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Chapter 143 - She Will Only Comment on the Music!

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 143: She Will Only Comment on the Music!

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    She felt like her heart was being stabbed at that moment. “Don’t you know how to console people?”

    Ning Meng considered it for a while. “Wasn’t it obvious how you were cheated on before?”


    A second stab.

    Zhen Shanmei pressed her hand against her chest. She felt that ‘sourandsweet’ was much more adorable. That person was indeed generous and had made her the top trending search for free. Moreover, it was also that person who had advised her to buy some bags for Ning Meng in order to make their relationship better. That person was indeed gentle and considerate.

    Finally, she was not as nervous as before thanks to the jokes. She stood up straight and entered the room with a powerful aura.

    The other six singers in the room turned to look at her.

    The Zhen family was the sponsor for that show and so, the director did not dare to ignore her.

    He smiled and greeted her respectfully. “Miss Zhen, you’re indeed stunning today.”

    Zhen Shanmei nodded her head slightly. She then scanned the room.

    The others soon turned to look at Li Haojie.

    The Zhen family had not done anything to him after what had happened, moreover, Zhen Shanmei had also appeared on set today. Did she want to get back together with him?

    The others soon moved aside for her when they thought of that, vacating the seat beside Li Haojie.

    The three people who stood at the door did not notice this. Lin Qingbei was still immersed in his musical score, and when he finally looked up, he scanned the room.

    The others were all seated and the only vacant space was beside Li Haojie, so, he went there directly and sat down, continuing to lose himself in his thoughts.

    The singers were seated on the sofa while the agents who came with them sat behind them.

    Zhen Shanmei walked forward and soon, she came up right behind Li Haojie.

    Li Haojie looked at the big screen, sitting up straight and tidying up his necktie.

    He had had an argument with his agent so his agent had not accompanied him there. The space behind him was vacant.

    Then, he thought about what Zhen Shanmei would do next. Surely she would sit down behind him, and then, she would be sweet and nice to him. She would be yielding to him. Then, what should he say? First, he would ask her to distance herself from Ning Meng. Moreover, he still needed some time to consider whether he wanted to be with her again.

    Just as he was having such thoughts, the seat behind him was taken.

    He did not turn around. He was all ears now.

    Shortly after, he heard Zhen Shanmei’s voice. “Why are you so nervous?”


    He sneered and turned around. “Why should I be ner…”

    All of a sudden, he stopped talking.

    This was because Zhen Shanmei was leaning against Lin Qingbei at that moment. She was still speaking at the same time while he was speaking. “Lin Qingbei, there’s a small problem in your musical score!”

    Li Haojie was stunned.

    The others had turned to look at them as they spoke, and all of them had witnessed how Li Haojie had just embarrassed himself.

    Zhen Shanmei glanced at him suspiciously. Then, she recovered her senses and it was just as though he was invisible to her.

    Li Haojie forced himself to act naturally but soon, a voice was carried over to him. It was the sound of laughter.

    That particular laughter made him feel a sense of sarcasm, as though he was slapped, as his cheeks were now burning with shame.

    He stared sternly at the person who had laughed at him just now.

    Ning Meng frowned innocently. “I’m sorry. I couldn’t hold myself back when I saw how hilarious you looked, talking to yourself.”

    Li Haojie was speechless.

    His face soon darkened. He was about to say something but Lin Qingbei soon spoke up from beside him, “Miss Zhen, do you have any good suggestions?”

    Zhen Shanmei frowned and started thinking about it.

    “Master Li, it seems that my song has some problems. Why don’t you take a look at it?” Su Tiantian said all of a sudden. Li Haojie soon recovered his senses.

    He turned around and saw Su Tiantian’s bright smile.

    This was why he liked Su Tiantian—because she understood him.

    She was nothing like Zhen Shanmei who always commented on the music. Actually, Zhen Shanmei knew nothing about it.

    As soon as Li Haojie had that kind of thought, Zhen Shanmei said excitedly, “I got it!”