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Chapter 143 - Not Smooth At All

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 143: Not Smooth At All

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    Unbeknownst to Qianmo, President Qian had watched her at work without her knowledge and thought highly of her.

    Originally, she did not have to step in with regard to this incident. She had only come over to take a look when she heard that something had happened in Black’s house. Besides, it was also an opportunity to train her apprentice.

    Once President Qian stepped into the house, she roughly deduced what had happened based on the decoration and the arrangement of the furniture. Although her apprentice had not yet completed her studies on criminal psychology, she was able to infer the ins and outs of the case as she had an extraordinary innate talent.

    By rights, she should report back her findings. However, when she thought about the expression in Qianmo’s eyes as she stood outside the station—the emotion that reflected her refusal to admit defeat and was brimming with unruliness—President Qian was struck with a bright idea.

    If she did not take this opportunity to assist Professor Chen’s son, when else could she help him?

    She just needed to give them a little push to get the two youngsters involved in the case. With just a little friction, the Mo duo would ignite sparks of love, followed by an inferno of unspeakable intimacy between them. Would Professor Chen still need to worry about her son having an intimate relationship then?

    Realizing that this incident was an excellent opportunity to treat Black, President Qian wanted Qianmo to participate in the investigation. It could also let her see the extent of her capability.

    The problem was, she knew Qianmo, but Qianmo did not know her. How could she plainly, flatly, and smoothly get her and Black involved in the case and ingeniously matchmake them?

    After shrieking hysterically, her apprentice was now back to her expressionless self as she stood next to President Qian. Looking up at her mentor, the ingeniousness in her mentor’s eyes had her take a few steps back.

    “Mentor, who are you intending to trick again?”

    “Not tricking, just plotting, a smooth one at that.”

    Looking down, the mysterious apprentice thought about it for a moment and asked, “What strange thing did your mentor show you again?”

    Her mentor was an exceptionally amazing woman. Usually, she was high-class and unattainable. But occasionally, she would utter some strange things, similar to what common folks would say. Needless to say, it must be her mentor’s mentor leading her astray.

    “I went to watch a sketch with him—That’s not the point. The point is for you to pass me my mobile phone.”

    President Qian took her phone from her and searched through her contact book. Soon, the three words’ Old Friend Nuo’ appeared on her screen.

    “Nuo Nuo, are you back?”

    “I just got off the plane. What’s up, President Qian?” On the other end of the phone was an ethereal female voice. It sounded pleasant and young.

    “Do you want to meet your brother’s future wife?” President Qian had a good relationship with Chen Meng’s entire family—except for the man of the house who recorded her name down on his little black book.

    Right now, she was calling Yu Changmo’s elder sister. The true eldest in the Yu family was Yu Yinuo, the person whom Yu Changmo and Chen Haoxuan referred to as “Sister Princess”.

    “If it’s No. 3’s, forget it. I only have a single pair of eyes; I can’t see that many women.” Nuo Nuo and President Qian had a pretty good relationship as well. Both of them had interactions because of their professions and would occasionally work together.

    “It’s the other one.”

    “Her…? My brother won’t let us turn up in front of her. You should know, my oldest younger brother’s character is a little dry and flat.”

    Nuo Nuo had been watching sketches recently as well—President Qian had recommended it to her. It showed how good a relationship she had with President Qian.

    President Qian beamed brightly and mysteriously as she said, “You have to trust my judgment. Even if you appear this time, he’ll not lose his temper. If he does not agree, we can just trick him.”

    Standing beside President Qian, her apprentice was expressionless as she thought,

    The food chain in her mentor’s family was as such: Her mentor’s mentor would find all kinds of tricks and lead her mentor astray. And when her mentor was off the rails, all these prominent people around her would also follow her lead.

    President Qian hung up the phone. She had even roped in Yu Yinuo. With so many people treating Yu Changmo’s phobia of love, she believed that they could cure him.

    “Mentor, Brother Mo has a girlfriend?” her apprentice asked expressionlessly. She felt as if something was breaking in her heart, and it hurt a little.

    President Qian nodded. “You know that person.”

    “I do?” her apprentice asked doubtfully.

    Thinking about the expression in Qianmo’s eyes, the corner of President Qian’s lips turned up, and she said, “You don’t know who she is, but there’s an 80% probability that she has recognized you.”

    Just now, Chen Qianmo had caught a graceful glimpse of her. Even if Chen Qianmo did not realize it at that time, she would do so later on.

    Disgruntled, her apprentice retorted. “That’s impossible. No one can see through my disguise.”

    President Qian shook her head. “In this world, there are people who are more talented than you. What you might perceive to be flawless, might be full of loopholes in the eyes of others. Don’t be too proud and self-satisfied. Maintain a humble heart, respect your peers, and don’t look down on your opponents.”

    The apprentice took all her mentor’s teachings to heart. But when she said “might be full of loopholes in the eyes of others”, the image of a person from her dormitory room suddenly flashed in her mind.

    Chen Qianmo, the mystical woman who was crowned as the campus belle and displayed her capabilities as soon as she entered the school. That girl’s judgment was extraordinary, but the apprentice was still unsure whether what Chen Qianmo had said to her when she rapped on her forehead that time was a bluff, or was it because she had really seen through her disguise.

    The apprentice probed. “Mentor, his girlfriend’s surname… Is it Chen?”

    President Qian knew this young girl’s heart, but she had no choice except to crush it. “Whether or not it is, don’t even think about it. What’s yours is yours. If it’s not, you can’t force it.”

    If Yu Changmo could take a fancy to someone else, he would not have contracted a world-class, hard-to-treat illness just like that. A man whose heart only had one woman would have a heart that was “narrow” to the perfect size. How nice.

    Looking at her apprentice’s expressionless face that seemed slightly unwilling to accept what she said, President Qian wagered, “It looks like you don’t believe that there is anyone in this world who can surpass you. Fine, let’s make a bet.

    “Today, there will be a young person of the same age as you who can complete a crime scene restoration more perfect than yours. If I win, you’re not allowed to think about him anymore and not allowed to disturb his life in the future.”

    “If you lose, you have to tell me who his girlfriend is.” Her apprentice did not believe that there would be the kind of person that her mentor mentioned in this world.

    Without going through the systematic training, how could this person possibly have such an ability to restore the scene? She was innately talented. Could there be someone else in the world who was just as gifted as her?

    President Qian patted her apprentice’s shoulder. It was about time to smoothen this girl’s rough personality.

    In the cinema, Qianmo was eating popcorn expressionlessly. On the big screen was a domestically produced horror film that was completely illogical and full of loopholes. They were only halfway through the movie but could already predict the ending. It was definitely a human being up to no good. Ghosts did not exist at all.

    It was exceptionally boring.

    Black sat upright with his posture as straight as a pencil. He was staring at the big screen, feeling as if he had already taken out his brain. To watch some of these domestically produced horror films, it really required one to switch off their mind, or else, it would be impossible to continue watching.

    At the moment, Black really regretted his decision. He had planned to find a dark place to see if he could overcome his psychological fear and hold her little hand or something. In the end, whatever good mood he had was ruined by the stupid plot on the screen. He could feel that Mo’s patience had also reached its limit.

    Just when both of them were “awkwardly watching” the film, he received Yu Yinuo’s call.

    “Younger Brother, I need an assistant who knows criminal psychology to help me. Is it convenient to borrow someone from you?”