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Chapter 211 - Strip Naked and Lie Down

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 211: Strip Naked and Lie Down

    “Fourth Sister, what brings you here?” Ye Jiuge was slightly curious, so she stood up and said to Great Master Dongfang, “My younger sister might want to tell me something. I will leave first so that I can meet her.”

    “Eldest Miss, if you are busy now, then go ahead!” Dongfang Yao replied politely.

    “I will be spending quite some time at Medicine Refinery Hall. Great Master, if there is anything that you want to discuss with me, feel free to approach me.” Ye Jiuge took her leave then went to see Ye Ruyi.

    Ye Ruyi stood straight as a ramrod in the garden outside. The black dress wrapped around her small figure made her appear even more petite.

    The lovely scenery in the garden could not soften the edges of her vindictiveness, which was fully displayed on her dainty face.

    As soon as Ye Jiuge emerged from the building, Ye Ruyi’s eyes curved into crescents, and she gave Ye Jiuge a cute smile. She called out to her, “Eldest Sister.”

    “Why are you here? I was thinking of visiting you later!”

    Ye Jiuge held Ye Ruyi’s hand and studied her carefully. Her heart broke slightly for her. She said, “You’ve gotten thinner. Things must have been tough for you lately.”

    “It’s nothing. Eldest Sister, you are the one who’s got it hard.” Ye Ruyi shook her head demurely. After that, she said, “Eldest Sister, I came here to bid you farewell. I will return to the Capital with Father soon.”

    “You do not need to follow them back to the Capital. When I have settled my affairs here, you can come to the Capital with me. You do not need to set foot in the Ye Residence ever again.”

    It surprised her to see Ye Ruyi shaking her head. Ye Ruyi declined apologetically, “I am sorry, Eldest Sister. I want to leave with Father.”

    “Fourth Sister, you might not know it yet…” Ye Jiuge paused for a moment, before sighing, “But your mother passed away a while ago.”

    “I know. Madame killed my mother,” Ye Ruyi said in a composed manner.

    “Then why do you want to return to the Capital with them?” Ye Jiuge could not understand her younger sister right now.

    The death of a mother should be the most painful thing in the world. However, she was abnormally unemotional.

    “That is precisely why I wanted to follow them back to the Capital.

    “As Su Junqing is now a fugitive and the Crown Prince has been arrested, Su Yufeng and Ye Shanshan have lost their pillar. After all this, they will stop living comfortably. At this time, it is even more crucial for me to stay by Father’s side so that I can avenge my mother.”

    There was a strange, ominous undercurrent hidden beneath Ye Ruyi’s calm voice. It caused Ye Jiuge to feel an inexplicable feeling of dread.

    “You are still young. You do not need to worry about revenge. Leave it to me.” Ye Jiuge did not want Ye Ruyi to have blood on her hands at such a young age.

    “Eldest Sister, you have been a great help to me, but I want to avenge my mother myself.” Ye Ruyi smiled faintly.

    She curtseyed to Ye Jiuge, before walking away without looking back. Her tiny, skinny body exuded a mysterious sense of resolve.

    Ye Jiuge sighed. When she returned to her room, she was still slightly worried about Ye Ruyi.

    Just then, Zi Shang suddenly opened his mouth: “Your Fourth Sister is pretty good. She has the potential to be a Devil Cultivator.”

    “Stop talking nonsense. She is still a child.” Ye Jiuge knitted her brow. She had enough problems with a certain Demonic Male to whom she was indebted. She did not want Ye Ruyi to become a Female Devil Cultivator, burdening her further.

    “That is beyond your control.” Zi Shang shrugged. He refused to tell Ye Jiuge that Ye Ruyi had already shown signs of succumbing to her Inner Demons.

    “Hmph! I am here for her. Even if her Inner Demons completely consume her, I will pull her out of that mental state.” Ye Jiuge rolled her eyes at Zi Shang.

    She was unconvinced that Ye Ruyi would become a Devil Cultivator at such a young age.

    She’d never expected Zi Shang to suddenly move closer to her, deliberately speaking in a hurt tone, “You treated me so callously. All you can think about is your sister. Why don’t you think of saving me as well?”

    “Save you from what?” Ye Jiuge was baffled.

    “I am currently bobbing up and down on the sea of lust. I am waiting for you to come to my rescue.” Zi Shang talked as if this were expected of Ye Jiuge. He did not forget to wink flirtatiously.

