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Chapter 796 - Heaven’s Laws Are Fully Manifested, Retribution Is Awful!

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 796: Heaven’s Laws Are Fully Manifested, Retribution Is Awful!

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    Wen Xinya hung up the call slowly and looked out of the window in melancholy.

    She had been speaking to the people from Tianchao Private Investigation Agency over the phone.

    They gave her some information about Xia Ruya.

    She was told that Xia Ruya had been brought away by some gangsters, whose main intentions were to take her money.

    Tianchao Private Investigation Agency also informed her that the people sent by the Xia Family to keep an eye on Xia Ruya had mysteriously gone missing the day before. At the same time, the four gangsters had also made her their target, and they were just waiting for her to leave the inn before taking action.

    Wen Xinya guessed that the Xia Family definitely had something to do with the abduction of Xia Ruya, and their main motive was to force Xia Ruya into coughing up her money.

    The Xia Family had always been greedy, selfish, scheming and sly. She had witnessed their cunning acts countless times before, be it in her past or present lifetime. However, she had never dared to belittle them. If her adoptive parents could backstab her during her homecoming party and cause her to almost get in hot soup, the Xia Family would definitely stab Xia Ruya in the back after severing ties with her.

    It was just a matter of willingness!

    Her plan to drive the Xia Family into a corner and compel them into becoming the weapon that she could use against Xia Ruya had succeeded.

    Next, she would just have to wait and reap the benefits and advantages of her plan.

    Firstly, she would let Xia Ruya understand what it meant by retribution.

    Next, she would rightfully acquire the Xia Family’s plot of land!

    Most importantly, she had known too much about the Xia Family’s importance to Xia Ruya, based on her knowledge and experience from her previous lifetime. The shameful Xia Family could become Wen Xinya’s greatest trump card. Wen Xinya singlehandedly controlled their destiny, and she was determined not to follow the tracks of her previous lifetime!

    Wen Xinya stared at the black and white chess pieces on the chessboard as if the white chess pieces were sharp daggers that could stab her enemies in their chest. Meanwhile, the black chess pieces were ridiculously messy.

    She removed the single black chess piece on the chessboard. At the instant that she did… the rest were defeated and rendered useless!

    It was a game of chess where black made the first move, followed by white.

    She had finally overcome her adverse circumstances and won the black chess pieces!

    She continued to fiddle with the black chess piece in her hand.

    In her previous lifetime, Xia Ruya could use the Xia Family to secure her footing in the Wen Family and stabilize her position. However, Xia Ruya would never expect that in this lifetime… Wen Xinya could also use the Xia Family against her and give her a fatal blow.

    It was all destiny!

    Everything had been written in the books of fate.

    Keeping his eyes fixed on the chessboard, Old Mr. Mo said, “It’s a good game. You’ve only used three strategies this time. You took advantage of the situation and made use of someone else to defeat your enemy. Every strategy seems to have worked out for you. Wonderful… amazing! Xinya, your chess skills have finally improved!”

    Within just three years, she had achieved tremendous progress and produced stellar results. Of course… her success was partly accredited to Si Yiyan who taught her patiently. However, her natural talent had a huge part to play as well.

    She did not inherit her impeccable chess skills from her mother and grandmother, however. That broken chess set…

    Wen Xinya smiled smugly and said, “Grampy, you taught me well.”

    So did Si Yiyan!

    Old Mr. Mo stared at the chessboard calmly and said with a slight frown, “You may have played this round well, but you were too menacing and relentless. You showed your ferocity and, when you were playing, you were out to kill. You need to work on your morals, lest you get led astray.”

    Although ethics and morals were important when it came to chess, several acclaimed chess players from neighboring countries were rather evil and scheming. As a result, genuine Chinese chess players could not be bothered to have a match with them.

    Wen Xinya nodded in a moment of enlightenment and answered, “Grampy, got it! I definitely won’t ruin your reputation.”

    Old Mr. Mo was too shy to say that she had already ruined his reputation by having a poor set of chess ethics. Old Mr. Du had already complained about her to him, more than twice.

    Unaware of what went on behind her back, Wen Xinya said smugly, “Grampy, it’s been long since I had a game of chess with you. Why don’t we play a round together?”

    Si Yiyan said that she had made tremendous improvement and Old Mr. Mo had also praised her for being elite at chess. Hence, she wanted to know if she could beat Old Mr. Mo.

    At the thought of her distasteful ethics, Old Mr. Mo refuted. “You’re about to sit for your examinations soon. You’d better start focusing on revision. Mr. Shen has given me multiple calls and told me to take you in hand instead of spoiling you.”

    He had always been gentle and patient while educating her. After all, she had led a wandering life for fifteen years and definitely still had that sense of rebellion within her. If he were to be too strict with her, his plans might just backfire. However, he could not let loose completely either.

    Old Mr. Mo did not know that he had failed to recognize that fact in her previous lifetime, during which he was too strict with disciplining Wen Xinya, he ended up causing her to distance herself from him.

    Wen Xinya stuck her tongue out as she formed a bad impression of Principal Shen. She held onto Old Mr. Mo’s hand and said, “Grampy, did Mr. Shen tell you that I was the top scorer of my cohort for the recent mock test?”

    Having spent so much time with Old Mr. Mo, she was well aware that he had always been kind and gracious towards her, and he would never be too strict with her so long as she knew her limits.

    Old Mr. Mo caressed her hair and said, “Don’t get too proud or arrogant just because you’ve achieved something great. The final examinations are full of uncertainties and your mock test results can’t determine anything. Don’t get too complacent and neglect your studies. You should revise as much as you can now.”

    It had been three years since Wen Xinya returned to the Wen Family and, throughout these three years, she had been striving towards excellence and working hard to get to where she was today. Now that she was enjoying immeasurable glory and attention, Old Mr. Mo was afraid that she would stray too far and develop an ill character. Hence, he had been paying attention to her academics.

    Old Mr. Mo felt relieved to see that she was acting appropriately.

    Wen Xinya said mischievously, “Grampy, don’t worry. I’ll definitely do my best in the final examinations. You were the one who taught me. How could I ruin your reputation?”

    Of course, that was not his concern. His greatest hope was for her to stay true to her morals and herself.

    Old Mr. Mo chided. “What a glib tongue.”

    Wen Xinya tugged his hand and urged. “Grampy, let’s have a round of chess! Just one round… I’d like to see how much I’ve improved… Grampy, will you just play with me? Just one round, please…”