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Chapter 141 - Her Beauty Was Reckless

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 141: Her Beauty Was Reckless

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    Zhen Shanmei’s first response was a refusal. “I won’t go!”

    Ning Meng was shocked, her beautiful eyes were bright and sharp. “Why?”

    Zhen Shanmei could not give her an answer all of a sudden.

    Ning Meng continued, “If you have really let go of the past, you should be able to face that person directly. You could even tell yourself that you could lead a better life without him! Are you able to do that?”

    It was indeed more effective to coax her into doing something by raising the anger within her. Zhen Shanmei stood up straighter. “What is there to be afraid of? I’ll go, then!”

    Zhen Shanmei knew what she was about to do, so, she took a look at herself in the mirror and put on beautiful and stunning makeup.

    Since she was a rich young lady from a wealthy family, her taste was classy, but…

    Zhen Shanmei pouted her lips when she saw the pink little dress which Ning Meng was wearing at the moment. The dress made her look much more beautiful than ever. “Shouldn’t you appear less beautiful than me given that I’m going to do a counterattack?”

    Ning Meng did something ungraceful and rolled her eyes at her. “There’ll be no problem as long as I receive my money.”

    Zhen Shanmei was speechless.

    Why had she not realized it? This girl was a money-grubber.


    It was six o’clock sharp when they reached the set. The live show would start at seven o’clock, and so, Lin Qingbei was still having his makeup done in the room.

    They went straight to his room, successfully capturing everyone’s attention all the way there.

    Zhen Shanmei slowed down her pace when she passed by Li Haojie’s room.

    Ning Meng tilted her head and smiled softly. “Why? Are you still unwilling to let go?”

    Zhen Shanmei did not retort back immediately this time, her eyes seemed to linger elsewhere. She became slightly sad too. “Yes, I’m slightly unwilling to let go. I bought all of his musical instruments for him because he had no money before and he was reluctant to use my money. He thought that it was some kind of donation from me. Moreover, the budget was limited, so I went all over the country looking to buy a cheap and good piano for him.”

    She laughed bitterly when she said that. “Let’s forget about it. Why did I bring it up?”

    She looked ahead of her and she felt as though there was something pricking at her heart. The excruciating pain engulfed her entire body yet again.

    She had loved him for five whole years and it had now become a habit for her. She could not even differentiate whether she loved that man or the passion she had while creating music with him.

    Suddenly, the door of Li Haojie’s room was thrown open.

    Zhen Shanmei was looking far ahead at that moment.

    She held Ning Meng’s hand and whispered to her, “Let’s hurry.”

    She was still an arrogant young miss, and she did not want Li Haojie to see how pathetic and awkward she was at that moment.

    Ning Meng slowed down her pace. The person who left the room could only get a glimpse of them from the side.

    One of them was enchanting while the other was beautiful. It was hard not to notice them.

    Li Haojie had left the room in a dark mood, but soon, he was stunned.

    One of the girls was wearing a red dress and walked past him quickly.

    He could only catch a glimpse of her, but he could tell that she was indeed stunning.

    He was slightly dazed, his gaze following the girl. Soon, he felt that she seemed somewhat familiar to him, almost as if he had seen her before.

    The employee behind him could not help but exclaim, “Did you see the girls just now? They’re much more beautiful than celebrities!”

    An employee who had not managed to see them asked, “Are they much more beautiful than our Teacher Su Tiantian?”

    Another person whispered something else and Li Haojie caught it. “Teacher Su is indeed captivating if she appears alone, however, she would seem less so if she was compared to the two girls just now.”

    Li Haojie heard this clearly, and although he did not want to admit it, he could not help but agree to what they had just said.

    Although Ning Meng was reckless and arrogant, she was indeed much more beautiful than Su Tiantian.

    But what about that girl beside her who was wearing a red dress? Her beauty was reckless. No one could refrain from looking at them.

    Just as he was thinking about that, somebody called out and said, “They are Miss Zhen and Miss Ning!”