    Once I disagree with you, you start making sexual advances toward me. Do you really think that you can bully me so easily? She thought.

    Ye Jiuge elbowed him without the slightest hesitation, as she added, “Back off!”

    “Tsk, you are so aggressive.” Zi Shang dodged Ye Jiuge’s hand nimbly.

    “If you do it again, this will not be the only thing I do to you.” Ye Jiuge narrowed her eyes with a threatening tone.

    Earlier, if Zi Shang had been standing right in front of her, she definitely would have kicked his reproductive organ.

    “You will need to wait a month for the next time.”

    Zi Shang swept his eyes over Ye Jiuge’s slightly flat chest. He hinted to her, “Then you should make an effort to improve yourself. Don’t disappoint me!”

    “If you are unhappy with them, then don’t touch them!” Ye Jiuge suddenly felt that she was fine with her small breasts.

    If Zi Shang expected her tangerines to grow into watermelons in a month, he should not waste his time!

    “That will not do.” Something occurred to Zi Shang. All of a sudden, he grabbed one of Ye Jiuge’s tangerines and said earnestly, “From now on, I should knead them as much as possible.”

    Ye Jiuge lowered her head expressionlessly, as she stared at Zi Shang’s large hand.

    After that, she reached her hand down toward his lower body. Without any second thoughts, and said in a deadpan voice, “If you dare to go ahead, let’s massage each other at the same time.”

    She threw caution to the wind as the last resort.

    Zi Shang evaded Ye Jiuge’s unexpected attack again.

    After that, he looked at Ye Jiuge, as if she were the difficult one. He said solemnly, “I am serious. Otherwise, do you really think that your delicate body can handle me?”

    Ye Jiuge furrowed her brow. She suddenly recalled something terrifying. The words just slipped out of her mouth, “Don’t tell me that after transforming into a human, you still have hemipenes—those two snake penises!”

    Before Ye Jiuge could wait for Zi Shang’s reply, she thought of something even more horrifying. “Don’t tell me that you want to use your true form. F*ck! What a monster!”

    Ye Jiuge drew the line at bestiality.

    “What exactly are you thinking about?” Zi Shang felt that he could not keep up with Ye Jiuge’s unconventional mind.

    “Oh, you don’t?” When Ye Jiuge realized that Zi Shang had no intention of doing this, she breathed a small sigh of relief.

    “I never expected Little Jiuge to be so kinky.” Zi Shang narrowed his eyes. A dangerous glint flitted across his eyes as he said unhurriedly, “Do you want to experience my original form? Then, I will surely satisfy you one day.”

    However, his previously half-human, half-snake appearance was not his final form.

    If Little Jiuge saw his true form, it was very likely that her breath would be taken away.

    “There is no need for that. I am perfectly content with who you are now.” Ye Jiuge shook her head firmly.

    As she spoke, she did not feel quite right. Why did she feel like she was lusting after Zi Shang’s human form?

    “Alright, Little Jiuge does not need to speak words that contradict her inner desires. I understand you.” Zi Shang fluttered his eyes seductively at Ye Jiuge, a loving gesture.

    Ye Jiuge maintained her poker face. She was thinking about how to keep this impudent fellow in check when the playful expression disappeared from his face. He said in a serious voice, “I did not ask for you Yin Core to further my cultivation. Although the Spiritual Channels in your body are no longer clogged, the Nine Stages of Fractured Bones Poison is still present in your Elixir Field. If you do not open the access to the Dual Cultivation Channel beforehand, when the moment comes, it will cause your Elixir Field to explode.”

    After Ye Jiuge listened to him, she understood his intention.

    Zi Shang did not want to sleep with her for no reason. The process would be advantageous for her.

    She would not only benefit from improving her cultivation level considerably, but she could also fortify her Elixir Field to prevent the Nine Stages of Fractured Bones Poison from spreading throughout her body.

    Although the Nine Stages of Fractured Bones Poison had stayed dormant all this while, Ye Jiuge understood that this poison was a time bomb. As she progressed in her cultivation, it could detonate at any time.

    “I will do whatever you say.” Ye Jiuge nodded gravely. She could not brush this aside. She needed to take the matter seriously.

    “Now, strip naked and lie down on the bed,” Zi Shang said sternly.