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Chapter 99 - At Daggers Drawn

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 99: At Daggers Drawn

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    The girl’s words bewildered every teacher in the office.

    What was she talking about?

    Complain to the Bureau of Education? And hire a lawyer to sue Teacher Chang for slander?!

    They were shocked.

    Even Director Cao Yanhua was startled.

    They did not recover for a long time. Chang Wugui almost stomped his feet, “What did you say? You will complain to the Bureau of Education?”

    If someone wanted to complain to the Bureau of Education, the school would worry that someone might post the news on the Internet, even though it had connections with the Bureau.

    It had happened before and left a bad influence.

    Chang Wugui felt uneasy about Su Cha’s next move.

    Cao Yanhua finally recovered and scolded Su Cha loudly, “Su Cha, don’t you know that you should respect your teachers and your school. As a student, how dare you make complaints or appeal for a lawsuit? How dare you betray your teacher?”

    As he spoke, his eyes bulged scarily.

    Normally, students would be frightened by him. But Su Cha was not normal.

    She did not change her expressions, but her eyes turned colder. “Director Cao, speak as loudly as you like, but the reason why I’m still here talking with you nicely is that I do respect you as my teachers! You want me to respect your teaching? But does it ever occur to you what matters the most for a student? Credibility!”

    “Don’t you know how serious this accusation is for me, being called a fraud during a crucial stage of the national college entrance exam? It might become an everlasting stain in my life!”

    “You are free to gossip, but you’ve forced me to confront you. Now I just want a fair deal. If I don’t cheat during the test, Teacher Chang will have to pay the price for slandering me. You said that I’ve forgotten to respect teachers and your teachings, but do you still remember teaching ethics or even how to write the word ‘ethics’?”

    This time she said solemnly as if she was giving out orders. The teachers were intimidated by her tone and stopped questioning her.

    She did make sense.

    He Qun’s eyeballs were about to drop. The pretty girl from her class used to only whisper. How did she become so courageous all of a sudden?

    She doesn’t panic in front of the teachers’ questioning and responds very well.

    She is right. We can call her a fraud, but if she proves her innocence, won’t we have to apologize to her as her teachers?

    But Chang Wugui would not accept it. He pointed at Su Cha, “You are a fraud. Not only do you refuse to admit it, but also keep humiliating your teachers…”

    “That’s enough!”

    Cao Yanhua scolded and glared at him.

    Chang Wugui was muted by his glare.

    Cao Yanhua looked at her carefully and found the girl very calm and determined. He got cold feet.

    The girl doesn’t look like a fraud. She is too confident…

    He suspected her because she had improved disproportionately. But Su Cha was straightforward and aggressive. Even if she was just threatening them, it would be hard for them to get away from the complaint to the Bureau of Education. Besides, the students were very good at spreading the word online. Once they did, it would become a major issue!