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Chapter 128 - Physical Strength Redemption

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 128: Physical Strength Redemption

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    “Master, congratulations! You can convert the Favorability Value to ten points!” The System Admin suddenly popped up on the screen, shrieking even more excitedly than Moe while wiggling his body. “Master, you’re so awesome!”

    Jiang Yao shuddered in disgust. “You, get out of my sight!”

    “Boo hoo~ Master, you don’t like me~” the System Admin cried out in dismay and disappeared.

    Jiang Yao sighed in relief. Indeed, she didn’t like the System Admin, he overdid the sissiness!

    Following the system’s instruction, Jiang Yao converted the Favorability Value into ten points. She clicked into the Present Value column and stumbled into a dilemma. She stared at the five options, pondering which option she should redeem the points for.

    “Hmm, hearing and vision, which one is better?” Moe said that the abilities would be enhanced into the powers greater than X-ray vision and supersonic hearing. Jiang Yao wanted to see it for herself and hence wasn’t sure which she had wanted to try first.

    Suddenly, the system beeped three times and a notification popped up on the screen, saying, “The system is idle for too long. The value has been added automatically.”

    Jiang Yao widened her eyes and gaped her mouth wide in disbelief and extreme shock! Hastily, she clicked on the five options and found that that the system had added the points to the physical strength column!

    Not hearing! Not a vision! Not memory! But physical strength!

    The nonessential physical strength!

    Jiang Yao nearly fainted out of shock!

    She could improve her physical strength through exercise and a healthy diet in later days, why would she need to use her preciously obtained Favorability Value for that?

    “Which option did you add your points to?” Moe quickly asked when he saw Jiang Yao shift her body.

    “The system automatically added the points to physical strength, saying that it was idle for too long,” Jiang Yao growled angrily, “What kind of timer does your master use in this system? I only hesitated for about ten seconds! What’s the rush?”

    “Stupid human beings! Hmph, human beings are plain stupid!” Moe squinted indignantly at Jiang Yao. “How dare you to question my great master!”

    Jiang Yao turned to the other side, ignoring Moe.

    Moe crouched on the floor, gritting his teeth in fury. “When the physical strength value reaches twenty, it will trigger the hidden force by default. Foolish human, do you know what the force represents? It represents your self-defense ability! The higher the force value, the more agile your self-defense ability becomes! Consequently, it will increase your martial arts skills and acute reflex action!”

    “Martial arts?” Jiang Yao turned back abruptly and reached out to cradle Moe on her bed. “I didn’t know that there’s a hidden program in it. How do I learn martial arts?”

    “You don’t have to. The system will automatically reinforce your body when the value reaches the threshold of the force activation. By that time, you can use martial arts without learning. The higher your force value is, the stronger your self-defense ability becomes. Get it?”

    Jiang Yao nodded, impressed. “My mistake for being unjust to the system.”

    She made the right decision in hesitating, didn’t she? She would have added the points towards vision or hearing, but the system had the ability to prioritize the option that desperately needed reinforcement and invested the points into it automatically.

    Coming to such realization, Jiang Yao was intrigued and looked forward to the benefits the system could bring her. She concluded that the system was not as useless as she had thought it would be in the beginning.

    In the middle of the silent night, everyone in the dorm was asleep. Moe spoke very softly that he didn’t wake anyone up. When he noticed that Jiang Yao had become quiet again, he hopped onto Wen Xuehui’s bed and lay there comfortably.

    Jiang Yao didn’t fall asleep, but instead, she entered the system and retrieved the herbology collection from the Chinese medicine library to study it. She studied Western medicine, so she had no basic understanding of Chinese medicine at all. Hence, she started reading the collection to feed her curiosity.

    Unexpectedly, Jiang Yao was fascinated by the book. She wouldn’t even have realized that she had been reading it all night if it weren’t for the noises of everyone waking up in the morning. In fact, she didn’t even feel in the least sleepy for burning the midnight oil. She felt as energetic and spirited as if she had a good night’s sleep.