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Chapter 143 - Black and White

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 143: Black and White

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    Some people were contradictory. If you were not in the mob, they kept vilifying you as a mobster. However, when they realized you indeed were in the mob, they became scared stiff at the idea of the misfortunes that might befall them and were too afraid to take any action.

    Apparently, these reporters were precisely such people!

    When Luo’s Workshop opened the door and let them leave, they were like prisoners who had spent years behind bars. They were so excited that there were tears in their eyes. Breathing in the freedom’s air and fleeing from the great torment, they swore that they would never again come to Luo’s Workshop for the rest of their lives.

    Thus, the disturbance created by the reporters calmed down. All of Luo’s Workshop’s executives were dumbfounded and gasped with admiration at Xiao Luo’s tactics.

    “What a mess.”

    Xu Guansong left, shaking his head. He didn’t seem to agree with Xiao Luo’s way of handling the matter, although the result had been beneficial to them.

    “President Xiao always acts so vigorously and resolutely. That’s so awesome. I will stand firmly with President Xiao in the future,” said Lin Chongdong, enthusiastically.

    He admired Xiao Luo with his whole heart after witnessing the entire process of dealing with the reporters. What he’d seen confirmed the saying currently circulating online: “No one is shrewder than President Xiao. He is relentless and reticent.” He’d handled the reporters, who’d come looking for trouble, and rendered them obedient and docile. How fierce was he?

    “The big boss was always bold and daring. I find myself falling completely in love with him.” Luo Qi winked like a young girl first beginning to think of love.

    Standing aside, Li Zimeng shot a glare at Luo Qi and said, “A man as outstanding as him probably has a girlfriend already.”

    “That doesn’t matter. I could still be his girl on the side. Hehe!” Luo Qi laughed.

    Li Zimeng was struck dumb by her reply.


    Even though the tumult with the reporters had blown over, the crisis Luo’s Workshop was facing was not yet resolved.

    The court date was like an enormous, ruthless, and sharp ax hanging above them, ready to chop off Luo’s Workshop’s head. Once the charges of intimidating Chen Jianbai and fabricating evidence were substantiated, Luo’s Workshop would never get another chance to gain a foothold in Jiangcheng.

    It was a smokeless war!

    However, Xiao Luo had to win. Otherwise, although defeat might welcome him, he would in no way accept it

    While he was sitting in the office and pondering in silence how to turn the tide, Zhang Dashan called him on the phone.

    “Lao Xiao, your guess turned out to be correct. Zhang Donghai is indeed sketchy. Who could have thought that he’d want to rig the ovens in the factory? Motherf*cker. Thankfully, I had my eye on him. Otherwise, he might have had his way,” Zhang Dashan’s disgruntled voice came from the other side of the phone.

    Xiao Luo was not surprised by this news at all. He had been browsing in the system store one night some time ago and redeemed 800 points for the hacking ability. He’d then hacked into the telecommunications company’s customer management system and monitored all of Luo’s Workshop’s vice presidents’ phones. It was highly effective, albeit immoral.

    The day before the reporters’ uproar, he’d heard the conversation between Zhang Donghai and Fang Changlei. Thus, he’d asked Zhang Dashan to keep an eye on Zhang Donghai. Unexpectedly, Zhang Donghai had put this plan into action in such a short time.

    “Where is he now?” Xiao Luo asked.

    “He’s in the factory’s warehouse. Brother Feng and some others are teaching him a lesson right now,” said Zhang Dashan.

    “I’ll be there in a minute!”

    Xiao Luo hung up, put on the jacket hanging on the armchair, and rushed to the factory.

    [The factory’s warehouse]

    The warehouse was dimly lit and gave off a spooky feeling.

    Looking plump in his suit, Zhang Donghai lay on the ground in a very embarrassing state. Both his nose and mouth were bleeding, and his clothes were covered in dust. He’d been beaten up by Feng Wuhen and four others.

