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Chapter 141 - I Am a Temp

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 141: I Am a Temp

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    “You’re not going to believe this! Something big is happening! Our security drove that group of reporters into the auditorium, confiscated their equipment and phones by force, and locked them in like prisoners.”

    At Luo’s Workshop’s office building, a gossipy female staff passed around the news to the people upstairs.

    Already filled with a low murmur of voices discussing the disturbance created by the reporters downstairs, the office soon boiled over into a commotion.

    “The security department must act on President Xiao’s request. What does President Xiao want to do?”

    “Judging by the situation, he may use brutal force on those reporters.”

    “But that will only escalate the matter with disastrous consequences.”

    People’s faces became frightened. This was such a reckless and irresponsible move. Didn’t this reinforce the reporters’ claim that Luo’s Workshop was a shady company with a bad reputation?

    The next instant, all of the department heads walked together toward Xiao Luo’s office. Xu Guansong, in particular, practically sprinted there at full speed. The moment they knocked on and opened the door of Xiao Luo’s office, they burst into a lively discussion. Like ministers advising an emperor in ancient times, everyone was anxious to put in a word. The main message was that they shouldn’t treat the reporters this way. Otherwise, the situation would get even worse.

    “President Xiao, I firmly oppose your way of dealing with this matter. It’s too extreme. People have already referred to Luo’s Workshop as the mob. What you’re doing is undoubtedly going to prove that they are right.” Xu Guansong was exceptionally hot with emotion. Even his face turned red.

    Lin Chongdong pursed his lips and said, “Even though I find these reporters detestable, we still can’t resort to violence no matter how we feel about them. I hope you will think things over and consider carefully.”

    Xiao Luo closed his laptop and stood up with his hands behind his back. He said emotionlessly, “Your objections are invalid. For anyone who complains about me, I welcome your resignation at any time!”

    After making his speech, Xiao Luo walked out directly and left his ministers to stare at each other helplessly.

    Ever since he’d taken over Luo’s Workshop, Xiao Luo had wanted to lead the enterprise with a wolf’s spirit. What was a wolf’s spirit? In his mind, it could be summarized in one word, ruthless.

    Instead of shrinking back in fear and being afraid of taking action, he had to be ruthless and make Luo’s Workshop into a wolves’ den. Anyone who dared cause trouble had to pay the price.

    “Vice President Xu, what should we do? Are we really going to let President Xiao carry on regardless of our protests?” one employee asked Xu Guansong.

    Before Xu Guansong had a chance to answer, Li Zimeng rushed to reply first, “Please don’t frame the situation that way. I support President Xiao.”

    “You’re right. These reporters have gone too far in their bullying of us. They thought that we were pushovers. They will learn their place if we don’t teach them a lesson today. Sister Zimeng, let’s go watch how President Xiao will deal with these reporters,” said Luo Qi, burning with anger.

    3Li Zimeng nodded and left with Luo Qi.

    The rest of the group looked at Xu Guansong and waited for him to make a decision.

    Xu Guansong clenched his teeth, exhaled a deep breath, and said, “Let’s go have a look as well.”

    All of the executives marched toward the auditorium.

    At that moment, the auditorium was filled with sounds of protest.

    “You seized our equipment by force. I will expose this despicable act to the world.”

    “You’re holding us prisoner. I will sue you in the court when I get out of here!”

    “Mob company! You will certainly receive your deserved punishment.”

    The loud, cloying complaints echoed in the large auditorium, yet no one dared put any of their threats of retaliation into action. A reporter who resisted was beaten and had even lost a tooth. The security guards surrounding them held black batons and stared at them coldly like a bunch of demons. The reporters could only shout in protest, but they didn’t have the courage to do anything.

    Zhang Dashan followed Xiao Luo’s previous order. He didn’t care about anything else or ask any questions. He just left the reporters out in the cold. He also told Feng Wuhen that he could deter anyone who dared cause trouble. He even authorized him to use violence if deterrence didn’t work. To the end of his order, he added, “this came from Brother Xiao,” which dispelled all of Feng Wuhen’s hesitations.


    The reporters gradually quieted down since no one paid any attention to them. But they waited in the auditorium for three hours in extreme thirst and hunger.

    A female reporter finally couldn’t stand it anymore. She stood up from her seat and ran to the auditorium door, wanting to leave.

    Feng Wuhen stretched out his arm and blocked her, saying, “Miss, where do you think you’re going?”

    “Get out of the way. I want to leave. You have no right to violate my freedom!”

    The female reporter mustered her courage and yelled loudly, even though the man in front of her was the hefty fellow who’d knocked out another reporter’s tooth with one punch.

    Feng Wuhen frowned and said, “That can’t happen. President Xiao is not here yet. None of you can leave.”

    “I don’t want to meet him anymore. I want to leave. Get out of my way!” The female reporter bellowed with her teeth clenched.

    “Hehe! Did you think that President Xiao was some random stray animal on the street that comes and goes at your pleasure?”

    Feng Wuhen had been called a scourge back in the village. He was very experienced at playing the hooligan, although he had never committed any major crimes like assault or rape. Acting like a bandit, he said, “Since President Xiao has agreed to see you, it’s no longer up to you whether you meet him or not. Get the f*ck back and stay put. I’m a temp who has nothing to lose. Don’t pressure me into using force!”

    He stepped forward with a vicious face and scared the female reporter back several steps. Eventually, she was defeated by Feng Wuhen’s gangster-like presence and returned to her seat in haste.

    “Bullsh*t. You’re keeping us waiting here on purpose. To put it clearly, this is illegal confinement. We will sue you once we get out!” A male reporter with a full beard stood up and shouted at Feng Wuhen.

    “Sue us?”

    Feng Wuhen gave Xiaowu a look. Xiaowu immediately walked over and dragged the man with the beard from his seat to Feng Wuhen like a dog.

    “You! What are you doing? I’m a journalist. What on earth are you doing?” The bearded man was frightened.


    Without saying another word, Feng Wuhen raised his hand, which was as big as a cattail leaf, and smacked the reporter in the face. The exceptionally resounding blow made the hearts of all the reporters in the auditorium tremble. They sat bolt upright in all seriousness.

    After slapping the bearded man, Feng Wuhen grasped his collar like a punk and spat fiercely, “I already told you, I’m a temp. I could walk away from anything, even if I maimed you. Holding you here is nothing. You shut your mouth as I ordered and go wait for President Xiao quietly in your seat.”

    Feng Wuhen shoved the bearded man away. Scanning the rest of the crowd of reporters with his cold eyes, he growled, “Do not cause any more f*cking trouble. Otherwise, I will give all of you a taste. It’s fine if you want to drink water. There is a water dispenser in the corner. But you will hold it if you need to pee. You will not leave this auditorium no matter what before President Xiao gets here.”

    His last sentence was almost a roar. Matched with his ferocious face, it had quite a deterring effect.

    None of the reporters dared to say anything more. They understood their current situation clearly. They were the fish on the chopping board, entirely at their captor’s mercy. Some of the female reporters were already shaking in fear.