonged to different departments. All in all, there was only one explanation for him to behave as such: the reverence for Black came from someone close to him.

    The Director said he had to receive a very important figure shortly, so Yu Changmo bade his farewell with Qianmo.

    Qianmo walked past her senior, who was in charge of this case, as they went out the door. This Senior was bringing back a middle-aged man, who had an oily face and a protruding stomach as round as a pregnant woman. His waist’s girth was even bigger than the length of his pants.

    This man was probably the nouveau riche owner of the duplex, the secret lover of the victim.

    Qianmo kept turning her head to look at him until he disappeared from her sight. She then turned her head back disappointedly.

    Her current identity didn’t allow her to join the investigation. .

    Yu Changmo was paying attention to her feelings this entire time. He was about to say something seeing her regrets when he noticed Qianmo’s gaze focused at a certain point.

    He saw a car with a police logo drive over and the police officer behind the wheels come down to open the door. Two people, two women precisely, stepped out from the back of the car.

    The woman in front was beautiful. She seemed to be in her twenties, but her presence made her stand out in the crowd. Her business suit made her look slim yet professional. She had delicate facial features, but her eyes were fierce. The red mole in-between her brows was eye-catching.

    Her beauty was not run-of-the-mill, and her unique soul was one in a million.

    Qianmo was attracted to this special and intense woman at first glance.

    That woman looked toward them casually, but her gaze stopped on Qianmo. She gave Qianmo a warm smile and then… swiftly turned around and pulled down the cap on the woman next to her. The person following her was also a lady, whose face was blocked by the cap. She was wearing loose clothes, so they couldn’t see her figure.

    The Director led a group of people out of the station and headed for the newcomers. Soon, that woman and her follower headed toward the station in the company of the welcoming bunch.

    Yu Changmo followed Qianmo’s gaze and took a look. The group had already entered the station.

    “Who is that woman? Do you know her?”

    “Chen Xiaoqian. People address her as President Qian. She’s my mother’s close friend for spa and one of my dad’s little black book’s top ten villains.” Yu Changmo could recognize her just from her back view.

    “She is Chen Xiaoqian?” Qianmo was a little shocked and understood a little at the same time.

    She knew there was this awesome female psychiatrist in her previous life who was famously expensive. She specialized in all sorts of complex psychological cases. In her last life, she was busy making waves in the business world, so she didn’t have the chance to meet someone from a different field.

    However… why would President Qian give her a smile that was meant for someone she knew? And… the figure next to her whose face was blocked. Why did she look so familiar?