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Chapter 795 - Xia Ruya Was Kidnapped?

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 795: Xia Ruya Was Kidnapped?

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    As she watched them get closer, Xia Ruya almost lost it. “What… what do you all want?”

    She knew in her heart that this bunch was either going for her money, her body, or both. After all… she would say herself that she had good looks which all men would spare a thought for.

    Thinking of which, her heart was filled with regret that she landed herself deep into trouble in order to avoid the Xia Family’s search. At this point… she totally didn’t know what would happen next.

    Her heart was in extreme fear of the unknown.

    “Hey, babe—you look good!” One of the men in a black t-shirt whistled at Xia Ruya with a frivolous expression, radiating evilness all over.

    Another man in a gray t-shirt sized her up from head to toe and his eyes glowed with greed. “Great body, too—can fetch a good price.”

    Xia Ruya’s world turned upside down and she didn’t even gasp—what did he mean? To fetch a good price? Could they be human traffickers? Specializing in the sale of young, pretty ladies to the kind of hotels, bars, and entertainment venues patronized by men, for them to vent, toy with, and torture.

    Hostess! Social escort! Prostitute!

    No… this was too terrifying!

    Xia Ruya’s face was pale and her body trembled incessantly. She wanted to get up and run, but her body was weak and frail.

    “Her handbag doesn’t look like an ordinary good—I think we can get a good deal.” A man with yellow hair stared at the handbag in Xia Ruya’s hand with twinkling eyes.

    “She doesn’t look like an ordinary folk but a girl from a wealthy family. Do you think… if we kidnap her, how much ransom can we fetch?” A man with red hair stared at Xia Ruya, his eyes glimmering with dark greed.

    After hearing it, the few of them couldn’t help but feel excited. This girl had good looks, a great body, and could only fetch tens of thousands of yuan even if sold to those kinds of places. Why don’t they do a big deal, make a great escape, and thereafter enjoy unlimited riches?

    Goosebumps were raised all over Xia Ruya’s body and her spine was stiff and cold. Kid… kidnap—she thought about the situation when Wen Xinya was kidnapped by the three extremists a while ago, instantly sank into ice, and kept shaking her head. “You can’t do this, this is illegal…”

    The man in black t-shirt looked at Xia Ruya as he laughed, baring his yellow teeth full of stains from years of chewing tobacco, looking exceptionally disgusting. “Hey! Illegal! Babe, don’t be naive. We’ve done way too many illegal things. It’s totally wishful thinking on your part to try and scare us with this!”

    Xia Ruya said with trembling lips and a shaking voice, “I… I’m not from a wealthy family, really… otherwise, why am I at a place like this. Don’t kidnap me—even if you kidnapped me, you can’t get any money out of this…”

    The man in the gray t-shirt smiled creepily at Xia Ruya. “No money—then we have no choice but to sell you to the nightclub. Such a fine good—we’ll fetch a good price.”

    Xia Ruya widened her eyes in shock as she said agitatedly in a sharp voice, “No… you can’t do this!”

    Xia Ruya was finally afraid. Previously, even when she was being held at gunpoint by those extremists who didn’t blink at killing, she didn’t feel so fearful. Now… facing these people and their plain, evil intentions, she only felt hopeless.

    The man with yellow hair giggled and said, “Heh heh, babe, face up to reality! Since you’ve landed in our hands, there’s no escaping.”

    Xia Ruya’s face turned horrific and she was speechless.

    The redhead squatted down and sized Xia Ruya up. “Look at you. Your skin’s so moist and tender without makeup—you definitely do facials often. One look and I can tell that your clothes are branded. This handbag of yours… if I’m not wrong, it’s probably LV’s latest design. Even if you’re not from a wealthy family, you definitely have an extraordinary background.”

    “You guys are just after wealth, right? I… I’ll give you all my money as long as you let me go.” Her heart felt cold and in extreme regret of coming to such a desolate place in order to avoid the Xia Family’s search then, and ended up being targeted by others.

    The redhead had a hazy look and suddenly landed a slap on her face. “Didn’t you say that you have no money just now? How come you’re willing to take your money out now? You think we’re fools, right?”

    Xia Ruya’s mouth hung open in pain as a trail of blood streamed from the edge of her lips. She shook her head with all her might. “No, no…”

    That man with yellow hair grabbed her hair and said arrogantly, “Slut, don’t think we’re fools—otherwise, we’ll be nasty.”

    “Ah!” Xia Ruya had never suffered such treatment and instantly teared up from the pain.

    The man in black t-shirt kept shooting looks at Xia Ruya’s body with his evil eyes and giggled. “Be more gentle, you guys—such a pretty babe, we’ll have to show her that we’re gentlemen at least once, right?”

    The man in the gray t-shirt said, “Lust has an inherent risk. We’ve been through this—don’t let women get in the way.”

    Xia Ruya felt hopeless as she laid on the ground without the energy to even move. These people were completely immoral thugs—now that she had landed in their hands, nothing good would come out of it.

    With inexplicable courage, Xia Ruya suddenly knelt down on the ground and begged. “I beg all of you to let me go! I can give you money—lots of it—a million yuan… no… five million yuan…”

    Xia Ruya looked up at them with inferiority, placing herself into the position of an absolute victim. On her face of unraveled beauty were pitiful, teary eyes which added a tinge of softness, and her extended neck was like that of a proud swan—with smooth lines and innocent poise, supplementing her already unparalleled looks with even more charm.

    The man in the black t-shirt looked at Xia Ruya lecherously.

    Even the other three men were moved.

    Seeing this, Xia Ruya suddenly grabbed the rubbish bin beside her hand, threw it at the few men, got up from the ground, and ran…

    She knew that it was completely impossible for them to let her go.

    Although these people concealed it well, her sharp senses could tell that it was very possible that they already knew her identity.

    She was once the foster daughter of the Wen Family, now the illegitimate daughter of the Xia Family, and definitely worth a sizable sum. More importantly… the Xia Family had broken off ties with her. She was just an orphan with huge sums of money—such an identity was well-suited for kidnapping for a ransom. How could five million yuan satisfy them—their motive was to suck her dry.

    Thus, at this point, she could only escape.

    However, only about two steps in, she was tripped by a leg that was suddenly stretched out.

    Following this, it was a round of kicks and punches. Xia Ruya screamed in pain but didn’t even have the chance to retaliate.

    The redhead sneered and said, “Bring her away—see what other tricks she dares to play.”