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Chapter 140 - Locking Up the Dogs for a Beating

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 140: Locking Up the Dogs for a Beating

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    [Luo’s Workshop]

    “We did not threaten or blackmail anyone, nor did we fake any evidence. This is absolutely false. The court will be fair and just, and everyone here from Luo’s Workshop is a good citizen that abide by the law. Nobody here was from that ‘H society’, so please remain calm and wait for the court’s final verdict. I believe that the law will judge fairly in this case.”

    Xu Guansong was fielding questions from a crowd of more than 50 reporters in front of the entrance of Luo’s Workshop. He simply couldn’t be heard over the deluge of questions thrown at him. He raised his voice over the din, to the point his face was turning red from exasperation.

    “Vice-President Xu, your carefully worded response is noted, but you’re not the owner of the Luo Workshop right now. Please let your President come out and give an explanation to us and the public.”

    “That’s right. We reporters work this city day and night around the clock, just to earn a living., We’ve only reported that someone had died eating your contaminated bread. And yet you have threatened and blackmailed us, even bringing us to court; don’t you feel ashamed of your actions? You even lied to rebuild your reputation. How could you possibly expect us to believe you and trust your food quality?”

    Angry questions flew from every direction. It was evident that the reporters were holding a grudge against Luo’s Workshop. They were treating this more like an interrogation of a criminal than a piece of investigative reporting.

    “I’ve said it before; we can continue to debate what’s right or wrong in public. As for what actually happened, the court will give their verdict based on truth and evidence. Kindly disperse and do not gather around the entrance to our office, this is a hindering our company’s daily operations.”

    Xu Guansong’s throat was getting dry from all the back-and-forth. He decided it was time to back away from the crowd and return to his office for a drink.

    After regaining his composure with a quick drink of water, he headed straight to Xiao Luo’s office. As he entered Xiao’s office, he shook his head in resignation, and sighed, “It looks like the reporters outside won’t rest until they see you. All this is happening because I couldn’t convince you to back down.”

    Xiao Luo looked up at him and said: “And why does Vice-President Xu need to pay any attention to them? Just pretend they’re a bunch of flies.”

    “But they’ve been gathering outside and blocking the entrance. The trucks carrying our supplies and stock can’t get in and out. We can’t let this continue, or else it will severely affect our company’s operations.” Xu Guansong said.

    “Do you have any good constructive advice on this?”

    “I think you should go out and talk to the reporters, try to calm them down. Don’t confront them with any verbal threats. I suspect these reporters all came here on Chen Jianbo’s instruction to stir up trouble. Any kind of threats you make will only be manipulated and turned into slanderous reports. It will only serve to help them write something extremely negative article Luo’s Workshop and hurt us even more.”

    “I’ll think about it. Let me be for a bit.”

    “I hope you take my suggestion to heart this time. I’ve watched the Luo Workshop slowly grow into what it is today. I’ll never do anything to harm the reputation of Luo’s Workshop. We can put a stop to all of this…”

    “Okay, I got it!” Xiao Luo waved a hand to cut him off.

    Xu Guansong held back from finishing his sentence, nodded, and stepped out of the office.

    As he left, Zhang Dashan once again rang in on video call.

    “Old Xiao, these bastards are way too much, makes me want to whack someone from hearing all of this!” Zhang Dashan roared over the phone.

    Xiao Luo could hear everything those reporters were yelling about through the video.

    “Come out, manager of the Luo Workshop! Don’t be a coward!”

    “You dare to threaten and blackmail us reporters but yet won’t come for an interview?”

    “H society. Black company. The Luo Workshop is a black factory that won’t even let us report on contaminated bread that killed someone. Do you think you can cover everything up?”

    Xiao Luo’s demeanor turned for the worse as he heard the reporters calling his name out. Although he had built his reputation as a businessman, in reality, he was still a wild beast at heart. He found it difficult to accept the slanders and humiliation from those reporters.

    “Dashan, inform the security department to bring these reporters to the conference hall.”

    “Are you sure you want to accept their interview?” Zhang Dashan was shocked.

    “If they were really here for an interview, I will definitely agree. But, it’s clear that’s not the case here.”

    Xiao Luo chuckled lightly, “remember, don’t do anything and don’t ask anything after you let them in the hall, just tell them to wait there.”

    “You…what, are you planning on doing?”

    Zhang Dashan gulped. Despite being as close as brothers with Xiao Luo, he still felt a moment of fear just looking at the ferocious look Xiao Luo had on right now.

    “Nothing, just make sure you and the security guards do your jobs.”

    With a mischievous grin, Xiao Luo added, “also, tell Feng Wuhen and the guys…”

    Xiao Luo’s plans got to Zhang Dashan’s ears. He was downhearted from all the commotion at first, until the news arrived. His eyes lit up the moment he heard, “Finally!” He cheered in excitement.

    “Sh*t, let’s do it. I swear I’ll scare the life out of these reporters! See if they dare mess with Luo’s Workshop again after this.”

    Zhang Dashan hung up the call, and yelled towards Feng Wuhen, “Hey old folks, it’s time for work!”

    “Brother Xiao gave you a call, right? I swear I’ve had my eyes on them for a while now. Don’t worry; we’ll handle these as the security guards. I can beat their a*ses up all by myself.” Feng Wuhen rolled up his sleeves as he prepared himself, beaming from the excitement.

    “That’s too uncouth. Don’t forget we’re cultured men, and we don’t go flashing our weapons around.”

    Zhang Dashan made a show of his dressing down, and even Feng Wuhen and his brainless lackeys looked at him, then at each other, in confusion. Zhang Dashan grabbed a speakerphone from the head of security. Clearing his throat, he called out to the reporters, “You garb…Oh sorry, you guys that represent the public and our hardworking journalists, listen up. I have some good news; our boss agreed to see you guys. Here, please follow us to the conference hall. Please have a seat inside our fully air-conditions room and wait for our boss!”

    He almost erred with a monumental slip of the tongue when he called out to the reporters. “Garbage” was what he felt about these people, but he thankfully checked himself in time.

    The guards at the building entrance received the notice and duly pressed the remote switch. The automatic door opened slowly. The steel side door remained closed, primarily used as an emergency exit.

    “Now this is what I’m talking about. We’ll just wait for Mr. Xiao in the hall, tell him to come quickly.”

    “Don’t play games with us, or we will expose everything Luo’s Workshop does.”

    “Looks like your workshop does know how to read the mood of the public.”

    The crowd of reporters appeared cheerful as they walked into the airconditioned hall, strutting proudly with their chins up.

    Zhang Dashan smiled as he directed them inside: “This way, please. This way, please!”

    Once the reporters had all entered the building, he shot a glance at the security guards. The guards promptly closed the door as if they were locking up dogs in a house for a beating.