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Chapter 142 - Dramatic Schizophrenic Scene

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 142: Dramatic Schizophrenic Scene

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    The woman beside President Qian gave Qianmo a familiar feeling.

    Although the person wore baggy clothes, such that she could not see their figure, and their face was obscured by a hat, Qianmo intuitively found them very familiar.

    “You are interested in President Qian?” Yu Changmo asked.

    Qianmo nodded. “What do you know about her? Is it convenient for you to tell me?”

    Nothing was inconvenient if it was for her.

    Yu Changmo opened the car door for her, and the two sat inside, not rushing to start the engine. He then shared with her what he knew.

    “President Qian’s husband is also a capable person, and they have an excellent relationship. President Qian owns the largest private psychotherapy facility in the country and is friends with my mother. Usually, when they have time, they’ll meet to do spa, yoga, or something. But my dad doesn’t like her.”

    Not only did he not like her, but he had secretly recorded everything in a little black book.

    Father Yu had a mysterious little black book, a record of all the people who had offended him. Based on frequency, President Qian was always amongst the top ten in his blacklist.

    “Why? Does her husband have bad blood with your father?” Qianmo was curious.

    “No, my father and her husband are not in the same line of work, so they stay in their own lanes. The reason he doesn’t like her is purely that… she is too close to my mother. My father does not like anybody who takes up a lot of my mother’s time.”

    Qianmo could not believe what she had just heard. But looking at his expression, he did not look like he was joking, so…

    Yu Changmo turned around and said to her in all seriousness, “Every once in a while, President Qian will ask my mother out. Sometimes, my mother is the one who looks for her. At times, they would even talk to each other until the middle of the night. Although my mother has quite a few close female friends, such as Little Sha’s mother and several others, President Qian can be said to have been cheating with my mother, so my dad loathes her.”

    The issue could be traced back to about two years ago. Chen Meng had invited President Qian to be a guest at her house. Both of them stayed up all night to have an academic discussion in the study room. It was fine if they were just chatting. But somehow, it led to them talking about traveling to Bali.

    It was fine to talk about traveling too, but somehow, his mother started talking about male masseurs at the spa, and it so happened that his father, who was bringing them coffee, “coincidentally” heard it.

    Just like that, President Qian was implicated.

    When Chen Meng recounted the incident later on, she said that President Qian had just been listening with a smile but did not say anything. It was she who was chattering about it. In fact, Chen Meng did not really intend to go either. She and her husband had a great intimate relationship, so why would she want to bring discomfort for herself by finding another man? She had simply heard from other people about it and shared it with President Qian for fun.

    Even though she had said it jokingly, her friend of many years was unlucky and ended up on the blacklist of his father’s little black book.

    Black shared this secret family story with Qianmo in a serious manner. After that, he even specially warned Qian Mo, “In the future, you just have to deal with my mom. No need to care about my dad. In fact, he is very straightforward. Whoever treats my mom well will be pleasing to his eyes. Whoever dares to encourage my mom to privately meet male strangers will be his enemy.”

    Qianmo could not decide whether to laugh or cry and inexplicably sympathized with President Qian. She had unjustly gotten embroiled even though she was innocent, like getting shot even when lying down.

    “Do you think… my family is not easy to get along with?” Yu Changmo asked cautiously.

    Qianmo shook her head and said, “It’s pretty good. Your parents… have a great understanding.”

    Unless the family had an excellent relationship, it would be impossible to raise him to be such an outstanding person. One who was warm and considerate and everything about him was just right.

    “If my guess is right, the police will probably ask President Qian to lend a hand. Her expertise should help solve the case.” Yu Changmo had made the same deduction when he saw the station chief coming out to welcome President Qian.

    President Qian’s status in the industry was quite high. Most people could not afford to hire her. Still, since she was a native of Q city and had special feelings for her hometown, as long as the city police asked her for help, she would typically lend them a hand voluntarily and not charge them any money.

    Considering the bizarreness of this case, it was not surprising that she had been invited over to perform a criminal psychology profiling.

    “Forget it. Hopefully, she’ll be able to solve the case soon. What should we do now?” It was a pity that Qianmo could not participate, but since there was a god-like person to call the shots, it would not be that easy for hers and Black’s home of romantic memory to become a haunted house.

    “Watch a movie?” Black was oddly obsessed with watching a movie together. They did not get to watch one yesterday.

    Qianmo nodded. There were still a few days left of her vacation. Although she had something major to do, what could compare to spending time with her extremely warm and considerate man?

    As the popcorn sold at the cinema was usually not tasty, Black especially drove to a popcorn shop and waited in line to buy some for her. With the packet in his hand, he stared at it and pondered for a moment before grabbing it and preparing to stuff it in his clothes.

    Qianmo swiftly stopped him.

    “What’re you doing?”

    “They wouldn’t let me take it inside…” The cinema did not allow outside food to be brought in, unless you sneaked it, of course.

    Qianmo thought that it was not suitable for a dignified commander like him to disregard his image and stuff food in his clothes, just to get some delicious popcorn for his girlfriend.

    Black grabbed one popcorn and popped it into her mouth. Qianmo took two bites and succumbed.

    “Put it in my bag.” Wasn’t the purpose of buying a large bag was to put popcorn in it?

    “Leave the bag slightly opened at its opening. It’s fresh out of the pan, so if it’s airtight, it won’t taste good.” Yu Changmo was clear about her picky foodie taste.

    Qianmo burst into laughter—no, wait, why does this sentence sound so familiar?

    Someone in her dormitory room had once said something similar. Furthermore, that person’s walking posture was exactly the same as the one wearing the hat and standing next to President Qian.

    Sitting on the chair, Qianmo’s eyes became lost.

    She realized who the person next to President Qian was: It was one of her roommates.

    At the same time, President Qian and the people from the city police station had arrived at the crime scene, which was the top floor of the Black’s apartment building. The victim had jumped down from there.

    President Qian looked around the scene and then listened to the report made by the city police. She already had some speculation about it in her heart. This kind of criminal psychology profiling was just a small case for her. Her intention of coming was to train her young apprentice.

    “What’s your take?” President Qian asked the girl beside her, who was wearing a cap.

    The girl’s face was expressionless, like a blank sheet of paper, with no emotions and no ego. She had been in this state ever since she entered this crime scene.

    She did not react to her mentor’s question, simply wandering around the apartment like a ghost.

    The people from the city police bureau were frightened and secretly tugged on President Qian’s arm.

    “This person that you brought along… Is she okay?”

    President Qian smiled and replied, “It’s alright. she’s just trying to find a breakthrough.”

    This was the talent of her apprentice.

    After floating around like a ghost for almost half an hour, the girl suddenly threw her hat on the ground and shrieked hysterically.

    “Why won’t you marry me! Didn’t you agree to marry me after you get a divorce?! You men are all liars, liars!”

    Oh my, a dramatic schizophrenic scene!

    Upon hearing her shriek, the other staff handling the case retreated a few steps back. President Qian just nodded, though.

    It was the same as her deduction. By rights, she should report it to the people handling the case, but… Thinking about her encounter with Qianmo at the station’s entrance, she realized that Qianmo seemed eager to give this case a try. How about…