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Chapter 114 - Don’t Touch Xu Weilai (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 114: Don’t Touch Xu Weilai (2)

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    Pang Hai had never been so humiliated before in his whole life. People who passed by him on the road would usually quake in their boots. It had never been a problem for him to simultaneously take down ten men on his own. Unfortunately, he had been defeated by a woman. Because of her, he was even taken in by the police! Just like that, the pristine public image that he had fought so hard to maintain was tarnished!

    Luckily, he had retained a trump card; the manager of his casino had taken responsibility for all of Pang Hai’s crimes, and Pang Hai was released. However, this meant that his casino business was gone, resulting in a huge financial loss. This was a debt that he was going to extract from her bit by bit!

    The first thing Pang Hai did upon returning to his office was offer incense to his ancestors. Following that, he turned around and began kicking around all the chairs. He sat on the couch in a rage and commanded his men, “Bring me that damn bitch! I don’t care if you have to turn the whole country upside down to find her! I’m going to skin her alive and feed her to the sharks!”

    “Yes, sir!” the men answered in a deafening roar.


    All his subordinated scurried off immediately.

    When Pang Hai’s lover saw what was going on, she snuggled up to him with some wine and patted his chest with one hand. With a wine glass in her other hand, she brought the wine to his lips and said, “Hai Darling, calm down. Let me feed you some wine.”

    Pang Hai had yet to blow off his steam. With his fury towards Xu Weilai rolling inside, the mere presence of the woman set him off. He callously grabbed the woman by her hair and flung her against the ground. With a fierce kick, he hollered, “Scram!”

    Tears of pain welled up in the woman’s eyes, but she didn’t dare to cry. She quickly scrambled out of the office.

    The next second, the door to the office opened again. Pang Hai angrily glared over to it, assuming it was the woman coming in again in another attempt to seduce him. What he saw instead was the tall and arrogant figure of a handsome scion.

    He was stunned for a moment. As he raised his eyebrows, he asked, “Mr. Gu?”

    It was Gu Yu, the prince of the Gu family, the CEO of the Gu Corporation, and also the rumored boyfriend of the woman he had been chasing to no avail, Su Ziqian.

    Hoping to expand his business to the capital, he had been trying to get acquainted with the Gu Corporation. However, he had repeatedly hit dead ends; members of the higher society refused to go into business with him.

    “To what do I owe this pleasure?”

    Pang Hai got up and neatened his clothing before stepping forward and offering Gu Yu his hand for a handshake. “Had I known you were coming, I would have personally welcomed you.”

    Gu Yu did not look at his hand at all. It was obvious that he didn’t want to shake his hand. Behaving as if he was right at home, Gu Yu looked at him indifferently. With an eerie calmness, he curled his lips and spat out, “Xu Weilai belongs to me. Don’t you dare touch her!”

    Pang Hai had been wondering why Gu Yu had suddenly shown up at his door, but now he got his answer.

    He stretched his lips in a cold smile and sat back domineeringly on the couch. “Mr. Gu, I must say, you have a lot of women. Is Su Ziqian not enough for you that you need another Xu Weilai? Are you sure you’re able to take care of so many?”

    Gu Yu shoved both of his hands in his pocket and looked down at Pang Hai from above. He repeated himself slowly, “I’ll say it again. Don’t you dare touch Xu Weilai!”

    “Ha!” Pang Hai slammed the table as he stood up. “Gu Yu, you dare to command me while you’re alone here in my territory? Who the hell do you think you are? Do you think that I wouldn’t dare to touch you? I’ll have you carried out of here on a stretcher!”

    Gu Yu curled his lips and laughed sardonically. He took a step forward and stared into Pang Hai’s fierce eyes. His handsome face was devoid of emotion but full of courage.

    “Pang Hai, you should be glad that I’m here today. Xu Weilai only caused the downfall of one of your businesses. I, on the other hand, can cause the downfall of your entire Pang Corporation!”


    “Care to try me?”

    Pang Hai’s chest rose and fell a few times before gritted his teeth and asked menacingly, “Who is Xu Weilai to you?”

    Gu Yu raised his eyes lazily and carefully enunciated his reply, “She is my wife, the mistress of the Gu household!”