    “Superintendent Zhang, I don’t know what to say to you. What’s wrong with working for Lao Xiao? Why do you have to be a lackey for Taste Buds?”

    With sincere regret on his face, Zhang Dashan crouched in front of Zhang Donghai and said, “Your last name is also Zhang. We might even come from the same family way back when. My heart truly aches, seeing you beaten up to such an extent.”

    “Pooh! Sooner or later, things will not end well for your hired thugs!”

    Zhang Donghai spat on Zhang Dashan’s face. Contrary to his usual sycophant image, he looked surprisingly courageous and fearless now.

    Zhang Dashan wiped the spit from his face. His eyelids twitched as his expression turned vicious. He said, “Zhang Donghai, you receive paychecks from Luo’s Workshop yet work for Taste Buds in secret. Do you think you’re the f*cking sensible one here? Don’t you know that’s corporate spying? The law will make you liable!”

    “You think I will be held liable? Haha! Haha!”

    Hearing this statement, Zhang Donghai burst into mocking laughter, as if he’d just listened to a hilarious joke. Then, his face sunk, and he said menacingly to Zhang Dashan, “You’re assaulting me illegally right now. How dare you talk about the law? That’s f*cking hilarious.”

    Zhang Dashan was tongue-tied for a moment. He could only hold up his thumb and say with admiration, “Fine. You’re too good. I can’t win an argument with you!”

    “Brother Zhang, move out of the way. I don’t f*cking believe that we can’t teach him a lesson!”

    Feng Wuhen was furious. He came forward and kicked Zhang Donghai’s abdomen.

    It was a forceful blow. Suddenly Zhang Donghai felt his gut scramble. In excruciating pain, he let out a blood-curling scream.

    “Let it go. It’s enough to give him a scare. Let’s not cause any internal bleeding and bring more trouble to ourselves!”

    Although Zhang Dashan had a brutal nature, he did feel a little bit of pity for Zhang Donghai, but only because he still looked like a man with a backbone even after taking a beating.

    Feng Wuhen retracted his foot, turned around, and backed off.

    Soon after, Xiao Luo, dressed in a black jacket with a white shirt, arrived at the warehouse. He stood with his hands behind his back and looked down at Zhang Donghai, who was on the ground.

    “Give him a stool.”


    Feng Wuhen waved his hand. Xiaowu fetched a stool from the corner of the warehouse and helped Zhang Donghai get up on and sit on it.

    Seeing Xiao Luo, Zhang Donghai chuckled and said, “President Xiao, you’re finally here. Your lackeys almost beat me to death.”

    There was not even a shred of nervousness or fear in his eyes, let alone guilt. He was like a sacrificial man thrown into prison in ancient times who made his torturers lose their much-anticipated sense of fulfillment.

    Xiao Luo smiled faintly and said, “You’re wrong. They’re all my brothers!”

    This one straightforward sentence swept away all the unpleasant feelings and grudges that remained in Zhang Dashan’s and Feng Wuhen’s hearts.

    “Is that right? It seems like you guys are the mob…” replied Zhang Donghai, calmly and unhurriedly.

    “Wrong again. There is no such thing as absolute black and white in this world. Only absolute interest. Since you’ve infringed upon other people’s interests, you have to be prepared to pay the price,” said Xiao Luo.

    Zhang Donghai sneered in disdain.

    With a solemn face, Xiao Luo said, “I have no intention of talking nonsense with you. Just one question: can you help me testify against Fang Changlei?”

    “Testify for what?”

    “For unfair competition.”

    “Do you think that’s possible? Haha!” Zhang Donghai laughed out loud. His face was filled with scorn.

    “Do you refuse?”

    “Of course. I’m indebted to President Fang. There is no way I would betray him.”

    1With a gentle smile, Xiao Luo spoke in a tone of quiet elegance, “You will accept my offer.” Then, he pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket and gave it to Feng Wuhen, saying, “Go to this place. Pick up his wife and child and bring them back to the company.”