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Chapter 100 - The School’s Overall Reputation is of Utmost Importance

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 100: The School’s Overall Reputation is of Utmost Importance

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    It was not that Cao Yanhua feared Su Cha. But, after he quickly weighed the pros and cons, Cao Yanhua decided not to pursue the matter further.

    Other students would have long confessed to cheating, but Su Cha’s resistance had created a problem for Cao Yanhua.

    He did not know how to deal with a stubborn student who refused to heed the advice of others.

    “In that case, Student Su Cha, there is no need for us to prove that you have not cheated. Whether you cheated or not, you know it best. After all, it’s nearing the college entrance examinations, your results then will reveal the truth. You can choose what you want to do about it!”

    Although his tone was grave and solemn, Cao Yanhua’s words were filled with sincerity. What he meant was that Su Cha’s college entrance examination results would expose her cheating, and she would only hurt herself in the process.

    If she had not cheated, then it would be all good.

    But, doesn’t that mean he still suspects Su Cha?

    Of course, Su Cha would not let this matter be resolved so easily. She lightly smiled, “Director Cao, that’s not okay. Teacher Chang is so sure that I cheated. If I do not retake the examination, how can I be worthy of his trust? Of course, if I managed to prove my innocence after I complete the paper, you just have to report and criticize him at the school assembly. We can follow whatever he said, isn’t that fair?”

    Chang Wugui laughed, “You are just a student, how dare you decide what the teachers should do? You are really hopeless, you can’t be helped!”

    “How does it concern Teacher Chang if I can be helped or not? I am not a student in your class, why doesn’t Teacher Chang spend more time worrying about his own students?”

    The hidden intentions behind Su Cha’s words were apparent, and Chang Wugui became increasingly sulky. Cao Yanhua yelled again, “Enough… it’s enough!”

    Cao Yanhua had no choice but to stretch out his hands and intervene. He felt his headache worsening, “I’ve already said, there’s no need to continue pursuing this matter!”

    In fact, Cao Yanhua was not confident about the outcome. If Su Cha really proved her innocence, it would be a slap on Chang Wugui’s face. Now that she had made such bold statements about Chang Wugui in front of so many people, they could not agree to her terms as he would be utterly embarrassed if she happened to be innocent.

    Hence, the only feasible option would be to remain firm and refuse to let Su Cha retake the examinations.

    After all, the truth would be revealed during the college entrance examinations!

    Cao Yanhua directed his gaze to Su Cha and spoke softly, “Student Su Cha, this is a misunderstanding. If you are so insistent, the teachers believe you. Now, return to your class.”

    The rest of the teachers felt like they had just watched a stand-up comedy show, and were still in shock.

    Initially, they had expected the student to confess to cheating. Even if she had not cheated, they had imagined that she would obediently undergo the retest.

    However, the student resisted so much that Director Cao no longer dared to look into the matter.

    Su Cha threw a final glance at Director Cao and Chang Wugui before turning around to leave the office. Her gaze was icy cold.

    The remaining teachers exchanged glances in surprise, they had not expected this result after such a long discussion.

    Chang Wugui gritted his teeth, “Director, do you not believe that she cheated? Even if she had worked hard, that’s a 200 marks difference…”

    “That’s it!”

    Cao Yanhua was getting a little fed up, “If she really did it, have you considered the consequences for yourself? Do you think it would do us any good if the school had to publicly criticize you for slandering a student? You heard her, if we do not do that, she will lodge a formal complaint about you to the Bureau of Education and sue you for defamation! Do you know the consequences of that? The most severe consequences would be public opinions! If the newspapers or online media pick this up, our school’s reputation would be tarnished forever! Regardless of the truth, the school’s reputation is of utmost importance!”

    “We are nearing the college entrance examinations, and the students need a conducive environment to prepare for the tests. Do not screw this up, and we will let this matter rest!”